Ukrainian Schoolchildren to Study the Writings of Ulas Samchuk

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Once again, it’s Springtime (well, Autumntime, actually) For Hitler; and today’s piece is from PolitNavigator. The headline reads:

  Ukrainian schoolchildren will study the works of a Hitlerite who called for the resolution of the Jewish question

The piece goes on to explain that, as part of the re-occupation and re-Nazification of the Ukrainian state, the school curriculum for Grades 7-11 will now include the works of the writer Ulas Samchuk.

Samchuk’s wiki bio is brief, but pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this man:  Nazi blah blah blah fled to Canada blah blah blah Holodomor blah blah victim of Communism blah blah blah.  I quote in full:

Ukrainan writer Ulas Samchuk

Ulas Samchuk (Улас Олексійович Самчук) (20 February, 1905 Derman (now in Rivne Oblast) – 9 July 1987 Toronto, Canada) was a Ukrainian writer, publicist and journalist. He was born to a peasant family and started his education in Kremenets. Before he finished his secondary education, he was called up for service in the Polish Army in 1927, and later deserted in August of that year. He escaped to Germany, where he continued his studies at the University of Breslau and then at the Ukrainian Free University in Prague, where he graduated in 1931.

During Nazi Germany’s occupation of Ukraine in World War II, Samchuk was the head of the civilian police of the Reichskommissariat Ukraine in Rivne. From 1941–1943, he was editor of the collaborationist newspaper Volyn’, before fleeing to Germany in 1944, where he founded and headed the literary-artistic organization MUR until 1948. In 1948, he emigrated to Canada and became the leader of the Slovo Association of Ukrainian Writers in Exile.

What To Do About the Pesky Jew?

Returning to the Navigator piece, which is actually a re-tread from a “Moskovsky Komsomolets” piece, it’s short enough that I can pretty much just do straight translation, without excess commentary.  So, here goes:


75 years ago, exactly on September 1, 1941, in the Nazi-occupied town of Rivne, the first edition of “Volyn” came out with a big picture of Hitler on the front page.  The Editor in Chief of this paper was Ulas Samchuk, whose works are now to be part of the school curriculum in the Ukraine. Being one of the leaders of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), an organization which is banned in Russia, this so-called “writer” arrived in Ukraine in a German railway car, along with the so-called “Melnikov” war group of the OUN.  (Melnikovskians and Banderites are, respectively, supporters of Andrei Melnikov and Stepan Bandera, two competing wings within the OUN, competive to the point of bloodshed.)

In Canadian diaspora Samchuk bleated about the Holodomor

In the very first edition of his newspaper, along with the portrait of Hitler, Samchuk printed an article praising the Führer and even his own photo (which by itself removes any doubt as to Samchuk’s complicity for the content of the newspaper).

After the liberation of Ukraine by Soviet soldiers, the future guru of today’s Ukrainian “patriots” fled to Germany with the retreating Nazis.  He died in Canada of very old age, in 1987.

[quoting contemporary historian and political scientist Vladimir Kornilov]:

“In practically every edition it was Jew Jew Jews and Jewish-Bolshevism [using the bad word for Jew – zhid], and there were caricatures depicting Soviet leaders with big Jewish noses; there were announcements demanding that Jews wear special insignia on their clothes and submit to special decrees.  Given all this, is it possible to doubt that this was an anti-Semitic publication?”

“One should stress,” Kornilov continues, “that these men who are regarded by the current Kiev government as ‘ideological warriors against Bolshevism’ fought not just against Bolshevism per se, but against Jewish Bolshevism, and this was stressed in just about every edition of the paper.”  For example, the newspaper Volyn, issued in Rivne in September 1941 and edited by Ulas Samchuk, wrote the following:  All elements which reside in our cities, be they Jews or Poles, must disappear.  The Jewish question is being resolved at the current time, and his resolution is part of the overall plan to reorganize Europe.”


“Exposing” Ukrainian nationalists as Nazis is more or less child’s play.  It’s so easy it almost doesn’t seem fair.  And yet it must done, over and over, continuously, and forever.

“Turn turn KICK turn!”

Because the Ukrainian nationalist propaganda machine (with HQ in the Canadian diaspora among other places) continue to insist that they are not Nazis at all.

Who us?  Oh no!  WE fought AGAINST the Nazis, as well as against the COMMUNISTS.  We were the true democrats of our era, fighting against two forms of Totalitarian Evil.  Not to mention that we not the Jews were the true victims of genocide.  It’s called Holodomor, which even sort of sounds like “Holocaust”,

The sad thing is that these diaspora Nazis got a lot of people believing their B.S.  Which is why it is important to keep pointing at them and intoning, with incredulous voice-over:  “But… but… they are Nazis!”

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