Free Speech Under Attack: The Miroslava Berdnik Story – Part II

Dear Readers:

Here is still more continuation of the Miroslava Berdnik story.  Yesterday I provided some background on the Ukrainian nationalists and their never-slaked desire to extract revenge for their defeat in WWII.  Their elaborate plan for revenge has stretched out over the years and decades, leading to a vast diaspora of pro-Banderite families and the establishment of secret clubs of Ukrainian nationalists all over the world.  Clubs which plotted with powerful and sinister world leaders to bring their guys back into power.  Just like in some crazed Dan Brown novel, except that it’s all true!

The Albino and the Cookie Monster. Even Dan Brown couldn’t imagine something this sinister.

What these nationalists failed to realize, is that even a Nazi victory in the war would not have brought them much — like I mentioned, the Germans had zero intention of establishing a sovereign Ukrainian national state.  For the Germans, this whole area was just prime real estate that needed to be cleansed of the local inhabitants.  Like spraying a house for bugs so that the real people can move into it.


Berdnik wrote a book.

Returning to the Miroslava Berdnik story….  Where we left off she had been arrested and charged with Statute 110 of the Ukrainian criminal codex.  Because she had the gall to write a book exposing the ludicrous history of Ukrainian natinalism.  Full disclosure:  I have not read Berdnik’s book.  But I don’t need to read it, to know that she has the right to write it.   Allude to the pseudo-Voltaire quote.

Here is what Miroslava herself had to say about her own book, which is entitled “Pawns In Another Man’s Game:  The Secret History of Ukrainian Nationalism“:

“This is a book about the history of Ukrainian nationalism, beginning with the lead-up to the first World War, and on into our own time.  My book is based on documents from the Ukrainian archives.  Therefore it is very difficult for me to understand, how the publication of historical documents can be considered an attack on the territorial integrity of the Ukraine.  However, it is extremely symbolic, how my books are being banned by the very same people who, in Soviet times, banned the books written by my father; who, by the way, was shot in the back during the war by Ukrainian nationalists when he was working to de-mine an area in Western Ukraine — he was removing mines from objects, necessities of life, which had been rigged up by the Banderite guerrillas, whose collaborationist essence I expose (in my book).”

Even prior to the official banning of her book, Berdnik was forced to flee from Kiev and take refuge with her relatives in Zaporozhie.  She was hiding from Ukrainian nationalists who had obtained her address in Kiev and probably meant to harm her.

Miroslava’s Family

As Miroslava mentioned, her dad was also a writer.  His name was Oles Berdnik.  During the years 1943-1945 he participated, as an ordinary soldier, in the Great Patriotic War.  Miroslava mentioned that he had been shot in the back by Banderites; however he apparently survived, because in Soviet times, the 60’s and 70’s Oles went on to become a science-fiction/fantasy writer.  Towards the end of the 70’s Oles became a political dissident and joined a “human rights” organization, becoming the founder of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group.  [yalensis:  probably not realizing that this movement was funded by one and the same shadowy éminences grises who also funded the Banderite diaspora and other “captive nations” type organizations, but I digress too much from Miroslava’s story…]

Oles Berdnik

Because of his activities in the Helsinki Group, Oles Berdnik was repressed by the Soviet government.  He was convicted of “anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda” and spent several years in prisons and labor camps.  In 1991 Oles ran for President of the new independent Ukraine.  Apparently he did not win, but apparently he is still alive, because he has some kind of web site, and I don’t see a date of death.  If Oles is still alive, then he must be pretty old by now, but presumably he is proud of his daughter for standing up for what she believes in.

