Holocaust On Ice: When Westies Don’t Like Edgy Culture – Part II

Dear Readers:

Yesterday we looked at an amazing figure skating program performed on a popular Russian TV show called “Ice Age”, which is similar in concept to the American show Skating With the Stars.  Russian superstar Olympic Ice Dancer Tatiana Navka skated a flawless “artistic pairs” program along with ruggedly handsome actor Andrei Burkovsky.  Now, this pair could have skated a decadent “twerking” number.  Instead, they went with a big Holocaust theme.  Their program was a touching and uplifting testament to the human spirit under conditions of extreme danger and oppression.  The theme of the Jewish Holcaust or “Shoah” as this massacre is known in Hebrew, was used effectively to tell the story of a couple who attempt to keep their family together and protect their son from the brutality he sees all around him in Auschwitz.  The resonance of this theme becomes clear, when one takes into account, that, more than any other nation, Russia took the brunt of Hitler’s Holocaust; and that Russian Jews were a main target of Hitler’s rage.

Italian film “Life Is Beautiful” provided the inspiration.

To hammer home the point and avoid any ambiguity in the matter, the performers wore costumes of concentration camp inmates patched with the Yellow Star of David.  Their program was choreographed by a Jewish artist named Ilya Averbuch, and the musical background was a beautiful song by Israeli artist  Achinoam Nini.  The entire program was a bold statement affirming the humanity, as well as the victimhood. of the Jewish people.

Achinoam Nini, she of the blazing smile.

Next:  We saw the ensuing vicious propaganda war that was launched against Russia, and against Navka personally.  Try this experiment yourself:  Google her name or that of Andrei Burkovsky (which I did in an unsuccessful attempt to find a list of the movies or shows he has been in), and all you will see are the blazing propaganda headlines.  Including such sexist memes as “Wife of Putin aide”.  Of course, it is no surprise to anybody who has been following the anti-Russia propaganda war in the Westie press, that organs such as The Guardian and the Daily Beast, which claim a monopoly on political correctness and are quick to accuse Russia of racism and sexism — are actually, themselves, as racist and sexist as ever a lying guttersnipe rag can be.

Navka/Burkovsky: The triumph of the human spirit, plus some difficult lifts.

Let’s be realistic here:  If this beautifully-choreographed ice program had been performed in any Westie (or Westie-friendly) nation, for example, Ukraine, then the Westie press would have contorted itself in multiple orgasms of ecstasy and approval.  But because it’s Russia — well, let’s be realistic here, they NEVER have anything good to say about Russia.  I’ve said it before:  If a Russian invented the cure for cancer, then Westie press would find something to criticize — maybe they would even defend Cancer’s right to exist.

Just to give you a taste of how vicious these “Prostitutes of the Pen” can be, I quoted liberally from Anna Nemtsova’s piece in The Beast.  Aside from showing off her complete ignorance about the art and sport of figure skating, Nemtsova also stooped very low to attack Navka personally.  Whispering gossip about Peskov’s daughter from a previous wife, and how maybe she doesn’t like her step-mother and… bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz …. whisper whisper… just like the old babushkas at the bazaar.  As one of my Jewish friend’s Jewish mother used to say:  “Quick!  Get her a saucer of cream!”  And this, my friends, is what we have come to, in this day and age.  Oh, and it goes without saying that these slanderers don’t open up their forums to comments.  Because they wouldn’t like the response they would receive.

Russia Fights Back Against The Slanderers

But if Nemtsova and the others believe that they can spit venom at Russia, and at Russians, with impunity and nobody fighting back or responding to their poison pens, well, those days are gone too.

Ordinary Jewish people suffering in the Vilna ghetto. While Europe cheered on Hitler.

Especially now that Russia has an effective champion in the arena of words.  And this warrior is a woman, of course, and her name is Maria Zahkarova.  People know Maria as a somewhat unorthodox spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry.  It is her job to defend the Russian government, and the Russian people.  But Maria, while technically a diplomat, does not always speak like a diplomat, and she does not tolerate bullshit.  She is known for telling it exactly as it is.

Maria Zakharova defends Russia against slanderers.

