“Damn googles are raping white women” aka Code for Haters

Dear Readers:

I saw this piece in Lenta.ru a couple of days ago.  Lenta being a Russian news portal of generally liberal political leanings.   Author Mikhail Karpov explains to the Russian audience some of the memes and internet slang developed by Westie fascist and white supremacist organizations.  Their purpose being to evade automated censorship algorithms used in so-called “AI bots” which police the internet.

This whole issue is of interest to me, operating as I do within the “Russophile” blogging subculture.  “Russophilia” (=”love or liking of Russia”) being in actuality a fairly broad umbrella concept with little or no political content.

People generally assume that “Russophiles” are those who defend and support Russian President Putin.  But that definition is way too narrow.  Russophiles range the gamut from Communists to Nazis, and even beyond.  American Klan leader and neo-Nazi David Duke is a Russophile.  Duke does actually happen to like Putin, but for all the wrong reasons.  Duke and his followers believe that Putin is the Great White Hope.  That he will overcome perfidious ZOG and put Whitey back on track.  Ignorant of Russian history and Russian reality, they simply don’t know, or ignore, the fact that Russia is a multi-national, multi-ethnic state.  Where Jews, Muslims, Tatars, and dozens of other nationalities (even some Africans!)  live side by side with, and on an equal basis with, white-skinned Slavs.  And even intermarry – gasp!

John Brown was the original “politically incorrect” rebel.

When Ukrainian Maidan happened, with Nazis marching in the streets of Kiev waving swastika banners, most fascists the world over felt a thrill course down their loins.  But not all.  There is a splinter within the American Right, for instance, which, like broken clocks who tell the correct time twice per day, saw right through Maidan as a “cunning Jewish plot” and supported the Donbass Rebels instead.  These people believe that Russia is good because it’s a “white man’s country”.  Just get rid of the Jews and Central Asian ethnics, and everything will be cool.  Their philosophy basically jives with that of Russo-Slavic “nationalists” such as Alexei Navalny who would like to see Russia’s borders shrink to that of the Slavic ethnic core.  Jettisoning the ballast of the Caucasus, for example.  Which would also, just coincidentally, jive well with NATO’s hunger to expand into those particular ethnic areas.  Because NATO doesn’t give a fig about skin color, only the color of geopolitical power!

Politically Incorrect

Karpov begins his piece by noting an event which happened on 21 September, when it was announced on an internet forum that Google had worked out a new automated system for detecting hate speech.

William F. Buckley: Establishment Rebel

There is a forum called /pol/ which is punctuation slang for “Politically Incorrect”.  For those familiar with the world of American adolescent right-wingers, “politically incorrect” is their motto by which they assert their right to call other people offensive names such as “nigger”, “whore”, or “faggot”.  Their desire is to hop on the Internet, call other people names, and get away with it.   Something they are not allowed to do at school, or in the workplace.  This movement, which is juvenile in nature, can be traced back at least as far as William F. Buckley Jr.  In the 1950’s, Buckley started his career as a right-wing pundit by posing himself as an “enfant terrible”, a happy-go-lucky rebel tearing down societal norms of correct speech and behavior.  In reality, Buckley was no rebel:   Ideologically, he was a staunch Roman Catholic.  In 1957 he wrote a post called “”Why the South Must Prevail” in which he defended racial segregation in the South.  Well, these are people’s political views, that’s fine.  The annoying thing is that people who basically defend the status quo and like to kick down on powerless groups such as Southern Negroes in the 1950’s, also get to claim that they are hip, cool, and rebellious.  No, My Friends!  John Brown was a rebel.  He was hanged for it, and his body still lies moldering in the grave.  Buckley’s body also molders, but not because he ever actually tried to free anyone.

To this day one of Buckley’s major legacies can be considered the “politically incorrect” juvenile trolls who swarm the internet insisting on their inalienable right to call other people names.

Which brings us back to Karpov’s piece.  With the Internet in a tizzy over Google’s new algorithm called “Conversation AI”, which automatically bans comments that include hate speech, the ALT-RIGHT community, to whom hate speech is not merely their political ideology, but even their actual raison d’être, had to work out new code words and internet slang.  For example, instead of writing the word “nigger” they now write the word “google”.

Silly, but effective.   A computer is not smart enough to know the difference between the proper use of a word, and its use as a code word for something else.

But What Would (((Jesus))) Do?