Miroslava has her own daughter, a young woman named Irina Bessmertnaya, who is of college age and who was also taken to SBU headquarters to be interrogated.  According to a family friend Alexander Chalenko, a journalist who writes for UKRAINA.RU:  “Irina is a student in one of the Kiev colleges.  She was spending the break with her mom in Zaporozhie.”  Chalenko speculates that the timing of the detention of mother and daughter might have something to do with the recent events in Crimea, where the Russian army captured some “diversionary” special-forces types sent by the Ukrainian army to stir things up.  Perhaps, speculates Chalenko, the Ukrainian government decided to get even by arresting the few remaining-at-large “pro-Russian” journalists and activists.  There is also the fact that Zaporozhie, located right next to the Donbass, is on the front lines of the Ukrainian civil war.

Ukrainian political writer Vladimir Kornilov is worried about Miroslava, because “she is a very sick person.  She has a chronic illness and during the past two years had several operations.  She needs special medications.”  Kornilov also points out how another dissident, 60-year-old journalist Sergei Dolgov, had been dragged into that same Zaporozhie SBU HQ, and nothing has been heard of him since.

Berdnik’s Blog

When last we heard, Berdnik is still alive if not well.  Most likely because of the international attention her case has received.  In her new blog, for example, Berdnik posts this piece from the Italian press, about her case.

In this other blogpost, Berdnik posts a very moving re-telling of the story of Jesus and his physical Transfiguration.  Berdnik tells the Christian story with religious and philosophical feeling, as of one who fears for the future but hopes for the possibility of salvation and physical transformation.  (Making me think that perhaps I was wrong when I speculated that Berdnik is Jewish, not that it matters.)

Here is Berdnik’s retelling of the Jesus Transfiguration story

Once Jesus told his pupils that among them are those “who will not taste death but will live to see the Kingdom of Heaven”.  And six days later He went to pray at Mount Tabor (588 meters high, 9 km away from Nazareth), and he took with him John, Jacob, and Peter.

Saint John of the Golden Mouth

While Christ was praying, his apostles, exhausted by the long trip and the ascent up the mountain, fell asleep.  And when they awoke, they saw their Teacher transformed:  His face shone like the Sun, and his garments had become white and glowing, like the snow in the sunlight.  Moreover, Jesus was not alone, he was conversing with the ancient prophets Elijah and Moses.  His pupils overheard fragments of the conversation — about the suffering and death awaiting the Savior.  But at that moment the apostles were overcome by a feeling of unusual joy.

As soon as the prophets had departed, the apostles were covered by a light cloud.  From the cloud boomed the voice of God the Father:  “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.  Listen to him!”  In terror the apostles fell onto the ground.  But Jesus touched them and said:  “Stand up and do not fear.”  When the pupils got up, they saw him once again in his usual form.  And Jesus commanded them not to tell anybody what they had seen, until the day when he should arise from the dead.

But why were the apostles so joyous?  For one main reason:  They were given a “premonition” of the Kingdom of God.  John Chrysostom writes, to be sure, that the Lord only revealed a tiny part of the truth to them about his Divinity — just enough that they could handle.  But it was enough that Peter could exclaim in rapture:  “Lord!  It is so good to be here!”

Raphael: The Transfiguration of the Lord

Jesus shone like the sun while still preserving his human features.  Apparently this is what happens to the righteous, and these are the kinds of bodies acquired after the resurrection of the dead.  Indeed, even before his ascent onto Mount Tabor Jesus had remarked that “the righteous shall glow like the sun, in the Kingdom of their Father.”

The first historical references to the Holiday celebrating the Transfiguration of Jesus, are found at the beginning of the 4th Century A.D.  Since ancient times, the blessing of vineyards has been connected with this holiday.  In those places where grapevines do not grow, other types of fruits are blessed.  (For example), in ancient Rus this day came to known, among common people, as the “Apple Easter”.

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16 Responses to Free Speech Under Attack: The Miroslava Berdnik Story – Part II

  1. Cortes says:

    Very interesting. Thanks again.

    One typo: “date of date” is presumably in for “date of death.”?

    Leonardo Padura’s “Havana Red” noir novel riffs extensively on the Transfiguration in an exploration of the gay transvestite scene in Cuba (some quite funny episodes).


