Putin Meets England’s Golden Youth – Part II

Continuing to work through the opinion piece by pundit Petr Akopov from VZGLIAD magazine. I needed to lay out more backstory before proceeding to explicate Akopov’s main thought.  Where we left off, Akopov was about to explain why he thought the visit was more than just a curiosity of “back-channel diplomacy” and why he thinks that Russian President Putin is genuinely interested in the British elite education system.

Etonians: England’s future ruling class

England, like it or not, has been one of Russia’s major geo-political enemies for at least a couple of centuries now.  It didn’t always have to be that way.  During the time of Tsar Ivan IV, and on other occasions too, Russia has actually tried to form an alliance with England against other European enemies.  But generally this has not worked out and especially in recent times England has proved a determined and formidable foe.  And Akopov believes that Putin simply wanted to get a first-hand look at England’s future ruling class, i.e., Russia’s future enemies.

Eton was founded in 1440.

“The City”, Windsor Castle, Whitehall and Downing Street — all these centers of power will be filled by graduates of Eton.  Eton isn’t the only elite school in England, of course; but it is arguably the most important one.  During the past 6 centuries at least, Eton  has provided England with something on the order of 20 Prime Ministers, (including David Cameron), hundreds of parliamentary deputies, Bishops, bankers, the list goes on.  The sons of Prince Charles, William and Harry, also graduated from Eton.

Pupils at Eton study for 5 years, between the ages of 13 and 18.  At any one time there are only 1300 pupils at the College.  But those numbers do not tell the full story.  Tuition costs $50,000 (American) dollars per year.  But that number also does not tell the story.  It is not enough to be rich and able to afford such tuition — applications from nouveau riche families are refused every single day.  In order to be accepted into Eton, one must come from a “proper” family.  And preferably an “old Etonian” family.  This is a heritage which is passed down from father to son.

The Goddess Allat from the Temple of Ba’al, Palmyra, Syria

The Goddess Britannia from the Temple of Moloch, London, England

Of course, there are exceptions, and Eton is gradually becoming more “inclusive” and “globalistic”.  In the groovy 1960’s Eton dispensed with the requirement that pupils must be the sons of native-born Britains.  Since then, the share of “hereditary Etonians” has fallen to only one in five.  But even this does not alter the caste-like character of the institution.  All that has changed is a slight liberalization to the rules of entry into the caste.  This change reflects demographic and geo-political changes in Great Britain herself over the past few decades.  Britannia no longer rules the waves as she did before the war.  Well, maybe in the capacity as Junior Partner to her former colony, the U.S.A.  But even if not ruling the waves, Britannia still rules the world’s Finances, Geopolitical Strategies, and Imperialist Ideology (via media and propaganda outlets).

And when we say “Britain” of course we don’t mean the country itself, or the demographically diverse British people, we mean the old Anglo-Saxon elite.  This elite constructed the grand project of the “British Empire” and now leads the new project of “Atlantic Globalization”.  This elite is not just an abstraction either, it is a concrete list of named individuals and families.  And the individuals within these families have a need for a specific type of education.  The education of these children is a nationally vital matter which cannot be left to the whims of their parents.  It is the business of a very precise military system.

Example of a successful Caste system

This system of preparing cadres is called “private schools”, including elite boys schools such as Eton.  The curriculum is not important; it hardly even matters whether the boys study Math or Latin.  The main job of this “education” is the “formation of character”, inculcating a set of values and a holistic attitude towards life.  This is the only way that a true, quality elite can be formed within a non-egalitarian society.  An elite which is drilled and disciplined, absolutely cynical, yet also militant and knowledgeable.  An elite which knows how to dominate and how to submit; which knows all of the rules of the game without having to utter a word; an elite which functions like a well-trained and highly intelligent dog.  What is key here is not even inherited wealth, but rather the sense of self as being a member of the Chosen Few.

This is how a caste is formed.  And this is how the so-called “Anglo-Saxon elite” has been formed over the centuries.  And in this regard, the very presence of Eton is one of the main reasons why England became Great Britain, the dominant imperialist power in the whole world (70 years ago), and today still the influential center of a world power.  [As Lenin used to say], “Cadres decide everything”, and without such cadres, there never would have been a British Empire.

