Istanbul Terror Master Worked For Saakashvili?

This piece is interesting, it is from yesterday’s edition of Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The piece concerns a man named Akhmed Chataev, who was arrested by Turkish police, in connection with the Atatürk Airport attack of June 28 2016.

Various news sources reported on the backstory, how Chataev, a one-armed Chechen warlord, now alleged to be an “ISIS Mastermind” had peviously registered as a refugee in Austria, and therefore was spared being extradited back to Russia (back in 2011) to stand trial for various things that he was alleged to have done in earlier years.

ISIS recruiter Akhmed Chataev is allowed to park in the handicapped space.

Chataev claims that the Russian police brutally chopped off his arm while he was custody there during the second Chechen war.  Others say he lost his arm in combat.  Either way, the uni-limbed Chataev eventually left the comforts of Europe and found his way to Gruzia where he met up with other ethnic Caucasian groups who were fighting against Russia.  Gruzian police arrested Chataev some time in late 2012, but then released him fairly shortly, after clearing him of all charges.  The Sun piece quotes former Gruzian interior minister Vakhtang Gomelauri remarking: “He was released lawfully, whether it was a mistake or not.”  And indeed, Chataev has been detained or arrested in so many different countries, and they always seem to let him go eventually.  Except now, because this time he went too far.

According to Chataev’s sometimes murky chronology, his life path brought him into the ISIS organization sometime in late 2013, after his leader and mentor Emir Dokka Umarov was poisoned to death.  Chataev traded up:  Instead of fighting for the Emirate, he is now fighting for the Caliphate.

And then there is a new twist to this saga:

According to KP, Chataev had been working all along as an agent for the Gruzian secret police during the Presidency of Mikhail Sakaashvili (2004-2013).  This is what Irakli Sesiashvili has to say about this, Sesiashvili being the Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament of Gruzia:

Irakli Sesiashvili

“Unfortunately, it is true that Akhmed Chataev was an agent of our Special Services under Saakashvili.  He possessed an operative passport as a citizen of Gruzia, and he used this passport to travel to various countries while carrying out operative assignments.  And he received a salary for this.”

Sesiashvili made this statement during a television interview Sunday evening (=last night) on the Rustavi-2 channel.

Earlier in the week, ex-President Saakashvili, now Governor of Odessa, Ukraine, defended himself in advance of these exposes.  According to Saakashvili’s version of events, Chataev had been arrested under his Presidency;  but later, when the new government came to power, it was they who released Chataev, dubbing him a “political prisoner”.

In either case, Chataev flew off, free as a bird with one wing, joined violent armed gangs in the Caucasus, then joined ISIS and then allegedly (for whatever bizarre reason) decided to kill fellow Muslims at the Istanbul airport.  Allegedly.

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