Ukraine: Alert For Journalists In Danger

Post-Maidan Ukraine is no country for honest journalists

And we are not even speaking here of “pro-Moscow” or “pro-Russian” journalists, we’re talking about their own kind, “pro-Ukrainian” journalists who happen to tell the truth about what is going on in an increasingly anarchistic and yet also strangely totalitarian state.

Only photo of Boiko I could find — has him on his side – sorry!

Among the latest  journalists who find themselves in a pickle, their worrisome predicament stemming from the fact that their names have been entered into a secret database run by psychopaths in the Ukrainian security services:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Vladimir Boiko and Tetiana Montian.  Well, Tatiana is not a journalist per se, she is an attorney.  However, she is also a blogger and her acerbic comments about Ukrainian reality have gotten her into trouble more than a few times.

The latest is that Boiko and Montian were attempting to enter Poland, they weren’t fleeing the country, they were just on a trip and trying to fly out to Barcelona.  But were detained on the border by Ukrainian police.

Tetiana Montian

The story was recounted by Tetiana herself on her Facebook page.  Montian is a respected attorney (graduated Class of 1994 from the Law Faculty of Moscow State University), who has proved herself to have a sharp mind and acerbic wit.  She is solidly pro-Ukrainian yet is the type of person who cannot tolerate bullshit; and her barbs against the ridiculous Ukrainian nationalist regime have often struck home.  Here is a translation (from Russian) of the quote from Tetiana’s Facebook:

“The border guards took away my external passport and wouldn’t give it back, hinting at the fact that the SBU [Ukrainian internal police, successor organ to the Soviet KGB] have my name in some kind of database.  I tried and tried to call the hot-line to the SBU, they don’t have any operators on call.  Finally I was able to get through to these morons — and they have no clue what happened or what is going on, they can’t tell me whom to call, or how to find out what’s going on.  I’m telling you, Gebnya*, you are clinical morons.  I hope you die in agony, you animals.  I would be interested to know, which particular filth placed me, and on what grounds, into this unknown database of yours?”


*Gebnya:  Russian slang for secret police, often preceded by the adjective “bloody”, used mostly ironically.  Etymology:  from the initials GB, as in KGB, etc. (ГБ – государственная безопасность – “State Security”), 

Ukrainian SBU, successors to the Soviet KGB

Later, after Tetiana had calmed down a bit, she wrote that she bears no rancor toward the border guards per se.  They were just misled by the SBU.

“And now the border guards are trying to convince myself and Boiko to take our passports back and leave.  To wherever we were planning to go.  But now we changed our minds:  We don’t want to go anywhere.  We demand to see the Prosecutor and the representative of the SBU.  I already missed my flight to Barcelona, which was supposed to fly out of Kraków  at midnight.  Since I was late and missed my flight, I have nowhere I need to go.”

Tetiana added that Boiko had been threatened with handcuffs and physical violence, because he refused to offer his car for inspection to the border guards.  Moreover, the car had already crossed the border and was inside Polish territory when the border guards forced it back onto Ukrainian soil.  The accompaying photo in the Navigator piece shows Boiko’s car being inspected by a canine who, in truth, looks more like poodle than a German shepherd.

And the piece finishes by reminding us what the beef is that the Ukrainian regime have against Boiko and the probable reason why they included him in their secret database of non-desirables:

Vladimir Boiko was the journalist who published the “secret” cellphone videos of the sexual orgies of the Tornado Battalion.  Including orgies and rapes which they committed against Donbass civilians during the so-called “Anti-Terrorist” Operation.

The murder of Ukrainian journalist Oles Buzina

Earlier, Boiko had also exposed Ukrainian “military hero” Semen Semenchenko as a fraud.  Semenchenko is connected with the excesses of the Tornado Battalion; and please recall that Ukrainian patriot Tetiana Chornovol has also gone after Semenchenko, demanding that he be thrown into prison.  Hence, as we see this conflict jelling, it becomes fairly clear that Semenchenko, with his back against the wall, may be at the heart of this “secret database” which has pegged the likes of Boiko as “enemies of the state”.  Let us hope that the journalists of the world, especially Western journalists who are so fiery in their defense of freedom of speech and safety of person, especially when it comes to Russian journalists, shall also rally behind Ukrainian journalists.  Particularly Boiko, as well as Montian.  Western journalists shall do everything in their power to ensure the safety of these people and to prevent their untimely demises, as happened with other Ukrainian writers such as Oles Buzina.

Post-Maidan Ukraine is no country for honest journalists.

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4 Responses to Ukraine: Alert For Journalists In Danger

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    They won’t learn anything from it. Not Montian and Boiko nor that other woman who was shocked, shocked that military units formed from the dregs of society would continue to be the dregs of society once in uniform.


    • yalensis says:

      These individuals probably won’t learn anything, true.
      And in fact, Montian (whom I like as an individual) strikes me as almost the equivalent of a Russian Kreakl. She has feelings of self-worth above her actual station, she is feisty and fights back, she simply cannot accept that “the regime” has pegged her and will cause unpleasantness for her. Instead of falling into line and bowing her head at the inevitability of what she herself helped wrought.
      But her feistiness is a good thing, she helps to expose the reality of what is going on.


      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        Trouble is, people have been exposing this or that bit of Maidan villainy almost every week for going on two years now. The Maidanauts were shown up as muppets for Washington even before they took power. The bodies on Institutskaya were barely cold before the world learned that Ashton et al knew that their story about the peaceful protestors gunned down in cold blood by ruthless policemen was flyshit.

        All told, the Maidan cause should have come crashing down one hundred times by now, yet Poroshenko’s rule has grown stronger, not weaker. The oligarchs have proven that they can’t or won’t unite against him, and none of them is strong enough to take him down alone. The Nazi gangs don’t represent a coherent threat to Poroshenko either – Biletsky seems to content to wait for everybody else to die, while Yarosh is honestly too stupid to have a plan. Citizen protests against austerity measures are small and unceremoniously dispersed with tear gas and billy clubs. Outbreaks of lawlessness like the Rovno amber war or the gunfight in Zakarpattiya have just become background noise. The only internal threat to Poroshenko’s power is the DNR, and they are no further danger to him as long as Russia doesn’t wish to be further entangled in Ukrainian affairs.

        Montian is carrying on as though it were still 2012. She doesn’t seem to understand that ‘crusading journalism’ no longer counts for a damn thing in Ukraine.


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