Russian Political Establishment Tilts To Trump – Part IV

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Continuing our story from yesterday:  The analyst and political pundit Mikhail Delyagin explains why the Russian political establishment tilts to Trump:  They are worried that Hillary Clinton, if elected, will unleash a major war against Russia.  Why would she do this?  Well, because she and her husband Bill represent a particular “global clan”.  The shadowy, unelected, and unaccountable people they work for resist with all their might re-structuring of the American debt and in fact any changes to the global status quo.  They would unleash wars and shoot their way into other people’s resources and cash rather than ramp down their deadly adventurism.   These people have had their eye on resource-rich Russia for a very long time, but first needed to take down smaller nations such as Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.  In addition to whatever “rational” geo-political reasons for these wars (“rational” in the sense that by slaughtering other people the winner obtains a financial reward), Delyagin also happens to believe that Hillary Clinton is a sociopath who likes war for its own sake and enjoys watching other people suffer.

Wall Street: A civilization in crisis…. “Get yer hot dogs here!”

Whereas Trump is seen by the Russian establishment as more of a “reasonable” capitalist.  A bully but not a psycho.  A true American patriot who is open to new ideas and perhaps ready to make tough choices in dealing with the global financial crisis.   And Delyagin even tosses out some hints that, in the event of a Trump victory, Russia is prepared to make some major concessions to the U.S., along the lines of the ABM Treaty back in the day of Bush-Daddy.  And this would have been one of the topics presumably discussed in secret meetings with Trump’s emissary, Carter Page.

Strolling Down Memory Lane

The interlocutor, Evgeny Chernykh, remarks to Delyagin:  “Your colleague and namesake, the economist Mikhail Khazin, believes that back in the day, the Kremlin switched out Yavlinsky for Gaidar because Bill Clinton’s victorious team in the USA precisely preferred Egor Timurovich (Gaidar).  Khazin later worked in the administration of Yeltsin.  So he knows the inside scoop.  Some people believe that if Trump wins, then those liberal followers of Gaidar who are still left in the Russian government, will be forced out.  People say that Trump and his team would rather work with a different set of people in Moscow.  What do you say to that, Mikhail Gennadievich?”

The Clintons visited Russia in 1995. Yeltsin served drinks while the boyars looked on.

Delyagin:  “As a man who worked in the apparatus of the President and who took direct part in the events of that time, I can confidently say, that the replacement of Yavlinsky by Gaidar were due to his [Yavlinsky’s] well-known personal and professional attributes.  On the one hand, he considered himself to be a star and issued stultifying ultimatums while Gaidar, on the other hand, was open and agreeable to everything.  On the other hand, Yavlinsky at least understood something about economics, and therefore his promised heaven on earth would happen only after 500 days  and only as a result of enormous effort; but that timeframe seemed too long for Yeltsin.  Whereas Gaidar and Co. as far as I understand, were ready to promise anything and everything to anybody.  And in this capacity they very much suited Yeltsin and his inner circle who, after experiencing the (political) miracle which put them in power, expected an analogous economic miracle to occur.

Grigory Yavlinsky: “500 days of hard work, then capitalist heaven on earth!”

“As for his main attribute, Yavlinsky was Soviet, he was from the nomenclatura, a latecomer to the (new Russian government) and one who only came from necessity, therefore he wasn’t trusted as one of their own, and they regarded his 500-day Program as a delusion.  Whereas Gaidar was a nobody, and therefore perfectly suited the new powers that be.

“It goes without saying that none of this actually refutes Khazin’s hypothesis.  Significant events, such as a nation embarking upon a new path of development, are always determined not just by one, but by a whole bouquet of reasons, operating together as a whole.  The way the Soviet elites oriented towards Yavlinsky, and these same elites were connected with the Republican elites (in the U.S.), this was one of the causes of his defeat.  And in this sense, his personal and political weakness were also a symptom of the weakness of the dying Soviet elites.”

Chernykh:  “And around that same time, the Democrat Clinton, won the election.”

Delyagin:  “By the same token, the Republican Trump and his team will not be able to work with today’s liberal crew in the Russian government.  Due to their belonging to completely different global clans.  For exactly the same reason that Trump, in his homeland, will not be able to work alongside Clinton.”

Sounding vengeful, overly hopeful, and with a dollop perhaps of wishful thinking, Delyagin concludes:

“This will affect today’s liberal management of the Bank of Russia and that particular social-economic block within the Russian government.  Under a Hillary administration, these types would behave, at the very least, as an American special-ops unit working in the rear-guard of the enemy.  The enemy being Russia, and also China.  Whereas, under a Trump administration, these (Russian) liberals will have to go away.  They will be shaken off by the Russian public, as well as the Russian government.  They will have nobody to talk to, and nobody will listen to them, in the new world order.  And it is very possible that this was precisely the reason why Trump’s advisor flew to Moscow:  To explain this point to the Russian leadership.”


[or is it????]

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3 Responses to Russian Political Establishment Tilts To Trump – Part IV

  1. anonym2008 says:

    It is better for Russia if Hillary wins.
    The Russian establishment has to be pushed out of its comfort zone.

    “Under a Hillary administration, these types would behave, at the very least, as an American special-ops unit working in the rear-guard of the enemy.”

    Russia would deserve that for having an elite that is too complacent to remove these types.


  2. Lyttenburgh says:

    I might sound wishful-thinking, but I don’t rule out a public “firing” of one or two “Kremlin’s liberals” either before or soon after the Elections, as a way to get a convenient scapegoat and to demonstrate that “we are cleaning after ourselves”.

    Or maybe not. Maybe, the UR, this convenient umbrella for both siloviki and civiliki, feels all too confident, with June’s “reiting” by Levada giving them 55% of the votes (lover than what I predict, btw), and feeling too confident.


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