Ukrainian Fashion Designer Admits: “I was wrong”

Dear Readers:

I saw this little tidbit in the Navigator this morning.  It’s about a person named Elizaveta Bogutskaya.  She is a fashion designer, here is her Facebook page.

A very shapely Elizaveta Bogutskaya shows off her patriotic designs.

In addition to working in the fashion industry, Liza has been active as a political blogger, pro-Ukrainian activist, and journalist writing for such pro-Westie outlets as Radio Free Europe.  She supported all the “Orange” causes, starting with the Orange Revolution itself, and on to the recent Maidan.  Her heroes were the heroes of the Orange Maidans.  Liza used to live in Simferol, Crimea.  Being a Ukrainian patriot, she was very opposed to the reintegration of the peninsula with the Russian mainland.  As a result, according to pro-Maidan activitists, she suffered from  repressions at the hands of the new authorities:

In September, Elizaveta Bogutskaya, a contributor to Krym.Realii, a Crimean service of the U.S. government-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, also left after her house was raided. About a dozen masked, armed police agents came to her house in Simferopol, confiscated reporting equipment, and interrogated Bogutskaya over a report on a May 2014 protest rally, according to reports.

Bogutskaya fled to the Ukrainian mainland after these incidents.  By all accounts she is an honorable person with honest opinions, who believes in them, and is not afraid to express them.  Agree or disagree with Liza, but you know where she stands at any given time.

Liza Repents

So now, two years later, we hear from Liza again, and here is the quote in full, from her Facebook page:

“Я всегда думала, что я – аналитик и почти что экстрасенс, ведь я вижу людей насквозь. А получается, что подонков трудно рассмотреть через увеличительное стекло. Скорее, их надо отодвигать от себя, чтобы увидеть лучше, – пишет Богуцкая на своей странице в Facebook. – Как же я психовала, когда мне говорили, что Луцик- мерзавец, что Ющенко – бухгалтер-неудачник с зашкаленными амбициями, что Порошенко – жмот, Скрудж Мак дак. Правда. Я даже отправляла в бан десятки моих читателей за оскорбления уважаемых мною деятелей искусств.

Теперь я каюсь. Мои читатели были правы. А вы говорите, что я не умею признавать поражение. Умею. Причем прилюдно и вслух!”


“I always thought that I was an analytical person and almost having extrasensory perception; that I can see right through people.  And it turns out that it is difficult to discern the dregs of humanity when seen through a magnifying glass.  More likely, it is necessary to view them from a distance, in order to see them better.  I used to get enraged when people told me that Lutsik [Yury Lutsenko] was a villain, that Yushchenko was an failed bookkeeper possessing overwheening ambitions; that Poroshenko is a money-grubber, Scrooge McDuck.  It’s all true.  I even used to ban dozens of my [blog] readers for saying bad things about cultural figures whom I respected.

“And now I repent.  My readers were correct.  And you say that I don’t know how to admit defeat.  I do know how.  Out loud and in front of everyone!”

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2 Responses to Ukrainian Fashion Designer Admits: “I was wrong”

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    Realising that shitting on your floor is a bad idea, after you’ve already gone and done it?

    Not impressed.


    • yalensis says:

      Well, at least it’s something. How many “Orange” people are still out there shitting on their floors day in and day out, and still not admitting that the floor is getting stinky?


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