Russian Military Working On “Smart Bullet” For Snipers

Just a quickie today:  I saw this piece about some new exciting military technology being worked out in Russia.


Andrei Grigoriev, General Director of FPR

A Russian military research group called the Foundation of Perspective Research (Russian Фонд перспективных исследований – ФПИ, in English I’ll call it FPR for short) is working on a new type of sniper complex, including “smart rifle sights” and even “smart bullets”.  This is not science fiction, it’s actually happening.

This important news was announced by Andrei Ivanovich Grigoriev, the General Director of the FPR.  Grigoriev, whose rank is Lieutenant-General in Reserve, has a doctorate in technical sciences and is an Honorary Professor at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).  Grigoriev was born in 1963 and looks remarkably young for his age.  In 1986 he graduated from the School of Aerophysics and Cosmic Research of the MIPT.  Two years later he completed the Military Academy of Chemical Warfare and went on to work in several research facilities of the Ministry of Defense.  From 1995 through 1999 he occupied leading positions within the departments of Ecology and Special Defenses of the Ministry of Defense.  From 1999 through 2012 he worked within the structures of the Federal Services on Technical and Export Controls.  In November of 2012 he was appointed a member of the Military-Industrial Commission within the government of the Russian Federation, and since February 2013 he has headed the FPR.

Smart Bullets?

Speaking to a reporter from Interfax, Grigoriev announced the latest results of research into constructing a better sniper:

“If only my bullets were more intelligent….”

“We are creating in principle a brand new family of bullets, for example, made from two or more metals (in alloy), having special armor-penetrating qualities, as well as long flight.  Our scientists are working on intelligent rifle sights, and a whole new sniper’s reactive complex, along with smart-guided bullets and lots of other things.”

In June of last year, Grigoriev’s Deputy Director, Vitaly Davydov, had announced the start of testing the new “smart bullet” with a distance up to 10 kilometers.

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