True Colors: America Shields Nazi Perps of Odessa Massacre

Odessa Massacre: May 2, 2014

“Our American friends revealed themselves in all their true colors.”  That was the statement of a disgusted Vitaly Churkin, as he left the UN Security Council meeting.  Churkin, who represents the Russian Federation in the UN, was commenting on the refusal of the American delegation to vote for a resolution condemning the Odessa massacre of two years ago.

As the two-year anniversary approaches, of what has become known as the “Odessa Khatyn” [a reference to the Nazi massacre in Khatyn, Belorussia, and not to be confused with the Polish Katyn], the situation in Odessa has become very tense.  I previously  “reported” that Odessa Governor Saakashvili has called for additional National Guard troops to be brought into Odessa; and that Odessa Mayor Trukhanov opposes this move.  And just to be pedantic, I am forced to point out, that Trukhanov got his job by winning a popular election; and that Saakashvili got his job by crony-ite appointment.

Wheeling and Dealing At the UN

Speaking at the UN Security Council, Russian Ambassador Churkin pointed out that no one yet has ever been brought to justice for the massacre, which took the lives of 48 people (burned alive), with many more injured and traumatized.

Churkin represents Russia at the UN.

The massacre occurred when “Right Sektor”, “Maidan Self-Defense” and other neo-Nazi groups attacked a tent city on Kulikovo Field.  The tent city was manned by pro-Russian demonstrators who were collecting petitions in support of their political program; namely holding a referendum to federalize the Ukraine; and also granting the Russian language an official status.  Neo-Nazi stormtroopers engaged the other side in a fight, cleared away the tent city, drove a group of people inside the Trade Union building, invaded the building, and burned people alive, in what was clearly a planned operation.  Planned with the full connivance of the Ukrainian police and security organs, and most likely at the highest levels of the Ukrainian government.  (And most likely also at the highest levels of the American Embassy.)

What is the point of burning 48 people alive?  To scare the others.  Odessa has lived in a state of fear ever since that day.  A portion of the residents do support the Maidanites and the Ukrainian government, but every indication is that the majority of Odessans are closer to the “pro-Russian” side in this conflict.  Hence, the worry and the concern that something bad might happen again, if the two sides clash.

As Churkin mentioned in his address to the UN Security Council, there are indications that the Nazi Azov Battalion is approaching Odessa.  Azov had previously distinguished itself by committing untold atrocities during the civil war in East Ukraine.

UN Security Council: Just an empty chamber?

Churkin was convinced, that a UN Security Council resolution condemning the Odessa Massacre and demanding full criminal investigation of the 2014 incident, might serve to tampen down neo-Nazi belligerence while helping to calm the situation in Odessa.  But the American delegation clearly had no interest in calming the situation.  On the contrary, their wish is to stir things up even more.  Hence, the Security Council rejected the resolution.  According to Churkin, he had not heard a peep out of anyone the day before tabling the resolution.  Except for the Ukrainian delegation who, naturally, declared the resolution unacceptable.  And yet when time came for the vote, it wasn’t just the Ukrainians who voted “nay” — also the Americans, French, and British delegations.  American Ambassador Michele Sison commented that Americans will only consider a “balanced” resolution which takes into account the “entire situation” in the Ukraine; and she also commented that Russia is to blame for the worsening situation there.

Ambassador Sison: “It’s Russia’s fault.”

Meanwhile the British Ambassador added his tuppence-worth of unneeded advice, that any resolution on Ukraine has to include a call for freeing Nadia Savchenko, and also condemning Russia for “annexing” Crimea.  Churkin responded tartly to this by telling the British Ambassador to mind his own business, since Crimea was an internal affair of Russia’s.

Interestingly, the Chinese Ambassador, Liu Jieyi, who was chairing the meeting, took the resolution into closed session to discuss further.  Nonetheless, a consensus could not be achieved, due to the stubborness of the U.S. and its allies, who persistently cover for the crimes of their client Ukrainian regime.

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2 Responses to True Colors: America Shields Nazi Perps of Odessa Massacre

  1. Northern Star says:

    Filipina c-word tool/lackey of TPTB with marginial credentials…B.A. from Wellesley
    As a woman of color..she should review how filipinas fared under the Spanish….then the Americans…then the Japanese..then back to the American embrace…but then she doesn’t want to contemplate that stuff…does she?
    But Ohhhhhh the river of crocodile tears if it were one of HER daughters whose raped and charred corpse lay in some stairwell…


    • yalensis says:

      Alas, if Sison were the sort of person who “contemplated” anything, then she would not have been given the job that she has.
      She is simply a cookie from the imperialist cookie cutter.


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