“Operation Y” to Steal Ukrainian Black Earth? – Part II

Dear Readers:

Where we left off yesterday:  We were working our way through this piece  by writer Alexander Linnik for PolitNavigator.

The title of the piece is American Operation “Y” on Ukraine’s Black Earth.

“Operation Y” : The 3 crooks also run a legitimate business, selling cat piggy banks.

Linnik is cynical about American intentions and sees a basic heist at work, with the aim of stealing Ukrainian soil for the exploitation of American agribusiness.  Granted, this is a sophisticated heist:  It is nothing like the crude warehouse heist as depicted in the Shurik movie, which you can watch online here, you might enjoy it if you are into primarily physical slapstick humor as displayed by a team of expert clowns.

But no… the Americans, led by their Ambassador and their Department of Agriculture set up a sophisticated, long-play heist with the self-important name “Operation 3 + 5”.

The scam consists of a series of baited hooks and a delayed but absolutely definitive final reeling in of the mark.  The mark is the Ukrainian people, who have several times proven themselves to be desirable if hapless suckers.

And when we left off yesterday, we were in the middle of decoding the elements of this heist.  For every lovely-sounding plan, target or goal in the American prospectus, there underlies a more sinister and also more direct meaning.  So we continue…

Linnik Breaks Down “3 + 5” [continued]

The so-called “land reform”, according to Linnik, means that the Ukrainian soil will be fully converted into a commodity; the black soil which currently belongs to the people as a whole (i.e., the state) will be sold off to private investors, mostly giant agri-business corporations fueled by foreign capital.

“The reform of government enterprises” — one of the 3 primary goals — or is it one of the 5 major directions? – I don’t recall — anyhow, “The reform of government enterprises,” according to Linnik, “is nothing other than the destruction of state property via privatization.  What is happening in the Ukraine is the genocide of the government in all economic spheres — state property and also in the regulation of processes.  Currently the main function of the government consists of the partition of property in the interests of big foreign capital along with a narrowly constricted circle of (domestic) oligarchs, who fulfill the role of the local colonial administration.”

It gets better…

“Development of the consumer market” — again a worthy goal, no? “This means that Ukraine will be allocated as one of those nations — the poorest in the world — which are designated as producers of genetically-modified products.  Complete freedom to employ GMO’s, which is restricted in Europe, will permit the production of any kind of food mutations and monsters, to be fed to people who have been condemned to continuous exploitation.”

“Development of new agricultural areas” — “What this means in practice is nothing other than complete freedom of action for GMO companies like Monsanto, throughout the territory of Ukraine.  And by the way, these companies already feel themselves to be completely at home here.  Ever since August of 2014 (Thank you, Maidan!), any regulations over GMO production have been completely waived.”

“Safety of food production” — “This is code for making illegal any products by small producers, who might grow on their private plots fruits and vegetables for themselves and partly for sale (in farmers markets), trying to make ends meet in this economic crisis.  Also at risk for being declared unsafe, for example, people who might own a single cow or just a few cows, and who sell milk or milk products at the market.  Henceforth, nobody will be allowed to sell (these products) except for large agro-holding companies, mainly transnationals and foreign-owned companies.  The fate of those who make a living by small farm production — is of no concern to the Ukrainian government nor its American curators.”

And in conclusion, here is message to Ukrainian citizens from their new rulers:

“Citizens Alcoholics, Hooligans, Moochers:  Who wants to work for us?!”

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