Nikita Shevchenko: 14th Russian Soldier To Die In Syria War

I saw this piece in the Russian press.  A Russian soldier named Nikita Shevchenko was killed in the Syrian province of Aleppo.  Shevchenko was a Corporal (рядовой) serving under contract.  This is Shevchenko’s story as told by VZGLIAD, which basically repeats from this piece, but then adds more information about the deaths of other soldiers.

In a part of Aleppo where a “truce zone” had been set up between the two opposing sides, so that food and supplies could be delivered to the peaceful residents of the area, Shevchenko’s job was to accompany a column of Russian automobiles carrying food and water.

Russian soldiers: A part of their job is to deliver supplies.

The cars had just stopped at the entry point to the residential area, when suddenly an IED exploded near the car in which Shevchenko was either riding or driving.  Shevchenko was severely wounded.  Russian medics rushed to the scene and attempted to save his life, but were unable to.  The press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense informed the public about Shevchenko’s death, while also announcing that the soldier would be granted a postumous medal.

The VZGLIAD piece then goes on to list all 14 Russian soldiers who have died so far in the Syria war, including Shevchenko.  They are as follows:

  1. Aviation technicial Vadim Kostenko on 24 October 2015
  2. SU-24 Pilot Oleg Peshkov shot down by the Turks on 24 November 2015
  3. Marine Alexander Pozynich, during the attempted rescue of Peshkov
  4. 27-year-old contract soldier Fedor Zhuravlev on 26 November 2015
  5. Military Advisor Ivan Cheremisin, from machine-gun fire, on 3 February 2016
  6. Senior Lieutenant Alexander Prokhorenko, heroic death on 17 March 2016
  7. MI-28H “Night Hunter” helicopter crash near Homs on 12 April 2016 – perished Pilot Andrei Okladnikov
  8. and Navigator Viktor Pankov
  9. Serviceman Anton Yerygin on 11 May 2016
  10. Contract soldier Mikhail Shirokopoyas died on 16 May 2016 in a Moscow hospital, from wounds received in Syrian war
  11. Andrei Timoshenkov on 19 June 2016, died while accompanying a humanitarian convoy but heroically was able to avert the actions of a suicide bomber
  12. Flight Instructor Evgeny Dolgin on 8 July 2016, along with
  13. Colonel Riafagat Khabibullin, the Commander of the 55th Army Aviation, when their helicopter was shot down by the enemy near Homs
  14. Nikita Shevchenko, with whom we began our story
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