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks for correction, Cortes, I fixed the typo.
      Even though I write these things quickly, I do make sure to proofread, usually 2 or even 3 times, but sometimes my lying eyes just don’t see what is there on the page!

      Anyhow, I suppose the notion of “transfiguration” can lend itself to other meanings, as the Good Detective discovers in Havana.

      But my personal theory about Jesus, and this will offend a lot of people, but I have discussed this before:
      My theory is that Jesus was an accomplished magician. I think he belonged to a secret order of Hebrew magicians who never gave away their secrets. I think that Jesus was the Houdini of his era.
      Most of Jesus best tricks involved manipulating containers, such as baskets, wine kegs, and possibly coffins. Water to wine: a simple trick involving a trap door into a storage basement, and probably simple ropes and pulleys to replace the containers.
      But later the tricks got ever more sophisticated. Walking on water — there is one and only one way to perform that trick, despite whatever you might see on youtube. Namely, constructing some kind of underwater platform. Compared to that trick, raising Lazarus from the dead was child’s play, all it took was a subject who was willng to live for 3 days inside a sealed tomb..
      This transfiguration thing — I think that was a masterful trick too. Jesus led his 3 apostles to that mountain where he had previously prepared a great show for them. He probably slipped them some rufie to dope them with something hallucigenic. Then he put on some kind of light show for them, involving flares, and with a couple of actors playing the roles of the “ancient prophets”. His audience were bowled over by the special effects, especially the glowing.
      I don’t know how he did that, but however he did it, it was a marvelous trick!


    • yalensis says:

      This piece by Scott Humor sounds a bit like the ravings of a madman. With randomly firing neurons, once in a while, in amongst the lunatic rants, a schizophrenic might say something that makes you stop in your tracks and exclaim, “Why, that actually sounded like a rational point, my good fellow!”

      Hence, separating out the flies from the cutlets, one learns, I would say that this is the rational core to his rant:
      Confirms that Berdnik is an ethnic Jew. I wondered about that. Daughter of a famous Soviet dissident, has a son who lives in Israel, speaks to Knesset on human rights issues, etc. Is a friend of Kolomoisky’s. Granted, this all sounds sinister, but it can also be explained away: Jews in Ukraine, as in many Eastern European countries, tend to be cliquish. They all know each other. Hang about in some of the same social circles.
      Might be political enemies, but still socialize in an odd way.
      Berdnik’s acquaintance with Kolomoisky does not necessarily mean that she shares his views. On the contrary, she devoted many years of her life to studying and exposing the history of the Ukrainian nationalists. A group of people whom Kolomoisky cyncially employed for his own reasons. Scott is implying that Berdnik has been wearing a mask all these years, that her book and her life’s work is a fraud. That she is just some agent of Western powers/Israel, etc., and running her own game.

      Helsinki group funded by the CIA – that part is true. I mentioned that myself, and that it made me suspicious of Dear Old Dad. But Scott seems to be just saying: “Like Father like Daughter”. Isn’t it possible that Dad was a Westie agent, but Daughter thinks he was a great hero for human rights?

      Now we pass from cutlets to flies, and this is where Scott just exposes himself as a ranting frothing Jew-hater. He starts off by claiming that Berdnik’s true purpose in life is to sow hatred between Russians and Ukrainians. And that bit clearly is not true, since Berdnik’s work is along the lines of exposing the history of Ukrainian nationalists; and that the SBU has charged her with being too pro-Russian.

      But where Scott really gives himself away is when he starts in on the anti-Bolshevik rant. And one just rolls one’s eyes and says, “Here we go again.” It’s all about Bolshies and Jews, and how they plot against decent Aryans.
      Do you remember when the ethnic anti-Russian mafia organized the Red Terror in the Russian Empire to kill millions of innocent Russian people?
      Oi yoi yoi. Evil Jewish Bolshies killing MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of ethnic Russians? Well, I say!