The other ALTIE great contribution to the human race was the idea of enclosing the name of any Jewish person in triple parentheses.  Karpov discloses this puerile trick while explaining its origins:

Apparently there is some Jew-hating American podcast show called “The Daily Shoah“.  The hosts are such amusing cards, they came up with an auditory signal.  Every time somebody was mentioned who happens to be Jewish, a reverberating gong-like echo would sound.  Cracked ’em up every time.

Please help me turn this next quarter around, (((Lord)))!

The triple parentheses around a name are a punctuation version of this echo.  So, for example, if I were to pen another opera review, I would have to write something like:

“… this brilliant new production of (((Jacques Offenbach’s))) Tales of Hoffman, starring (((Natalie Dessay))) in the role of Olympia, conducted by (((Daniel Barenboim)))….” etc.

Returning to the theme of:  What does any of this have to do with Russia?

Well, mostly not.  Except for that fringe of the ALT-RIGHT which considers itself Russophile.  As the (((Jewish comedian))) once said:  “With friends like that, who needs enemies?”

Like many nations, Russia has some anti-hate-speech laws.  But what is hate speech?  I suppose, like porn, it could be said that “There is no clear definition, but you knows it when you sees it.”  So, Google that, my friends.

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5 Responses to “Damn googles are raping white women” aka Code for Haters

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    David Duke is an interesting case. During the early 2000s, he and the late William Pierce were loudly pushing the line that Vova was one of their own, even before that meme had taken hold of the western press. Given that Duke and Pierce were a couple of blatant federal stool pigeons, it may not have been an accident that the remnants of the American Nazi movement were ahead of the curve here.


    • yalensis says:

      Very interesting. You think that Pierce and Duke were FBI informants?
      I hadn’t heard that theory, but it wouldn’t surprise me…


      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        The theory comes from another American Nazi leader who has an obvious axe to grind against them, and probably has his own relationship with law enforcement (don’t they all?), but I find the allegations believable – everyone knows COINTELPRO never truly ended.


        tl;dr: Both men – Duke in particular – managed to wriggle out of so much legal trouble over the years that it’s inconceivable the FBI hasn’t been protecting them. And for a convicted felon and would-be Nazi demagogue, Duke and Pierce seemed to have remarkably few problems with international travel.

        To me it’s fascinating how easily internal security agencies manage to turn professed enemies of society – left and right – into effective state employees. Men ostensibly dedicated to the overthrow of the existing order become dependent on it for their daily bread – they truly don’t even want their professed cause to prevail because the only thing how to do is impotently rage and plot against the status quo.


        • yalensis says:

          Ronin’s definition of “white nationalism”:

          For the purposes of this report, we will define White Nationalism as any secular, non-faith based belief in a racial nation of Aryan people in North America, separate from the narrative and institutions of the United States of America. White Nationalism may or may not entail the belief in or advocacy of a separate White Homeland somewhere on the North American continent, but it usually does. Central to the tenets of true White Nationalism is a belief in White revolution as opposed to mere reform or tinkering with the existing setup of liberal democracy, etc. White Nationalists do not want to “put things back the way they were”; White Nationalists want to level the present order and substitute something new which will restore the white man to his rightful place in the world.

          For a separate White Homeland, maybe they could move to the Arctic Circle?
          With global warming, it will soon be liveable up there, and these folks could subsist off of farming and fishing. They will have to do all the heavy work themselves, since they will not allow any colored people, not even as a labor caste.

          Presumably they will have some type of genetic testing system to determine who is, or is not, white. For example, from what I have heard of racist ideology, they regard Spaniards as white, but not Mexicans. Hence, they will have to formulate scientifically exact rules, down to the level of individual DNA molecules. It will make for an interesting experiment in the results of inbreeding. They should be sure to have webcasts and podcasts so that the world can follow their progress. Even better, turn it into a Reality show on TV.

          Ronin still doesn’t exactly specify what kind of political system they would have up there in the Arctic. Presumably some kind of fascist dictator. But then they would end up fighting with each other over who gets to be the dictator.
          And soon enough, I reckon, the inhabitants will start to flee from that “white paradise” once they realize there is nobody else around to do the tough work for them and the place has become a hellhole.


          • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

            Problem with making a reality show out of it is that folks like to see attractive people on television, unless they’re watching Jerry Springer’s show.

            The irony is, an all-white community in the arctic circle is possible, even workable, but you could never do it with white nationalists because your human material would be a mix of methheads, mental patients, scammers and perverts.

            Chicken and egg question really, is white nationalism unworkable because its adherents are useless trash, or does white nationalism attract useless trash because it’s unworkable?


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