Zakharchenko’s Direct Line With Kiev

Dear Readers:

Earlier today (June 22) occurred the “Direct Line” (Прямая линия) between Alexander Zakharchenko and the people of Kiev.  Zakharchenko of course is the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), the region which broke away from the Ukraine.

Although just a regional leader, there have long been signs and portents that Zakharchenko, who has shown himself to be an expert politician, has higher aspirations, namely to be the President of all of Ukraine.  This might seem like an insane fantasy, but one never knows.  Stranger things have happened in Russian history.

Through the Firewall: The Great Gate of Kiev

Let me explain what “Direct Line” is:  For the past year or so, Zakharchenko, emulating Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is also a master at this form of communication, has conducted online video conferences in which he answers questions prepared for him and submitted over the internet by residents of various regions of the Ukraine, including major cities such as Kharkov and Odessa; and also Zaporozhie.  But for some time now Zakharchenko has also been accumulating questions and comments from the residents of Kiev, which he calls “the mother of all Russian cities”.

On youtube, I was able to find the following segments of Zakharchenko’s Direct Line —

Part I:


Part II:


Part III:


Zakharchenko on MH17

One of the questions fielded by Zakharchenko was the very sensitive and painful topic of the Malaysian airliner, the Boeing MH17, which was shot down over the Donbass region on 17 July 2014.  It is coming upon the second anniversary, with the “international community”, i.e., Western powers, still keeping coy about their findings, as to “who dunnit”.

The cockpit of the destroyed Boeing

According to Zakharchenko, when asked about this during the Direct Line:

“We know the truth, and other governments know the truth as well, but they won’t come out and say it, for political reasons.”

More specifically:  “We know that we didn’t do it.  And the only other logical suspect is the only party which actually has access to the skies over the Ukraine.  This is why [the Ukrainian government] pretends to conduct an investigation, in order to muddy the waters and conceal the evidence.  Whereas we, on the other  hand, presented all the evidence and facts that we had at our disposal.  Now we just wait for the world to admit the simple truth:  That the Ukrainians shot down the Boeing.”

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6 Responses to Zakharchenko’s Direct Line With Kiev

  1. anonym2008 says:

    “This might seem like an insane fantasy”

    It is.
    Kiev burning down would be better.


    • yalensis says:

      No, no, I actually think there is a chance that Zakharchenko will end up being President of the Ukraine. He is so far the only person who has shown any leadership capability, and I think his popularity can only grow.
      If this actually happens, then I will say “I predicted it.”
      If not, then “Well, nobody can see into the future.”


      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        Certainly possible. He has an army, and that’s quite literally the only qualification for the job.


        • yalensis says:

          True. But I also see in him qualities that go beyond just the warlord thing.
          Zakharchenko is a good speaker, a natural-born politician, and he is fairly manly, a “muzhik”, as Russians say. I think he could easily win in a fair election, with the simple slogan, “Ganba Het’ Oligarchi”, or whatever they say in Ukrainian.


          • yalensis says:

            And P.S. – here is lots more stuff that Zakharchenko said, handily summarized into English.

            My favorite quote:
            We have to remove them [=the Banderites] not only from the authorities in Ukraine, but from Ukraine altogether. We must finish the work that, unfortunately, our grandfathers did not complete,’ he concluded.

            And I would take that one step further: The elimination of the Banderite ideology must also proceed into the rat nest itself: namely, the Canadian diaspora.
            Via vigorous education of people in the West as to the Banderite philosophy, history, legacy etc., and who are the people who fund and support the Ukrainian Nazis from abroad.
            So far, the foreign Banderite nests have obtained a free ride, their ideology and political views go unchallenged. They still portray themselves as the hapless “victims” of communist aggression. That lie has to be countered by professional historians who lay out a catalogue of the Banderite crimes against humanity.


            • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

              That would be ideal, but I think the apathy of their own people and the indifference of the public is more likely to kill off their cause than some wave of general indignation.


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