Russia Expresses Condolences For Castro’s Death

Dear Readers:

I am back in action now, after a few days away on a ski vacation.  As it so happens, I was skiing up at Killington, Vermont.  Bernie Sanders territory!  Where all the people are super-friendly, and that’s no myth.  And, while carving some runs up there on The Beast of the East, I had the good fortune to view some parts of the World Cup Slalom race.  This was the first time since 1978 that the World Cup race was held in Vermont.  Local crowds reacted by swarming in unforeseen numbers to watch.  While the over-taxed K1 Base Lodge was turned into a version of Dante’s Inferno, wall-to-wall sweating humanity, it was more relaxed outdoors, with people watching and skiing in the crisp fresh air of the Green Mountains.

On Sunday, American Olympic Gold Medalist Mikaela Shiffrin justified the hopes of the huge and enthusiastic crowd when she seamlessly won her race.  Mikaela is a beautiful person (both physically and mentally) as well as a superb athlete.  My congratulations to her and to the American team and coaches, and to the American people for a fine win!

Killington is called “The Beast of the East”

Meanwhile, in other news, Fidel Castro died two days ago, on November 25.  And since we are on the topic of human decency, we should discuss the protocols of what to do when a political leader of world stature, dies.

According to this piece in VZGLIAD, the Russian Foreign Ministry was not pleased with the reaction of America’s President-Elect Donald Trump.

The Director of the Latin American Section, Alexander Shchetinin uttered the following, in a very indignant tone:

“As concerns the various utterances and manifestations of disrespect in regards to a person, a politician, who recently departed from this life, well, I leave that to the conscience of those people who are doing this.”  Shchetinin had in mind some utterances of Donald Trump, who reported, in his Twitter feed, about the death of the Cuban leader in highly disrespectful terms, calling him a cruel dictator.

“Fidel Castro,” Shechetinin continued, “no matter how he is regarded by various political forces, was a great political actor of our times.  And he is most certainly deserving of the respect of everyone.”

Oddly enough, incumbent President Barack Obama reacted more appropriately to Castro’s death.  Obama respectfully offered his condolences to the grieving Cuban people.

The Cuban government has declared a 9-day period of mourning, to be capped by Castro’s funeral on 4 December.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev also abided by diplomatic protocols, in expressing his condolences to the Cuban people.

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