Ukro-Bizarro World: Where the Criminals are the Cops

Dear Readers:

It’s Sunday, so today I decided to give myself a break and just go for the low-hanging fruit.  The easy one.  Easy, but not pleasant.  It is never fun to watch a once-flourishing society devolve into a mob of violent apes.

JImmy Cagney never actually said “You dirty rat!”

I am talking about the Ukraine of course.  But before I even get to the lede, here is another little tidbit.  This story is about the new, popular website in Ukraine, created with a friendly and easy user interface.  The site is called “UkrDonos”.  “Donos” is the Russian word for, well, basically, squealing on someone.  Ratting them out.  A good translation of the name could be “Ukr-Stoolie”.  And as I typed that, I realized that I don’t know the etymology of the English expression, so I looked it up.  Apparently it has something to do with setting up a bird decoy, nailing it to a stool, in order to attract prey.  But that isn’t exactly how people use the word now.  When somebody says “stool pigeon” or “stoolie”, one’s mind turns to the likes of Jimmy Cagney, some dirty rat who turns his pals in to the cops.

The real-life Pavlik Morozov was not actually a stool pigeon.

Which is exactly what this Ukrainian website is for.  Hence, if you feel in the mood to sign on and lodge an anonymous complaint against whomever, here is the link.  Just fill out the user-friendly form and rat somebody out to the Ukrainian totalitarian police state.  Ex-boyfriend?  Annoying neighbor?  No problem, just make something up, like how you suspect them of being partial to Separatism, or something like that.  This coming from the same folks who continue to taunt Russia about little Pavlik Morozov.  Who, by the way, was nothing like what they say he was.  But I don’t have time to go into that right now, maybe I’ll do a piece on him at some future date.

When is a Rat Not a Rat?

When the rat grows a conscience and rats out actual criminals.  Which brings us to Tetiana Chornovol, who just ratted out her former comrade-in-arms Semen Semenchenko.  Because the latter would not rat out his former cohorts who are a bunch of criminal thugs, bandits, thieves and rapists.

A bit of history from wiki:  We are talking about the infamous Tornado Battalion.  Unlike some of the other heroes of the new Ukrainian nationalist state who are ideologically driven Nazis, the Tornado guys are simple criminals.  Even wiki says so:

“Tornado” police battalion – After the “Shakhtarsk” police battalion was disbanded in October 2014 after 50 members of the battalion were accused of looting and hooliganism, it was resurrected as the “Tornado” police battalion. The battalion was about 100 people strong and most members were former convicts from Donbass (because the battalion is reporting to the Interior Ministry its members were formally police officers). On 18 June 2015 the unit was disbanded after members were accused of crimes. They were accused and arrested for smuggling cast iron from territory under separatist control. The battalion refused to stop operations and disarm.

Criminal thugs of the Tornado Battalion

Okay, everybody, let’s do a simple thought experiment:  Try to imagine the most violent gang of criminals that could terrorize your city or town.  Thugs with all-body tattoos and criminal records the length of War and Peace.  Imagine these guys are suddenly given uniforms and big-ass guns, and now they’re cops!  They are let loose to patrol your streets.  They are given total impunity:  They can do whatever they want, to whomever they want.  Is it not fairly clear, what exactly would ensue, and what life would become like for you and the other ordinary people in your town?

And these are the criminals who were unleashed against the peaceful residents of the Donbass Region.  Who had to be punished because they voted in referendums for regional autonomy, deciding that they couldn’t stomach the monster that the central Kiev government, under the thumb of violent natonalists, had become.

You can relax, though, most of this bad stuff happened a year ago, back in June of 2015.  Tornado was forcibly disbanded, their criminal intent was too much, even for Avakov.  Let us not forget, though, that these rapists were officially “blessed” by Father Filaret of the Schismatic Kiev Patriarchate.  Yup.  On Easter Day, Filaret blessed and awarded a medal to Ruslan Onishchenko, the leader of this violent robber band.  Well, who knows, maybe Father Filaret was actually Ataman Kudeyar in a previous life.  Before he repented and found God.  And lived out the rest of his life in a monastery while, conveniently, never having to actually serve time in a penal colony.

Chornovol Grows a Conscience

I have dropped the lede here so many times, that I can barely even find it any more.   Oh yes, there it is, rolling around the on floor… Tetiana Chornovol.   This hero of the Ukrainian nationalist movement, La Pasionaria of the Maidan Revolution… So, she appeared on Ukrainian television to report that prosecutors in the Tornado case have quite a piece of evidence against the lads.  Remember simpler times when criminals performed their evil deeds in secret and behind closed doors?  Those days are gone forever.  Nowadays all modern criminals record their exploits on video, in this case using their Smartphones.

Tetiana Chornovol

According to Tetiana Chornovol, whose name is spelled in many different ways, but I’ll just pick this one spelling as standard, and she is a member of the Ukrainian government by the way; but anyhow, she appeared on TV to talk about the Tornado guys and how they raped underage girls and videotaped their own crimes.  In which case, this should be a slam-dunk prosecution.  And in one case, according to Tetiana, they even raped a young mother in front of her infant.  They threatened to kill the baby if she didn’t cooperate.  So the girl cooperated, of course.  After all, these were Ukrainian police officers.  They could do whatever they wanted and bury the bodies wherever they chose.

But Chornovol doesn’t stop there, she goes on to ream out Semen Semenchenko, another hero of the Revolution.  Accusing him of providing protection and cover for the Tornado thugs.  “Semenchenko will go to jail,” Chornovol asserts.  Let us hope that she is right; but we shall have to wait and see.

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2 Responses to Ukro-Bizarro World: Where the Criminals are the Cops

  1. Patient Observer says:

    Interesting and informative post! Smart phones in the hands of stupid thugs – taking selfies with their victims. This takes narcissism to a new level.

    Let us not forget, though, that these rapists were officially “blessed” by Father Filaret of the Schismatic Kiev Patriarchate. Yup. On Easter Day, Filaret blessed and awarded a medal to Ruslan Onishchenko, the leader of this violent robber band.

    In Eastern Europe, there seems to be an underlying religious element whenever there is a genocide. Western genocides are driven by financial gain it seems.

    While on the topic of genocides, some seem to be mostly a desire to eliminate a ethnic/religious group while other contain large elements of torture and sexual depravity. The Jewish holocaust may fit the former and the Serbian holocaust fits the later (which was largely driven by religion).


    • yalensis says:

      Dear Patient Observer:
      I don’t actually know for a fact that the rapists had “SmartPhones”, that was an assumption on my part. All the articles I read simply say that their phones were confiscated and that they had these rape videos on their phones. Also, to be honest, I don’t know much about the different types of phones. The cellphone I personally own right now is a cheapie — it has a camera, but not video. And I don’t know exactly how “smart” it is. Probably not very. I guess I made an assumption that any phone with extended video capability is a “Smart Phone”. I wasn’t implying any particular brand.

      To your bigger point, you raise a lot of interesting issues about the role played by religion, in European history, in condoning genocide. There is certainly a religious element in the Ukraine civil war, with several of the “volunteer punishing” battalions being either Uniate, Greek Catholic, or Schismatic; but this is not always the case with these guys, and I doubt if anyone has done a scientific sociological survey correlating religion to the political side taken in this conflict. From what I understand, the dominating force in these brigades is the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism. Which does have some ties to the religion issue, but it’s not completely straightforward either.
      As to the sexual depravity, that can also be explained by the fact that these guys are common criminals. Before becoming “cops” and sanctioned “punishers” of the Donbass residents, most of these guys spent a lot of time behind bars. They are a self-selected cohort of badness.


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