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Free Nellie Shtepa!

Dear Readers: I have been out of touch with whatever happened to Nellie (Nelya) Shtepa, until I saw this piece today.  Wouldn’t you know it, this much-suffering woman is still rotting away in a Ukrainian prison. People who care about … Continue reading

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Ukrainian Gays Struggle For the Right to Not Be Slaughtered

Dear Readers: Starting today, I am branching out a bit and may do some translations from the Ukrainian language, from time to time.  Not that I speak a word of Ukrainian (I don’t), nor have I formally studied the grammar … Continue reading

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Fireworks Are Dangerous: A Death in Dzerzhinsk

Dear Readers: If you are using fireworks for holiday fun, then please be careful and observe all necessary precautions. Yesterday a death occurred in the Russian city of Dzerzhinsk caused, apparently, by careless handling of fireworks.  The incident occurred during … Continue reading

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Trouble in Paradise? A Growing Rift Between Poroshenko and Saakashvili

Ukrainian politics grows curiouser and curiouser every day. I saw this piece in VZGLIAD about the growing rift, and possible upcoming struggle for power, between these two participants in today’s catfight: On one side of the ring we have sitting … Continue reading

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Ukrainian Privatization: All That is Not Nailed Down Is Fair Game

Dear Readers: In Russian folklore there is a tale about an old fisherman, his wife, and a golden fish.  Long story short:  the fisherman catches a magical golden fish, which speaks to him in a human voice and begs for … Continue reading

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Zakharchenko to Hold Live Press Conference With Kherson

Dear Readers: A couple of days from now, on May 25, there will be a live online press conference, held by Alexander Zakharchenko, the Head of the Separatist Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR). The most interesting thing about this, is that … Continue reading

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Journalist-Killing “Peacekeeper” Site Back Up and Running – Part II

Continuing from yesterday’s post… So, supposedly, under P.R. pressure from outraged Western journalists, the Ukrainian government ordered the “Peacekeeper” website (which is, in essence, an assassin’s hitlist) to be taken down. But wait!  What about Freedom of Speech?  Doesn’t Democracy mean … Continue reading

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