The Liberation of Aleppo, a Long Process – Part II

Dear Readers:

This is the continuation of yesterday’s story, posted by Evgeny Krutikov, for VZGLIAD newspaper.

Krutikov was talking about the “Jerusalem Brigade” of Palestinian militants, and how forcefully they fought their way into the Khandarat refugee camp. north of Aleppo.  According to Krutikov, the Palestinians, who support the Syrian government in this conflict, are driven by their ideological hatred for the group Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki.  Nour al-Din is a “Moderate Rebel” organization backed by the Americans and Saudis and until recently a member of the CIA-run “Military Operating Center” in Turkey, which coordinates the military operations of all of these terrorist groups.  Recently these Moderates publicly beheaded an 11-year-old Palestinian boy and posted the gruesome execution on the internet.  The boy’s “crime” was he was a political supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.  The execution of a child was too much for some people, so the spokesperson of this organization had to distance himself, claiming this was a just a “one-off”, singular event.  Nonetheless, the Palestinians declared blood vengeance for the death of the boy, and this inspires them to keep attacking Khandarat despite numerous setbacks.

CIA-backed Moderate Rebels kidnap and behead a child.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government forces are creating a vast buffer zone around Aleppo.  Their immediate goal is the populated village called Kafr Hamrah which is a Northwestern suburb of Aleppo.  Kafr Hamrah leads to the Anadan Valley, beyond which there is nothing except the Turkish border, the Kurds, and the Province of Idlib.  Given this cofiguration, the Syrian army reckons that the jihadis who are surrounded in the Eastern third of Aleppo, are basically trapped in a cauldron.

Their plight is counterposed with a different group of jihadists, namely from ISIS, who had been holed up in the town of Manbij, surrounded by Kurds and pro-American Moderate Rebels.  The ISIS terrorists broke out of the encirclement, surged forward 10 kilometers and captured 6 villages, handily defeating the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).  SDF is a relatively new anti-Assad coalition patched together by the Americans when their previous patchwork, the Free Syrian Army, fell apart.  The new group (SDF) was hastily armed and trained in the course of two months.  They were given uniforms which had American emblematica still sewn on.  Some of these uniforms were captured as tropheys by the victorious ISIS militants, which caused much embarrassment for the Americans when ISIS goofballs posted selfies wearing armored vests with the Star and Stripes still sewed to their chests.

Krutikov concludes that the battles around Aleppo have been a huge political and propaganda failure for the U.S.   The Americans keep squawking like parrots:  “Assad must go!”  eevn though the anti-Assad and pro-American “Moderate” forces experience only failures on the ground.  When Eastern Aleppo has been finally cleared of the jihadi rats, this will place the final cross on the failure of American foreign policy in the Middle East.

At the same time, everybody seems to be bending over backwards to allow the Americans to save face.  Which returns full circle to the way the story began, with the organization of the “humanitarian corridor”, allowing such jihadists as wish to, to escape to Idlib.  And also explains the title of Krutikov’s piece, which is:

 At Aleppo Russia Helps USA To Save Face

Fact is, if America had done what they should have before, namely add all these baboons such as Nour al-Din to the list of terrorist organizations deserving of complete extermination — then none of this needed to happen.  But American pride would not allow Washington to admit its own mistakes.  They will never admit that the CIA is riddled with incompetents, nor that American foreign policy over the past 6 years of the Obama Presidency, has been a complete disaster.

Russia helps to organize “humanitarian corridors” such as this one.

Be that as it may, in a day or two, according to Krutikov, your average jihadi cannibal will be able to take his seat in an air-conditioned bus and leave Aleppo in comfort, automatic rifle in hand.  Thanks to the efforts of Russia, which helped to organize this evacuation, despite the teeth-gnashing of certain Syrian generals, who wanted to simply finish the job and destroys all these rats once and for all.  Bottom line, and this is the main point which Krutikov is trying to make:  Formerly American-supported “Moderate Rebels” will also be able to sneak out of Aleppo, cheek by jowl with the not so Moderate ones.  Their departure will save additional American face, because it would be humiliating for America to sit back and watch “their guys” get chewed up by Assad’s military machine.  The only grouping which is excluded from this “amnesty” is al-Nusra themselves.  Who are currently jumping all over themselves to get rid of their black flag and black uniforms, and re-dress themselves in grey so that they, too, might have an opportunity to sneak out of Aleppo.

And even here, with this gift handed to them, the ungrateful Americans cannot be trusted further than you can throw them; already they are bleating about the “humanitarian situation on the ground” and planning a propaganda campaign against Russia, whilst refusing to cooperate with Russian and Syrian humanitarian efforts.

[to be continued]

P.S. – Dear Readers:  I plan to finish this piece tomorrow, postponing for one day my usual month-end metric.

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