What Does the American Election Mean to Russian Tycoons?

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Today is Presidential election day in the Good Ole USA.  By the end of the day, American citizens will know who is to be their new leader.  Although the results cannot be predicted at this time, there is a 100% probability that the new American President will be a scheming sociopath!

While voters are picking their poison in the poll booth,  I found this Russian angle to the story in Life News.  The headline reads:

Which Russian Businessmen Have Invested In the Future President of the U.S.?

The headline is a tad misleading.  One thinks, immediately, that this is an expose of bribes or illegal campaign funds.  That’s what I thought too, which is why I jumped on it.

The article, written by Eldar Akhmadiev, is actually about Russian businesses and businessmen who have either a financial or ideological interest in the outcome of the  U.S. election.  But who didn’t necessarily break any laws in showing their preferences.

Eldar Akhmadiev analyzes the U.S. election and its impact on Russian business

Trilateral Symbology: Paging Professor Robert Langdon!

Viktor Vekselberg,  head of the Renova Group, is a political and financial supporter of Hillary Clinton.  Vekselberg contributed a sum of money between $50 and $100K to the Clinton “family fund”.  This contribution was made openly and appears on the web site of the Clinton Fund.  Hence, in the case of a Clinton victory, with such a generous donation Vekselberg should be able to count on Hillary’s good will.

While researching the Vekselberg connection, Life News came across the name of John Mark Deutch.  In Bill Clinton’s first administration Deutsch held titles of Deputy Secretary of Defense (1994-95) and then Director of Central Intelligence (1995-96) .  Currently Deutch is a member of the Trilateral Commission, an organization favored by conspiracy enthusiasts everywhere.  They see in its sinister logo everything ranging from the Masonic pyramid to the Jewish Star of David or even the Nazi swastika.  Well, the Nazi angle is unlikely.  Trilateral Deutch is a member of the Board of Directors of Vekselberg’s Renova Group, and if all those names sound Jewish, it’s probably not a coincidence!  More importantly, what is the ex-head of the American CIA doing consulting on the Board of a Russian-owned company?

A Presidential Pardon

John Deutch left the Clinton administration under a cloud, after some infelicitous hearings in front of Congress regarding the Iraq situation.  Deutch also made a blunder which current Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton could really relate to, what with her email situation:  He accidentally categorized some top-secret information in his notebooks as “not secret”, as a result of which Deutch was charged with the crime of blabbing state secrets.  Bill Clinton, on his way out of office in January 2001, issued Deutch a Presidential Pardon (along with a lot of other skeezy operators).  The Pardon came at just the right time:  Another two days, and Deutch was about to be indicted.

Bubba issues Presidential Pardon.

The Renova Group has wide-ranging interests in the energy sphere, in metallurgy, transportation and Information Technology.  In the U.S. the Group operates under the filial Columbus Nova, which controls assets worth over $2 billion dollars.

In addition to the Renova Group, Vekselberg’s other Fund, called “Skolkovo” also donated money to the Clinton campaign — a smaller amount in the range of $10-25,000.  Vekselberg, the President of Skolkovo, denies that he did it, but the amount is listed right out there, on the Clinton Foundation website.

Well, I’ll Be A Wimm-Bill-Dann!

Akhmadiev goes on to mention another Russian businessman who contributed $$$ to the Clinton campaign.  Namely, Sergei Arkadievich Plastinin, founder of Wimm-Bill-Dann, a dairy company which produces yogurt and other milk products for the Russian market.  Plastinin, known as “Russia’s Milkman”, went on to become Consigliere for another major company, “Rus-Hydro”.  Plastinin is said to have contributed from $50-$100K to the Clinton campaign.

Russia’s Milkman is a Clinton supporter?

When questioned about this by Life News, the spokesperson for Rus-Hydro claimed that such a contribution, if it actually occurred, was simply a private act of Plastinin himself, and has nothing to do with the company.  Asked to tell his side of the story, Plastinin explains:

“I made this contribution [six years ago] in 2010, as a private individual, long before my association with Rus-Hydro.  I participated in an event organized by the Fund, and I made a contribution for a charitable project.  To help children in Africa.  I wanted to participate in this event, because there were many interesting people involved in it, and at that time we were trying to get some traction for the new stores which my daughter Kira Plastinina, was opening in America.  She was just coming out into the American market, and this was one of the methods of her coming out.”

“Daddy, I want to help children in Africa!”

Translating into real-speak:  A Russian oligarch’s 18-year-old daughter is trying to make her name as a fashion designer in New York.  Daddy meets the “right people” at a fake-charity event and hands a wad of cash to the Über-Crooked Clinton Clan.

Akhmadiev goes on to list the names of several other Russian oligarchs who have contributed to the Clinton Fund.  By 2014 the Clintons had amassed almost $338 million in this fund.  In its annual report, the Fund claims to be helping the lives of ordinary farmers in Eastern Africa, and also battling illiteracy in Haiti.  And most people totally believe that – uh huh.

But What About Trump’s Supporters?

To be fair and balanced, Life News hops over to the other side of the fence and looks at Russian businessmen who support Trump.  But their support is more platonic than corporeal, according to Akhmadiev.  Russian businessmen see in Trump a like-minded sentient being who understands the massive emotional needs of the egomaniacal tycoon.  And they also hope that a Trump Presidency will reduce geo-political tensions between Russia and the United States.  Because, like all Miss America contenders, they wish for World Peace.  But their ideological support for Trump does not translate into bags of cash.  With one exception:  Leonard Blavatnik,  Whose name makes him a comic character from an Ilf/Petrov story.  Him being a Ukrainian-Russian-British-American tycoon, native of Odessa, whose American company Access Industries, Inc. donated a whopping $4.3 million dollars to Trump’s Super PAC, according to a Huffington Post expose.

Abramovich is known for his mastery of sarcastic applause.

Blavatnik aside, Russian-Jewish Oligarch Roman Abramovich  is expected to do well under a Trump Presidency.  For example, Trump has promised his support for Russian investors who wish to get engaged in major infrastructure projects in North America.  In the fall of 2015 President Obama turned down a plan to build the Keystone Pipeline, which was supposed to connect the cities of Hardisty, Alberta, Canada; and Steele City, Nebraska.  Obama was just being a spiteful bitch; but if Trump resurrects this project, then Abramovich will benefit.  Since his daughter company [in this case, a “daughter company”, not his actual daughter’s company!]  Evraz is expected to get a piece of the action.

Also listed in the pro-Trump side of the ledger are such men as steel tycoon Vladimir Lisin, majority sharedholder of NLMK, one of the four largest steel companies in Russia, which also has major interests in the U.S.

Hillary: “I may be crazy, but I’m not unmerciful, when it comes to Oligarchs!”

And not to omit Mikhail Fridman, Israeli-Russian entrepreneur and head of Alfa-Bank.  Fridman resides in the U.K., but that doesn’t really matter, does it?  Fridman is eager to invest in gas and oil projects in the U.S., and the only thing holding him back are sanctions and restrictions.  But Life News goes on to point out that all these tycoons will suffer not too severely even under a Hillary Clinton administration.  In the final analysis, for ample-bottomed Hillary, just as for Trump, in the end it is all about that bass.  And by “bass” I mean cash.

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