Who Is the Richest Man in Russia?

Forbes came out with their annual ratings of richest people.  The gold medalist, for Russia, is a man named Mikhail Gutseriev.  He lives in Moscow and is worth $6.4 billion dollars.  He is a self-made businessman and the majority shareholder of a conglomerate called the BIN Group.

Gutseriev threw a lavish wedding in London for his son and new daughter-in-law.

This recap in VZGLIAD gives a higher number for Mr. Gutseriev’s net worth:  $9.8 billion dollars.

Coming in second place, and taking the silver medal, is a man named Arkady Rotenberg.  Rotenberg lives in Petersburg, he and his brother Boris own the SGM group, which builds infrastructure for gas and electricity.  The Rotenberg family is worth somewhere around $2.8 billion dollars.

Loping in for the bronze medal are the Brothers Ananiev:  Alexei and Dmitry.  Now, if only they had a third brother named Ivan, they would be ready to launch many philosophical debates about the nature of money, and political power.  Instead, they own a bank called PromSvyazKapital which is worth somewhere around $2.8 billion dollars.

The missing brother: Ivan Ananiev, agonizes over the nature of good and evil.

Westie media, naturally, always refers to these Russian billionaires as “oligarchs” and even “Mafia“.  The idea being that they could not possibly have made all this money on the up and up using only completely legal methods.  And that’s probably true, especially for those who acquired their ill-gotten gains during the 1990’s.

But still… it’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle black, especially when the propaganda taunts emit from the U.S., a nation which is truly an oligarchy in every sense of the word.

Returning to the Ananiev Brothers, these guys are the counter-example to the stereotype that all Russian billionaires are ethnic peoples, e.g., Jews and Kazakhs, that sort of thing.  In fact Alexei sounds quite a bit like his Dostoevskian counterpart, according to that “Mafia” piece:  Aleksey Ananiev has a reputation of ‘Orthodox oligarch’. He helps around the perish church and sings in a church quire [sic]. He is a renown Russian Orthodox Maesenas and a church patron. He adverises himself as ‘an Orthodox banker’.

Ethnic Presidents: Mintimer Shaimiev (Tatarstan), Vladimir Putin (Russia), Robert Kocharian (Armenia), and Mikhail Saakashvili (Gruzia).

While Brother Alexei is busy singing in his “quire”, Pewter Medal is taken by still another Russian banker named Nikolai Shamalov.  Nikolai’s youngest son, 34-year-old Kirill, is also a budding millionaire.  This family as a whole is said to be worth around $2.4 billion dollars.

And coming in for fifth place, for which there is no medal, the ethnic clan of the Shaimievs, from Tatarstan.  The old man, Mintimer, was the first President of  the fledgling “democracy” called Tatarstan.  His two sons Airat and Radik are the richest men in the Republic nowadays.  The wealth of this family is evaluated at $1.7 billion dollars.

As in many countries, both big and small, wealth and political power go hand in hand, the one feeding the other.  But is that not always the way among humankind?  Even back in the days when Adam delved, and Eve span, was there not some crafty snake of a guy who offered them a loan with low interest rate?

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