Karlov Murder Book – A New Detail

Dear Readers:

In the case of the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, a new detail has emerged.  It may or may not be significant to the case, but detectives are dutifully pursuing this angle; they are questioning a female Russian citizen who apparently had a romantic relationship with the assassin.

Assassin rants over the body of his victim.

Recall that the Russian Ambassador was assassinated on December 19, in full view of the public, and on television and video, by a 22-year-old Turkish man named Mevlüt Mert Altintas.  Ambassador Karlov was a guest speaker at a photo exhibition in Ankara, Turkey.  Coincidentally or not, the photo gallery is directly opposite from the American Embassy.  Altintas, a young cop who had worked for Turkish riot police for over 2 years, was able to enter the exhibit and get close enough to shoot Karlov in the back 9 times.  Altintas then went on a rant for at least a full minute, shouting out jihadist slogans, until local Turkish security forces finally got their act together and gunned down this loudmouth killer.

Map of Western Turkey

Following the assassination, both Turkey and Russia launched criminal investigations.  Turkish police detained 6 people for questioning:  Mevlüt’s father, mother, sister, two other relatives; and also his roommate.  The relatives all apparently lived in the Western province of Aydin; whereas the roommate lived with Mevlüt in Ankara.  This questioning of relatives and associates is just par for the course, and doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

The new detail which emerged this morning in the Russian press is that Mevlüt was apparently seeing a woman who happens to be a Russian citizen and who currently resides in Moscow.  Someone working the case, probably from the Turkish side, leaked this information to the Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet”, and it was then picked up by the Russian “Ria Novosti”.

Ambassador Karlov

We don’t know the woman’s name, age or ethnicity.  All we are told is that she is a Russian citizen; that she lived for a time in Ankara, and that she was seeing Altintas romantically.  We are told that she left Turkey (and presumably returned to Russia) before the assassination of Karlov.

Russian investigators were able to track the woman down, and call her in for questioning.  During the questioning she admitted that she had an affair with Altintas.

And that’s all we know at this point, folks!  This clue may be significant, or it may be a dead end, only time will tell.

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