Russian Political Establishment Tilts To Trump – Part III

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Continuing our story from yesterday:  We briefly covered Carter Page, foreign policy advisor to Donald Trump; Page’s bio as a businessman and investment analyst with some experience in the Russian market; his trip to Moscow, ostensibly to deliver a speech; more likely, as speculated by our pundit, Mikhail Delyagin, to build relationships with the Russian political elite.  Relations that would be more beneficial to both sides, in the case of a Trump victory in the general election.

We left off with our interviewer, Evgeny Chernykh asking Delyagin the key question:  How do you evaluate the odds of a Trump or Clinton victory?  And which outcome is preferable to Russia?”

Delyagin prognosticates

Delyagin:  “At this moment, Clinton’s chances are a tad higher.  But like any dynamic process, there can be surprises, especially under circumstances of the global crisis.”

“For example?”

“Well, for example, since last fall the giant Resources Trader Glencore has been in a state of pre-bankruptcy.  (But) a certain stabilization of [oil] prices, the bankruptcy of certain divisions and the sale of others, has permitted [Glencore] this past year to double its capitalization after a five-fold decrease last year.  However, the risks remain.  If Glencore is to fall into bankruptcy, then most likely it will drag down with it the financial company CreditSuisse, which would, in turn, lead to a sharpening of the global crisis and will make the victory of the incumbent American Democratic Party impossible.  In the same way that the crash of the Lehman Brothers which kicked off the 2008-2009 financial crisis, made it impossible for the Republicans to stay in power.

The World needs Trump!

“But many unexpected things can happen.  The intensive political struggle, carried out in such an unstable social sphere as we see happening [in the U.S.] usually leads to qualitative changes which are very difficult to predict, especially for outsiders.

“As for the preferred development of events, well, not just our country, but what the entire world needs to see is a Trump victory.  We need Trump in the post of President of the United States.”

Delyagin goes on to explain his statement.  He believes that a Clinton victory will lead to a bloody war, this is his reasoning:

Maniacs On The March

Clinton, in Delyagin’s opinion, belongs to a global clique which seek to preserve, at any cost, the current financial markets in unchanged state.  Objectively and unstoppably, the global market is splitting up into “macro-regional” markets.  The only way to possibly preserve the status quo of American-dominated global financial markets is via war.

Operation Anakonda: NATO practices war against Russia

War against Russia, to be more specific.  Clinton is game for this, being a Russia-hater to her very gut, to such an extreme that even the Russia-hatin’ Polish Dark Lord Brzezinski, seems like a model of good-will and helpful neighborliness, by comparison.

Hence, the Russian political elite worry that Clinton, upon coming to power, will direct the aggressive impulses of her Global Clan against Russia.  Hillary’s election to the Presidency could well be the first step in NATO full-out invasion of Russia, triggering a nuclear World War III.

Delyagin  goes on to tell the now-familiar story of Clinton giggling like a schoolgirl while watching the snuff film of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi being tortured and goaded to his death by a vicious gang of criminal jihadis.  Clinton being that forensic rarity, a female serial killer, she clearly represents a threat to humanity, if allowed to assume such a high position in the world.

“Time to deliver The Profile: Hillary is a psycho killer!”

Delyagin proceeds with a favorable comparison of Trump.  Who, unlike Clinton, is a true American patriot, and therefore willing to sacrifice the current unsustainable architecture of the global markets, in return for a shot at solving his country’s many problems.  For example, a forced re-structuring of the federal debt.  An actual default [of the U.S.] might well be in the cards, and Trump has already spoken of the benefits of such a seemingly radical move.  Whereas Clinton, on the other hand, would rather launch WWIII and leave the planet a smoking ember, herself going down in a cackling blaze of glory, rather than even admit that there is a problem.  Because she personally enjoys the thrill of bloodshed and killing.

Delyagin goes on to reassure Americans, that Trump will not be a “useful idiot” or puppet of Russia:  More than likely, upon assuming the Presidency, Trump will enter into tough negotiations and try to force Russia into unseemly concessions, as did Bush Daddy, for example, when, as part of the ABM Treaty,  he forced the Russians to shut down the Early-Warning Radar Station in Krasnoyar.  Like Bush Daddy, Trump will attempt to extract his pound of flesh from the Russian people.  The difference being that Trump is not a bloodthirsty maniac, and that he also possesses an instinct for self-preservation.  A U.S. President who is merely a bully and not a serial killer:  That truly is something positive, in this day and age.  And a step in the right direction, according to Mr. Delyagin.

[to be continued]

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