How’m I Doin’, Hey, Hey – October Edition

A diversifed team is the key to success. So long as the young white male remains in charge.

Hello Readers, this is Bartleby Senior Scrivener and Project Manager of the Analytics and Metrics Division of Awful Avalanche.  Soon to be promoted (I hope) to Head of Marketing, since the guy who used to do that job just quit in a huff to take a position at another similar website, I think it’s called “Horrible Landfall”.

Why he quit, I don’t know, probably just office politics,  In addition to never getting paid, I think he got in an actual physical fight with yalensis, who can be extremely hard to get along with and occasionally resorts to brutality.  You know how those Russians are, but you didn’t hear it from me.  Be that as it may, as yalensis likes to say, our numbers for October were rather good.  For Metric #1, i.e., the page views, compared to September, the number went up from 3,600 to 4,999.  People!  Just one more click and we would have had a nice even number of 5000 – try harder next time!  For Metric #2, which is the one we care about more, i.e., number of distinct visitors, the number also went up, from  1,700 to 2,756.   So, congratulations to everyone on the team!

Before proceeding further, our Compliance Department requests that I add the usual yalensis disclaimer, even though I would prefer not to:

Your Privacy is Important to Me: WordPress calculates who is a distinct person by their I.P. address. It also uses the I.P. address to deduce which country you live in. I myself can’t see I.P. addresses unless you leave a comment. In which case I can see your email address; and from that I COULD look up your I.P. if I were curious, which I am not.

This is yalensis speaking now. Thank you once again for posting the ledger book, Bartleby.  And no, you won’t get that Marketing job, it’s not enough to know how to add up numbers on an abacus, that position requires somebody who knows how to think outside the box.  Besides, we don’t even do marketing.  We just create a product, put it out there and hope for the best.

Before posting my usual “Parade of Nations”, this here is my nostalgic trip down memory lane. In which I narcissistically “look-back” through my own posts of the last month, self-assess them, and highlight a few which I think are particularly good, I call this feature:

Highlights of the Month

So, here we go, in chronological order:

  • My 5-parter on the Abkhaz-Gruzia war, The Capture of Sukhum, took up much of the month of October just by itself!  That was a long one.  But it was pretty good, I think.  People learning about Russia should know that Russia is more than just Petersburg and Moscow.  Not that Abkhazia is Russia, but you know what I mean, this small nation is part of the Russian world, and under Russian protection.  Whether they like it or not!
  • Next I did a more than fantastic job with my review of the Metropolitan Opera Tristan und Isolde.  And anybody who says differently is simply a philistine.
  • Then, this one about “technicals” or jeeps, or whatever, used in the Syria War, garnered a bit of buzz from my readers.
  • The assassination of Motorola was shocking and sad event for the pro-Russian forces.  I attempted to find some angles to the story, and some words that could give this Russian hero his due.
  • Then another necrologue, this time for Colonel Gaddafi, on the 5th anniversary of his brutal death.
  • And then, another rare treat, a second opera review in the same month, this time for the Met’s very enjoyable production of Don Giovanni.

And now, as the Don himself might say, so many beautiful countries out there in the world, and my book is only half full.  Hence, it is now time to march on with the

Parade Of Nations

My 2,756 October visitors hailed from the following countries, in order of most to least page views. WordPress allows me to save these stats as a CSV file, from which I copy-pasted onto here. And once again, you math nerds out there, don’t bother posting a comment that the #Views adds up to 4,987  not 4,999.  One of these days I will try to figure this out, just not today!


United States 1780
United Kingdom 596
Canada 454
Australia 348
New Zealand 281
Russia 203
Germany 118
Ireland 99
Mexico 78
Finland 60
France 60
Denmark 50
United Arab Emirates 48
Romania 48
South Africa 47
Italy 47
India 46
Netherlands 45
Czech Republic 37
Philippines 35
Sweden 32
Norway 27
Belgium 22
Hungary 21
Poland 21
Singapore 17
Switzerland 16
European Union 16
Thailand 14
Slovenia 14
Indonesia 13
Austria 13
Japan 13
Brazil 13
Libya 12
Spain 12
Serbia 11
Israel 11
Egypt 10
Kenya 9
Hong Kong SAR China 8
Pakistan 7
Ukraine 7
Saudi Arabia 7
Nigeria 7
Qatar 7
Greece 7
Georgia 6
Latvia 6
Lithuania 6
Lebanon 6
Ghana 6
Malaysia 5
Argentina 5
Croatia 5
Turkey 5
Taiwan 5
Malta 4
Mauritania 4
Barbados 4
Bulgaria 4
Colombia 4
Trinidad & Tobago 3
Belize 3
Portugal 3
Ecuador 3
Belarus 3
Cambodia 3
Mozambique 2
Cyprus 2
Morocco 2
French Polynesia 2
Maldives 2
Azerbaijan 2
Costa Rica 2
Uganda 2
Slovakia 2
Estonia 2
Zambia 2
Curaçao 2
Vietnam 2
Mauritius 1
Cameroon 1
Venezuela 1
Peru 1
Bosnia & Herzegovina 1
Honduras 1
Macedonia 1
Jordan 1
Jersey 1
Luxembourg 1
Dominican Republic 1
Rwanda 1
Oman 1
Jamaica 1
Albania 1
Bangladesh 1
Montenegro 1
Bahamas 1
Guatemala 1
Sri Lanka 1
Iraq 1


People: Thank you for visiting my blog, please come back, and please post some comments!
Sincerely yours,

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