Liliya Ukrainskaya: Volunteer Battalions are 90% Thieves, Rapists

Is there a pattern of Ukrainian women nationalists coming to their senses before the men?  Is it that women can see the overall pattern more clearly?  Or is it just that women are less sympathetic to the idea of grown men gang-raping little girls?  Rape seems to be that line across which a normal (non-sociopathic) woman cannot cross, even if she is able to forgive the other sins of her male comrades and ideological brethren.  Rape was the thing at which even violence-prone Maidan heroine Tetiana Chornovol blanched.  And now, following in Chornovol’s steps, we have the revelations of another young woman who was there, who knows what happened, and who knows where some bodies are buried.


Liliya Bolbat, juding from her photograph a quite gorgeous young Ukrainian woman with a certain resemblance to actress Tatiana Maslany, well, it’s got to be those lovely Slavic cheekbones — but anyhow Liliya is a beauty in her own right.  According to her bio:  Born in Mariupol, graduated from Donetsk National University.  Nationalist in her views, fiercely pro-Maidan, after the 2014 coup she joined the Volunteer Brigades and went off to fight in the ranks of Turchinov’s Anti-Terrorist Operation, all the while blogging under the nik “Liliya Ukrainskaya”.

The following is a quote and translation from what Liliya wrote in her Facebook page.  I cannot access her Facebook, so I am quoting indirectly, from this piece in VZGLIAD.  Here are Liliya’s words as conveyed by the Russian newspaper:


Many of our guys went off to fight, not for their country.  Not for their home and family.  They came here [to the Donbass] for gain.  The units were filled with all sorts of people — from those with five higher university degrees, to those with five terms in jail.  And sure enough they started in with the robberies, the fights, mugging people for gain, maraudering, murder.  No, they never even touched the Separatists.  They went after everyone who had anything that was worth stealing.

When Ukrainian army invaded, over a million Donbass refugees had to flee to Russia.

When I arrived as a volunteer, I was immediately accosted with cries for help:  Help me steal this car, help me drive this away…  With horror I started to realize what our guys were doing.  Several times I ended up in certain situations, when you are bringing assistance to your soldiers, and you can only pray to God that they will let you leave in one piece.  Nobody ever touched me, thankfully, only due to some unwritten law of the jungle, that you don’t chop off the hand that is bringing you aid.

Should I tell you the story, how a dozen men kidnapped a little girl and raped her for ten days, until the child dropped dead?  Should I tell you about the time some men shoved me into a car with the butt of their rifles, and demanded my boots?  How armed men burst into an establishment in Mariupol, pointed their guns at the owner and demanded to be fed?  And after that, in the course of a month, conducted drinking fests in that establishment?  How they stopped every car on the road and demanded a fee?  How they participated in raids and robberies?  How they held people locked up in basements and beat them while demanding money?

And when these so-called “heroes” fled from the sector at the first sign of actual military danger, on their abandoned bases we found syringes, bottles of alcohol, every possible type of dope, and mountains of boxes containing the latest technology from the trade centers of Donetsk and other cities.

I would say that in 90% of the cases, these “heroes” deserve a life sentence.


The VZGLIAD piece ends with the ironic note, that Ukrainian Prosecutor Yury Lutsenko has proposed a general amnesty to all incriminated volunteer battalions.  The “soldiers” would be forgiven any crimes they might have committed while “serving” in the Eastern part of the country.  Because, after all, they were fighting “terrorists” and Separatists.  Including that unnamed little girl who was gang-raped by grown men, until she died.

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3 Responses to Liliya Ukrainskaya: Volunteer Battalions are 90% Thieves, Rapists

  1. Northern Star says:

    Anyone-including Americans- who aided abetted and enabled the perpetrators of these atrocities should be executed…of course after a fair hearing.


    • yalensis says:

      I hope somebody is collecting names, dates, and info about the perps.
      I would like to think that the girl, at least, has a name that is known, and that her murderers will someday be brought to justice at a war crimes tribunal.


    • yalensis says:

      P.S. – In addition to your comment I found a comment in my spambox this morning which had been flagged as spam – and for very good reason. The author of the comment was somebody with the peculiar name “porn live webcam free” and the comment reads:

      “Thanks in favor of sharing such a nice thinking, article is pleasant, thats
      why i have read it fully.”

      I would say that is bloody inappropriate, especially considering the subject matter.


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