The Liberation of Aleppo, a Long Process – Part III

Dear Readers:

This is the final installment of the story, posted by Evgeny Krutikov, for VZGLIAD newspaper, about the gradual liberation of Aleppo, starting with the Eastern section of the city; and how the joint Syrian-Russian operation of providing a “humanitarian corridor” in essence allows the ISIS terrorists to “live to fight another day”; and yet is probably the most expedient way to end this conflict without massive civilian casualties; and also helps Russia to help America to “save face”.  Because the Americans, in essence, backed the wrong horse in this war.

Rather than being grateful for the Russian-proferred olive branch (more like a rope held out to a drowning man), the Americans, whose elite are perennial sore losers, and who cannot bear to see their pet jihadis cleansed out of Syria, have launched a new propaganda assault against the “humanitarian situation” in Syria.  See, [this is yalensis speaking now], it’s like my psycho neighbor who killed my cat and tossed its body in the communal dumpster; and then complained for weeks about the stench. [made up story]

This trendy wife and two-time marathon runner cares deeply about Syrian refugees.

For months now Americans and Westies in general, have waged “information war” against Russia’s intervention in Syria.  Everybody knows that Russia finally intervened, on the side of the Assad government; and against the assortment of terrorist grouplets supported by the West.  But gradually, over the past few months, America’s “war rhetoric” has turned into crocodile tears about the plight of the civilian population.  Krutikov mentions the name of Celeste A. Wallander, an ivory-tower and political hack analyst for the American elite, who advises President Obama on Eurasian and Russian affairs.  Previously Wallander was quite bullish about the war, and “Assad must go” and all that sort of thing, but now her rhetoric focuses, with a woman’s tenderness, on the trials and tribulations of refugees.

Almost 300,000 ordinary Syrians have been killed since the start of this conflict in 2011.

Washington propagandists, as always, ignore the actual efforts undertaken by the Russians, to establish humanitarian corridors so that the Syrian civilians are able to physically survive this ordeal.  An ordeal which was crafted by Western powers.  Who willfully and recklessly infiltrated violent groups of jihadists and paid killers into the mundane lives of ordinary people.

Western propagandists also ignore the fact that the population of Eastern Aleppo is significantly growing back to its normal level; a good sign, since people naturally strive to return to their homes as soon as they are physically able to.  Of course, Westies might prefer that Syrians abandon their homes altogether and flee to Europe, since this is also a nifty cover for smuggling violent jihadists into the hearts of European cities.

Russia Must Stay Focused

Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu had suggested to all international aid organizations that they combine their efforts with Russian and Syrian initiatives.  Westie aid organizations responded to this offer with the thundering silence of a herd of crickets.  Apparently these “humanitarian” organizations and NGO’s, who previously enlisted in the propaganda war against “the bloody Assad regime” could not really give a flying you-know-what about the predicament of ordinary people.  Instead they are keeping mum now and just waiting for that moment when the Syrian army finishes purging Aleppo of the jihadists.  At which point the “humanitarians” will all begin to squawk about the “atrocities of the regime”, and if there are no atrocities, well, then, they will just make shit up.  Like they always do.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu

Given this propaganda war, it is extremely necessary that Russia remain focused on the events in Aleppo and not allow any slips to happen.  [yalensis:  Krutikov has been pushing this point in his posts for many months now:  that Aleppo is the key to winning this war.]  Shoigu, in his statements, shows that he understands this point, and how the term “humanitarian” is being used, and will be used, by the opposing side in this conflict.

Krutikov then gives a brief summary of the actions taking places in the other theaters of this war.  For example, near Damascus, where government forces have also gone on the offensive.  But still face significant numbers of jihadists in the town of Ghouta.

These terrorists holed up in East Ghouta were given the same offer as those in Aleppo:  to leave quietly, via a “humanitarian corridor”.  Unfortunately, these particular terrorists refused the offer.   Hence, the 105th Brigade of the Republican Army (Syrian government) is in the process of purging the two neighborhoods called Hawsh Nasri and Hawsh al-Farrakh [not sure of the spelling of the second one], both still occupied by the terrorist group Jaysh al-Islam, an Islamist-Salafist coalition supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  The government forces began their assault with an artillery and rocket barrage intended to soften up the enemy.  It goes without saying that the civilian population almost in its entirety has fled from those neighborhoods, which are practically a wasteland now.  Given the dire situation, it has become impossible for government forces to be able to separate out the “good guys” vs. the “bad guys” in that arena.  It’s simply a hellhole, and also gives a glimpse what could have happened in Eastern Aleppo as well, had the Aleppo terrorists not agreed to the face-saving humanitarian corridor.

In the cockpit of the Tupolev

And sure enough, the moment that Syrian troops began their assault on East Ghouta, the French Foreign Minister piped up like a parrot expressing “concerns” about Ghouta and also, for whatever unknown reason, about Daraa.  Probably just a Freudian slip or perhaps a Tourette hiccup, since Daraa is the place where began the Western-inspired rebellion (in which France played a huge role) against the Assad government.  Began way back in 2011.  Five years and 300,000 ordinary human lives ago.

Krutikov concludes by pointing his attention to an otherwise unnoticed fact:  That the Russian reconnaissance jet TU-214P has returned to the Syrian theater, to the Russian air base at Khmeimim  where it serves in radio and optical-electronic intelligence gathering.  The aircraft, whose serial number is RF-64514 [nota bene to all spies and journalists!] was last seen in Syria for two weeks, back in February and March, before being withdrawn back to Russia, for whatever reason.  But now is back in Syria, and back in action, since its services were apparently needed again.

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