And when one thinks of the British Empire, one is reminded of the racialist theories — attitudes towards other peoples as being “not quite fully human”,   One is reminded of the Opium Wars, how Britain tried to get the entire Chinese people hooked on dope.  It was the British Empire which invented the concept of the “concentration camp” — initially for Boers.  Eton cannot be held to blame for all these past crimes against humanity, but nonetheless it was the graduates of Eton who did all of this.  These were men who thought of themselves as “the best in the world”, and as “those having the right to do this”.  Such organizations as the Hitlerjugend or the American Boy Scouts, or American missionaries, these are just pale copies of the original.  Which is the system of education worked out by the Anglo-Saxons.  A system designed to produce an elite which behaves absolutely mercilessly towards everybody else who is not one of them.

Forging cadres

As in the army, cadre-formation is a 24/7 job.  There is a famous saying that Eton stands upon the 3 B’s:  Beating, Bullying and Buggery[Akopov even uses the English original words.]  And although corporal punishment was formally repealed in the mellow 1970’s, the old traditions remain, just as does the uniform:  a black suit jacket.

What has changed in recent years/decades is a broader “multi-culturalism” and accepting the children of wealthy (East) Indians, Chinese and even Russians (of which just a few).  These multi-cultural children of privilege are taken in, not because of their parents wealth — Eton has no need of their money — but in order to expand Great Britain’s global influence.  By creating “agents of influence” within other nations.  These children are selected, once again, from “proper families”.  E’en though Our Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth can no longer appoint  her own Viceroy in India, she can certainly continue to effect an influence on their civilization by receiving their children into her elite.

it is a fact that the Anglophile nouveau riche throughout the world strive to place their children into Eton.  These same oligarchs launder their money through “The City” and English banking system.  For this and other reasons, Eton is also a goldmine for the world’s secret services and spy agencies.  Eton supplies cadres to MI-5 and MI-6, and by the way, Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, was a graduate of Eton.  And was himself more than just a mere novelist!

Etonian Guy Burgess headed a Cambridge cell of blatant Soviet spies.

Taking all of this into account, Putin must also be aware that the famous double-agent Guy Burgess was an Eton graduate before he joined MI-5 as a secret agent.

[yalensis comment:  Burgess, despite his open homosexuality, was a fully-fledged and fully-trusted member of the Anglo-Saxon elite caste; only this implicit trust can explain why he was able to get away for so many years with being a fairly blatant spy for the Soviet Union and the Comintern.  Burgess, who came to despise his own caste, and who became an ideological Communist, operated practically in the open and wore his Marxist opinions on his sleeve; and yet his fellow caste members continued to trust him and accept him as just another eccentric and cynic in their cynical little world.]

Akopov goes on to dismiss the idea that Putin was set to “recruit” or “turn” the Etonian delegation, in the way that Burgess was recruited to the Comintern.  [yalensis:  Besides, Putin is no Communist; quite the contrary, so he does not have an ALT-ideology to offer these sprouts.]  Nay, what Akopov thinks, is that Putin just want to get a glimpse, up close and personal, and look into the fresh faces of the cadres of Russia’s future enemies.

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13 Responses to Putin Meets England’s Golden Youth – Part II

  1. Cortes says:

    One beef with an otherwise excellent couple of articles. I’m fairly sure that the Opium Wars had vey little to do with Etonians and involved alumni of Edinburgh University (see https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jardine_Matheson). The history of HSBC may also interest.

    On topic, the War Nerd (John Dolan) has a fantastic essay on Eric Blair (Orwell) an Etonian, at the classic archived section of eXiled which nails that pretendy radical to the floor. Having seen a very creepy guy from arch-Norn Iron background apply for and get a post as master not one million miles from there, I suspect that the selection of on-message teachers is second to none.


    • Cortes says:

      PS, re Fleming, from the same Wiki article:

      “In 1970, Jardine Fleming, the first merchant bank in Asia, opened for business while a real estate company and sugar plantations in Hawaii and the Philippines were acquired. A Hong Kong building boom in the mid 1970s saw Jardine’s buy Gammon Construction, the largest construction and civil engineering group on the island.[12] A presence was re-established on the mainland in 1979 following China’s reform and opening up and a year later the firm established the Beijing Air Catering Company Ltd., the first foreign joint venture in the country.[13] During the 1970s Jardines also expanded their insurance interests with acquisitions in the United Kingdom and the United States laying the groundwork for the foundation of Jardine Insurance Brokers.”

      The Fleming family was supposedly behind the Dundee “Unit Trust” movement credited [in private conversation, by an economic historian who knew his stuff] with investment behind development of Buenos Aires, Montevideo and elsewhere throughout the Empire, formal and informally, plus oil centres in the US (the last of which were ceded to Uncle Sam as part of Lend-Lease during WWII).