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If you really want to find out where somebody is coming from, then use the Marxist method and get down and dirty, to their class allegiance. This method will cut through a lot of crap, and save everybody a lot of time.
      So, Scott is basically a virulent anti-communist. And like many anti-communists he also hates Jews. He believes that Jews conspired to demean Russians by creating a Ukrainian entity on land that “should have” belonged to ethnic Great Russians. This is the oldest anti-communist slur in the book.
      And this is the point where I basically just stopped reading his rant. This schizophrenic had me at “Helsinki”, but he lost me at “Russia and the Russian officers are the victims here. There are no other victims, but the Russians.”

      Pure bullshit from that point onward.


      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        Excellent summary – now nobody needs to inflict the original on themselves.

        That’s the Saker’s vineyard for you – a potpourri of cranks, loonies, mugs, pugs, goofballs, oddballs, basketballs and Black Hundreds. And that’s even before you get to the proprietor – when first I read saker’s blog, I admired the young lady’s passion.

        Words can’t quite describe the mixture of confusion, horror and scorn that came over me when I realised this was the output of a grown man.

        As an addendum, Benya has always believed in hedging his bets, and I’m pretty sure that video of him chatting with Pavel Gubarev is still floating around the net somewhere. Something to bear in mind when contemplating any alleged links between himself and Berdnik.


      • yalensis says:

        P.S. – I was inspired to post a comment on this on Saker. I think that was the first time I ever commented on saker, and I goofed. I meant to give my “nik” and email but pushed the wrong button, and it went over as “Anonymous”. Not even showing up there, is probably in moderation. I don’t know if he will accept it as it’s anon.
        Noticed that the other comments on his blog are mostly simplistic Jew-hating stuff, saker seems to attract that type.


        • Grimgerde says:

          Maybe it was just as well your comment at Saker’s wasn’t published. This Scott is also a mod and likes to investigate IP addresses, dominions, hosts and FB pages on any given individual or news site trying to cast suspicion on them. Many of his responses to comments on the blog have been sarcastic and rude resulting in some interesting commenters leaving for good. This guy, who seems to be highly regarded by the saker, also has a dirty mind. I distinctly remember a very unpleasant twitter exchange attacking journalist Patrick Lancaster for his timeline cover photo of two Donbass girls outside a destroyed home by viciously accusing him of having a “sexualised and paedophile” picture. Very weird character.


          • yalensis says:

            Thanks for the warning, Grimgerde! I take it that this Scott fellow is one of Saker’s henchpersons? I actually didn’t know that, I thought he was just a guest poster.
            Well, like Pavlo said, the Saker certainly keeps a weird menagerie of animal types in his vineyard. Scott’s attack against Miroslava Berdnik really amounted to nothing more than “She is a Jewess, therefore she can’t be trusted.” Like she took the time to do all this historical research and write that book, just to deepen her cover as a Mossad agent? And his incessant calls to exile her and force her to go live in Israel, even if she doesn’t want to and has Ukrainian citizenship really sound a lot like… well, you know!

            As for Patrick Lancaster, from everything I can see, this journalist is trying to bring the truth about what is happening, and to help the people of Donbass, is this the photo in qustion?

            If this Scott person sees anything remotely sexy in this image of two normal children coping with calamity, then he is most likely a paedophile himself. A normal person would not see anything here except a couple of kids whose home has been damaged.


            • Grimgerde says:

              Yes, that’s the picture and completely agree that only a paedophile could see it in a sexualised context. I have a lot of respect for Patrick Lancaster and was outraged by Scott’s accusations, as with the way he is vilifying Miroslava Berdnik. How can somebody who has a perverted mind, twists facts in order to push their own hatred filled agenda and crazy conspiracy theories be a mod and “director of research and development” in a well known blog as the Saker’s escapes my imagination.


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