Ukrainian Nazis: The Horror That Will Not Die

Dear Readers:

Because today is Halloween, it is appropriate to post a horror story.   A horror that is far more terrifying or gruesome than in any Hollywood movie.  Zombies are sweet-faced fawns compared to this beast.  Yes, we are talking about that not-so-elusive monster called the Ukrainian Nazi.

Zombie Nazis can be hard to kill.

So, grab your trick-or-treat buckets and let’s get started with this piece.  The writer is Zakhar Vinogradov, who reports for RIA from Kiev.  On Saturday 14 October the founders of a new Ukrainian political party, “National Corpus”, met to hone their political platform.  Which consists of 3 main points:  (1) Destruction of the Moskal Empire [=Russia]; (2) Further militarization of Ukraine and nationalization of strategic industrial objects; (3) External alliances with other Eastern European and Baltic states against Russia.

Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion

The new party met for its founding congress in the “House of Architecture” on Grinchenko Street.  Literally just a hundred meters from the Maidan.  The Maidan is that cursed haunted house where all this spooky Nazi stuff initially went down.  It was the place where an already-dying nation was gunned down and turned into a zombie nation.

Safe behind his press card while reporting on the meeting of the new party, Vinogradov saw mostly young people, 18-25 years old.  Well, the youth are the future of the nation, no?  The young men sporting the Ukrainian nationalist “do” — shaven head except for that one bushy forelock.  Also in fashion is the cool facial stubble as popularized by the Führer of the new party, already well-known neo-Nazi politician Andrei Biletsky.  Biletsky is also the leader of the violent and well-armed Azov Brigade, which has received significant support from the United States.  A nation which attempts to hush up the reality that the folks they support in Ukraine are FUCKING NAZIS.

The new Führer, his new party, and his new symbol

Vinogradov reports that the Azov guys attended the congress dressed in their trendy camo outfits which, oddly, are of the “tropical camo” variety.  [Hint:  the outfits were donated by the U.S. from their Army Surplus.]  Since Azov forms part of the Ukrainian National Guard, technically they were not allowed to vote at the party congress, since they are not supposed to participate in politics.  One point of interest is that the new party has changed its symbology.  Biletsky used to march openly under the banner of the “Wolf’s Angel” (German Wolfsangel) which was the symbol of the Nazi SS Division “Das Reich”.  In a moderate attempt at subterfuge, the new symbol of Biletsky’s new party is a more disguised Wolfsangel combined with a stylized Ukrainian trident (Ukrainian tryzub).  Once again, this coyness was probably a suggestion from their American and European friends who have succeeded in hiding from (most of) the Westie public, the fact that the guys they support in Ukraine are FUCKING NAZIS.

Biletsky’s new symbol- You think to fool us?

What was that you said, Symbology Professor Robert Langdon?  Although an ancient symbol, to be sure (just as was the swastika), the tryzub currently symbolizes the Ukrainian nationalist armed formations which fought alongside Hitler’s troops.  And who murdered literally hundreds of thousands of Jews, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, and others.

Another tiny clue is that the slogan of the new party:  “Україна понад усе!” means “Ukraine Over All” which, of course, is a direct calque from the German Deutschland über alles.  Okay, and I don’t want to get into a debate on the meaning of that German slogan — it predated the Nazis, and I have been known to defend the pro-German point of view that the slogan is not a Nazi slogan.  But the point here is that everybody knows it’s a Nazi slogan.  Just like they “know” that Humphrey Bogart said “Play it again, Sam.”  Or that Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom was a bootlicking yes-man.  In other words, they “know” something that wasn’t actually true.

With his pointy ears and eyes too close together, Biletsky resembles a werewolf.

In this sense, everybody in the world knows that if you raise your hand in a Hitler salute and start singing Deutschland über alles, then you’re a Nazi.  Hence, most people don’t do that, unless they’re just kidding around.  But Ukrainian nationalists do it, with their version of the slogan, because they want to be Nazis.  Am I getting too complicated here?  Really, my friends, it all just goes to show how pathetically servile these Ukrainian Nazis are, that they ape what they think real Nazis do.  Just like their forefathers, the UPA and the Banderites.  And, like every bully, they are only big and strong when they have powerful backers funding them and promising them impunity.

In other words, the real issue here, as always, is this:  Not that there are violent murderous Nazis creeping around in a dying nation.  Just as worms and parasites infest a sick body.  People have rightfully pointed out that the political support received by these vampires, even among Ukrainians, is less than 5%.

The only real issue here is why these Nazis receive political and monetary support (and even weapons and uniforms) from the U.S. and Europe.

And that is the true horror story, my friends.

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4 Responses to Ukrainian Nazis: The Horror That Will Not Die

  1. Terje M says:

    They have something else in common with their idols in Germany – the “tropical camo” uniforms and how they ended up with them.
    The reason the Brown Shirts ended up with ‘fecal’ as their signature color, was that they got the shirts from army surplus after WW1.
    The shirts were originally intended for the German troops in East-Africa (fascinating story on its own) ,but were impossible to deliver due to the outbreak of WW1 and the British blockade, so they got left in storage. Then they were either bought for cheap or possibly given to them by sympathetic army officers.


  2. Mao Cheng Ji says:

    “A nation which attempts to hush up the reality that the folks they support in Ukraine are FUCKING NAZIS.”

    Actually, what they support is their puppet regime. I’m pretty sure this is all they care about. The fact that the internal power base of the regime is fucking nazis is secondary, if typical. Just like with Pinochet in Chile, Somoza in Nicaragua, Park in Korea, Chiang Kai-Shek in Taiwan, etc.


    • yalensis says:

      Exactly right. The U.S. will support anybody who serves their geo-political aims.
      When they set out to overthrow a government they don’t like, or stir up unrest somewhere, they simply use whatever raw material is available.
      In the Muslim world they employ Wahhabists.
      In the Ukraine they employ Nazis.
      Whoever happens to be there who can be useful to them.
      If there were some government they didn’t like, where the Opposition were militant vegetarians, I suppose they would be arming the vegetarians.

      Having said that, they (the U.S.) do appear to show a personal preference for anything that is truly retrograde. The more medieval, the better, as far as they’re concerned.
      The last thing they want is for anybody in the world to have a functioning modern-style government.


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