Desperate Refugees Flee from Syria to Kosovo – Sort Of

I saw this worrisome piece in VZGLIAD this morning.  The headline reads:

Media have learned about the arrival in Kosovo of up to 400 ISIS militants led by an ex-NATO soldier.

The recent military defeats of Islamic State (ISIS) “militants” in Aleppo and on other parts of the Syrian battlefield, have forced these terrorists to pick up and flee to various safer locations.  The NATO masterminds foresaw this months ago; they had their propagandists create a “refugee crisis” by which they could smuggle jihadi terrorists into various parts of Europe.  In many cases these young male terrorists were blended in with legitimate civilian refugees, who were either fleeing a war zone with their families, or perhaps using this opportunity to become economic migrants to Western Europe.

In the case of Kosovo, however, it is apparently not necessary to dissemble:  The ISIS militants don’t have to put on civilian clothes or practice their crying jags or traumatized refugee shtick — they can simply march in, with their weapons, in formation.  After all, Kosovo is a NATO protectorate.  Kosovo is the Lair of ISIS.

See, one of the side benefits for NATO, when they dismantled the multi-ethnic and secular state of Yugoslavia in the 1990’s; when they ethnically cleansed the Orthodox Christian Serbs from Kosovo, leaving it majority Albanian and Muslim, was that they got to turn this small statelet into a perfect jihadist fortress and training camp.  From here terrorists could be trained to bring down secular regimes through war and revolution, sicc’ed like rabid dogs against NATO’s geo-political foes across the globe.  Be it Chechnya, Iraq, Libya, Syria, or even the Donbass, Ukraine.

According to the piece I linked, which alludes to an (un-linked) piece in the Italian newspaper Espresso, Italian security forces have noted a contingent of around 400 ISIS soldiers enter Kosovo.  These charming gentlemen are led by a man well known to police around the world:  an Albanian jihadist named Lavdrim Muhaxheri.  Lavdrim and his boys were recently chased out of Syria by government troops.  But because the Syrian army was too weak and over-extended to kill them all in one place, at least a couple of thousand rats were evacuated and lived to fight another day.  And it goes without saying that the “Emirs” and “Leaders” were probably the first to get their golden tickets out.

Lavdrim (on the Left) sports that chunky well-fed look that most ISIS militants seem to have.

Quoting liberally from Lavdrim’s wiki page:

Lavdrim Muhaxheri  (born 1989 or ca. 1987), also known by the nom de guerre Abu Abdullah al Kosova, is a Kosovo Albanian Islamic State (IS) leader and recruiter of ethnic Albanian jihadi foreign fighters fighting in Syria and in Iraq. A former KFOR [“Kosovo Force” – a NATO unit set up to police Kosovo for NATO] and NATO employee, he became an extremist and left for Syria in late 2012. He has appeared in several propaganda videos, calling Albanians to join jihad, and has uploaded photographs of himself appearing to decapitate a man, as well as a video where he kills a captive with a rocket. On 24 September 2014, the U.S. Department of State designated Muhaxheri as a global terrorist.

NATO tanks roll into Kosovo while a handful of Albanians cheer and toss flowers.

Wiki goes on to fill in more details to Lavdrim’s C.V.:  In 2010 Lavdrim’s worked at Camp Victory in Iraq.  In late 2012, he became associated with extremist Islamist associations, first with a local organization, “Parimi”, which then established the Islamic Youth-Kaçanik organization, in which he was appointed emir (military leader).  And next he is off to Syria to fight against the Assad goverment.  Having first submitted his resignation to NATO and dissolving all his former ties with that respectable organization, right?  Right!

The piece goes on to note that Lavdrim, who is nominally “wanted by the police” in Kosovo (once again – yeh right!) has been able to slip in and out.  He was last seen there in 2013.  Meanwhile, the Kosovo police deny that he is there — nope, the police aver, he’s still in Syria!

And once again, Dear Readers, please keep in mind that the entire benighted “nation” of Kosovo is just one large NATO fortress.  Dubious that anyone, let alone a force of 400 men, can enter or exit without NATO foreknowledge.

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10 Responses to Desperate Refugees Flee from Syria to Kosovo – Sort Of

  1. et Al says:

    I’m sure they come in useful as a shock force if the Albanians decide to go all out for a Greater Albania – or as it has been rebranded, a natural Albania. Have they lost their chance with Trump coming in to office? Still, they’ve all met up very recently in Tirana for ‘talks’.


    • yalensis says:

      One can only wonder what they are cooking up.
      Maybe this will be THE caliphate!


      • et Al says:

        I doubt it. Being Albanian is first and foremost their most important religion. Even then, around 15% of them are catholics (and the rest aren’t very moslem either) so would be an obvious target which would be kind of stupid.


      • Jen says:

        They are probably also needed to keep Serbia in line and away from co-operating with Greece and Russia. By the same token, they are needed to keep Greece in line (that is, obedient to Brussels and Berlin) and away from co-operating with Serbia and Russia. Especially if the possibility of joining the Eurasian economic union starts looking more attractive than being a member of the EU.


  2. Lyttenburgh says:

    “Media have learned about the arrival in Kosovo of up to 400 ISIS militants led by an ex-NATO soldier.”

    Flat out insanity… Obligatory “remove kebab” is obligatory:


    • yalensis says:

      These well-fed ISIS militants look like they are eating a lot more than simple kebab.
      Probably Big-Mac bacon-cheeseburgers with super fries for every one of their 6 meal rations per day. Courtesy of the American taxpayer!


  3. et Al says:

    Euractive: Italy fears terrorist attack by Albanian ISIS fighters


    Albania STRONK!


    • yalensis says:

      ““We regret to see in a respectable newspaper a distorting article about the fake news that flags of ISIS are flying in the Albanian villages,” Albania’s Ambassador Suela Janina told EurActiv, adding that the only flags which fly high in her country are those of the Albanian state and its close partners, NATO and the EU.”

      The NATO flag IS the ISIS flag!


    • Lyttenburgh says:


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