The Liberation of Aleppo, a Long Process – Part I

Dear Readers:

Today I have another piece by Evgeny Krutikov, war correspondent and military analyst for the VZGLIAD newspaper.

Krutikov begins this piece with the following paragraph:  “The first stage of the joint Syrian-Russian humanitarian operation in Aleppo began on Friday [i.e., yesterday], in the course of which two special corridors were opened so that peaceful civilians could depart from an area, namely the Eastern third of the city, which is controlled by the jihadists who, in turn, are completely surrounded by pro-government troops.”

The horrors of war in Aleppo

Krutikov goes on to say, that numerous posts have been set up in a half-circle along the line of the front leading through the central part of the city  – he continuously uses the acronym КПП  (KPP) which he doesn’t explain, and with which I am not familiar; but from the context this appears to be a “feeding post”.  In other words a place where people gather for processing, they are given a meal and put into buses for transportation to temporary refugee camps.  Those of us who have lived only a peaceful and ordinary existence, can scarcely imagine the horror and degradation of having one’s life turned into something like this.

Anyhow, once inside the temporary refugee camps the people are given another meal, while government helicopters fly overhead Eastern Aleppo, tossing down more supplies and humanitarian aid.  The helicopters also toss down leaflets, in which it is explained to the people exactly what is going on and how some people need to make their way to the western side of the city, in order to be fed.  In the jihadi-controlled part of the city, the militants have stopped distributing aid, so there is no food or supplies to be had there.  In fact, the al-Nusra militants (an affiliate of Al Qaeda) are requisitioning supplies FROM the peaceful residents.

Palestinian volunteers keep order in the Yarmouk refugee camp.

A third КПП and corridor are going to be set up for the Al Qaeda militants themselves, who will be allowed to leave Aleppo with their weapons still in their hands.  This corridor must be planned very carefully with an eye to safety.  One can never trust the jihadists, who are sometimes prone to blowing themselves up on the spot, rather than wait to go to paradise another day.  Nonetheless, those “bearded ones” who pass through without blowing up themselves or others, will be allowed to depart from Eastern Aleppo, weapons in hand, in the direction of Idlib.

One way or another, the Eastern third of Aleppo will soon be purged of the jihadists.  The battle for Aleppo is mostly over, and the jihadists lost.  Big kudos go the “Jerusalem Brigade” of Palestinian volunteers, aka Al-Quds Brigades, a Sunni Islamist organization which nevertheless decided to ally with Syrian government forces in this conflict.  One could call these guys the “anti-Crusading Crusaders”.  Al-Quds is dedicated to the destruction of Israel.  A nation which, alongside the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, has worked tirelessly to overthrow the secular government of Bashar Al-Assad.  A “regime” which protected the rights of all, be they Jew, Christian or Muslim.  Within the parameters of this complicated 3-Dimensional chess game, it is safe to say that Israel is allied indirectly (or possibly even directly) with Al-Qaeda.  And therefore richly deserves to witness the triumph of their arch-enemies, the Palestinians.

A few days ago, on Wednesday, Al-Quds, along with pro-Syrian government troops began their offensive into the Eastern portion of the Palestinian refugee camps known as Khandarat, in a suburb of Northeastern Aleppo known as Shaher.  The Palestinians were repulsed, and by Thursday morning had withdrawn back to their previous positions.  Their second attempt at an offensive was more successful:  In the neighborhood of a Palestinian mosque, a group of pro-government forces was able to liquidate a jihadi organization known as Nureddin ez-Zenki; and even kill their field commander, known by his call sign of Abu Abdo Sharuch.  Krutikov goes on to explain the blood animosity which exists between the Palestinian Al-Quds and the jihadi Nureddin ez-Zenki movement.

[to be continued]

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