So, yesterday, Maria punched back at the anti-Navka brigade; this is what she wrote on her Facebook page:

“Haaretz, Daily Mail, Huffington Post and dozens others — they all wrote about the dance program on the theme of the Holocaust, as performed by Tatiana Navka.  They didn’t like it!  The image of Auschwitz inmates, you see, was not presented properly on the ice.  Are these people just defenders of tolerance?  No, nothing of the sort!  They are hypocrites and liars.  Not only that:  They are cowardly hypocrites and liars.  They are carrying out a political assignment.

“Where were you all hiding when the Europeans were demolishing monuments erected to those who actually fought against the Holocaust?  For the past 30 years, veterans of the World War have been systematically denigrated in the Baltic states, they have been deprived of citizenship rights — and where were you when this was happening?  Weren’t you the same people who made fun of the Moscow Victory Parade in 2015, calling it a ‘show of militarism’?  And when, in the Ukraine, shaven-headed thugs marched with torches and swastikas — whose side were you on?  And where were you when Legionnaires of the Waffen SS were parading?  And when officials in Poland declared that it was Ukrainians who liberated Auschwitz, and not Soviet troops?  By which, they defamed the memories of all the Soviet nationalities — and yet you never indicated to them that this was an inexcusable politicalization of our immortal feat?

“No, you were all silent then.  Yet now you consider yourselves qualified to judge figure skating.”

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4 Responses to Holocaust On Ice: When Westies Don’t Like Edgy Culture – Part II

  1. Lyttenburgh says:

    I will be brief. No, this time, like, for real!

    “Google her name or that of Andrei Burkovsky (which I did in an unsuccessful attempt to find a list of the movies or shows he has been in”

    Maybe for the better. He is TV series actor, starring primarily in “comedy shows” (get your barf bags ready) like “Даёшь молодёжь!” and, more recently, “Последний из Магикян”. Predictably, quite “meh!” kind of actor.

    What is important, though, is not that the thoroughly handshakable durnalists (“democratic journalists”) raised a screech up to the heaven now. It’s more interesting that they were silent when this happened:

    See, yalensis, Russian TV *has* its own version of “Dancing with stars” – but on a different channel. That’s what was on one of its episodes this year in April. Only “patriotic” segment of Russian society was offended by that and even filed official requests to RosComNadzor to check the whole… “artistic event” … for “propaganda and Nazi apologism”. RosComNadzor (remember – Russian State’s Inquisitorial Tribunal, according to liberasts) found nothing wrong with it. Meanwhile, the whole show became renamed by the people to “Dancing with fascists”.

    Turns out not all topics are as forbidden and unhandshakable as one may think. If you are trying to portray the Soviet Era in the positive light – you are “whitewashing the crimes of the Regime”. If you are using (without having a J-word privileges) the Holocaust for source material – you are vile anti-Semite and momzer. Trying some spiky fashionable military uniform from Hugo Boss? Not a word from those “living not by a lie”. Why? Because dem Sovoks and Vatniks would be judging you, and the Best People of This Country ™ can’t be seen agreeing with them on ANYTHING.


    • yalensis says:

      (1) Okay, it’s true I never heard of Andrei Burkovsky. So, maybe he is not such a great cinematic actor. But his skating skills are actually quite good, considering that he is not a professional skater! Admit it.
      (2) This Nazi hoofer is not wearing the proper uniform. He needed to have a swastika arm-band. Otherwise, this “Last Tango in Paris” is not authentic S&M.
      (3) When the girl took his rifle away from him, she should have shot this enemy officer in the face. That would have made for an edgy dance routine! Oh well, I guess she was no Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. More like a collaborationist, sadly.
      (4) I guess you can never trust blondes. They can pass too easily for Aryans.
      (5) Their dancing totally sucked!
      (6) If you want to see GOOD Nazi dancing, then you have to go to the source:


      • Lyttenburgh says:

        …Okay, that was one weird clip for sure!

        So, obligatory Hitler on Ice clip is a must then:


        • yalensis says:

          Believe it or not, I actually know enough about figure skating to critique Hitler’s program:
          Hitler starts off with a double Axel, then a flying camel spin, followed by a rather good forward scratch spin.
          Well done, Hitler!
          Who knew that dictators were so talented?


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