    • yalensis says:

      Good point about the Opium Wars, but it is not for me to correct that, since this was all Akopov. Maybe Akopov should apologize for that faulty reference! This was probably the part where Akopov just threw everything he had at the wall — Opium Wars, Boer concentration camps, etc.. His point still stands though: the British imperial elite are NOT nice people!

      And that needs to be constantly pointed out, since many people in the world still have this illusion that the British royal families and upper class are all polite and proper people with nice posh accents.
      In reality, they are monsters.


      • yalensis says:

        P.S. – how did you like my counterposition of the Palmyra statue with “Rule Britannia”?
        I was proud of that. I searched for a proper image of Britannia to paste into my content, and when I saw the lady with the lion, something clicked in my head. Due to my previous research into the Palmyra story. That was the one where the Russian army helped the Syrians to re-capture Palmyra from the ISIS barbarians, who had blown up some stuff at the Ba’al temple.
        One does not have to be Symbology Professor Robert Langdon to see that this is the same symbology: the goddess Allat, or Astarte,, or whomever, accompanied by her pet lion.
        This can’t be a coincidence, and I am guessing that the Britannia symbol evolved from some ancient Celtish goddess-worshipping symbology. The lion symbolizes strength and protection, and is also seen as the actual consort of the Queen – meooow!


  2. Moscow Exile says:

    “It was the British Empire which invented the concept of the “concentration camp” — initially for Boers. ”

    No, the evil British took the idea off the Spanish Empire and its Reconcentrado policy during the Cuba War of Independence (1898) against the Spanish Empire, which war resulted in Cuba becoming to all intents and purposes a US colony.

    General Valeriano Weyler y Nicolau understood very quickly that the key to a Spanish victory over the insurgents was to strip the guerrillas of their abilities to live off the land and camouflage themselves in groups of civilians. To this end, he began a policy of moving Cuban civilians to central locations where they would be under the control of the Spanish army. In addition, he put the entire island under martial law.

    The policy had disastrous consequences. Unlike many concentration camps in the twentieth century, the idea was to keep the Cuban civilians alive and protected until the Spanish were victorious. Unfortunately at least 30% perished from lack of proper food, sanitary conditions, and medicines. The policy generated severe anti-Spanish feeling in the United States which helped propel it into war in 1898. Finally, it did not benefit the Spanish in the war.

    Source: Reconcentration Policy

    Much the same disastrous consequences occurred for the British in S. Africa a short while after the end of the Cuban War, albeit the above quoted text seems to be making the common error of confusing a concentration camp with one for extermination. The Boer concentration camps were made to concentrate and thereby to isolate the passive Boer community, mostly women and children, from those Boers that wished to wage a guerilla war against the British Empire: there was no British policy to murder the inmates of those South African camps, but die in great numbers they did through mismanagement and disease.

    One could argue,that United States Indian Reservations were a precursor of the Spanish Empire Reconcentrado policy. These reservations became US government policy with the passage of the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which marked the systematization of a US federal government policy of forcibly moving Native populations away from European-populated areas.


    • yalensis says:

      Good points, Exile.
      People may not have realized at first that when you forcibly move and “concentrate” civilian people, then a lot of them are going to die from hunger and disease, whether one planned that or not. Unintended consequences — ooops!
      Once people learned this fact, they should stop doing it.

      Anyhow, it is true that the initial concept of a “concentration camp” was not the same as an “extermination camp”, and people should stop being confused about that.
      The Nazis used the concentration camp method of forcing people out of their usual homes and into an enclosed area, but then added the twist of gas chambers, something that was not in the original template as invented by, as you say, Spaniards, Americans, Brits, what have you…


    • Cortes says:

      Sounds familiar; like “To Hell or to Connacht”. Them pesky Spanish Dons!


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks, Cortes, that gave me the quote I was looking for. In my piece I had complained that I couldn’t find the original English quote because I’m not on Facebook, so I had to translate the quote from Russian. The Russian was:

      «Парни, мы в самом деле смогли произвести глубокое впечатление на Путина, и он в ответ показал нам свое человеческое лицо».

      My guessy rendering was:
      “Lads, we made a deep impression on Putin, and in return he showed us his human face.”

      Turns out the actual quote was:
      “Guys, we truly gave Putin a deep impression of us and he responded by showing us his human face.”

      Not bad guess. “Guys” instead of “Lads” for Парни, I’ll remember that in the future.


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