Polish Reporter Tomasz Maciejczuk Banned From The Ukraine

I saw this piece in PolitNavigator this morning.

Polish reporter Tomasz Maciejczuk was not allowed to enter the Ukraine.  He was stopped by border guards and told he was persona non grata.  Maciejczuk had ticked off the Ukrainian government with his inconvenient questions about Ukrainian Nazis.

Tomasz Maciejczuk

Maciejczuk’s Twitter site shows him to be a reporter who stubbornly pursues his story.  His political views appear to be pro-European, pro-Pegida.  Not anti-Muslim, but anti-Muslim-extremism.  He has covered the migration crisis and other hot issues in Europe.

From what I can tell from online research, Maciejczuk speaks Ukrainian fluently and has been mistaken for a Ukrainian.  He also apparently speaks English.

In his latest tweets, Maciejczuk remarks that:

 Ukrainian security service banned me from visiting #Ukraine for 5 years.  I am dangerous for Ukrainian govt

Ukrainian media accusing me of working for #Russia in “info-war” against Ukraine.  No evidences, only accusations.

Dorohusk, Poland

Here is my translation of the PolitNavigator piece.  I am translating from Russian, whereas Maciejczuk may have been speaking in a different language, probably Polish, therefore something may get twisted in this 2-step translation process; this is my usual disclaimer.

“This morning I arrived at the Polish-Ukrainian border in Dorohusk.  The border guard took my passport, checked it in the computer, and asked me in Ukrainian:  Mr. Maciejczuk, when was the last time you were in the Ukraine?  I said end of January or beginning of February – all the information is in my passport.  Another question:  What did you do there?  Which laws did you break?  I responded immediately:  I didn’t break any laws, but if you think I did, then please tell me which ones.  He didn’t respond.  I was invited into the office and told that I am banned from the Ukraine for five years.  The ban came from the SBU [Ukrainian security service].  This means that I am considered a security threat to the Ukraine.”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin

Maciejczuk believes that his ban is payback from Pavel Klimkin, Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.  Last February Maciejczuk followed Klimkin to Amsterdam and posed a question to him at a press conference.  Maciejczuk asked Klimkin:  “What are you going to do about the Misanthropic Division?”

For those not in the know, the “Misanthropic Division” are a “punishment” division of Ukrainian troops who follow an openly Nazi ideology and do very bad things to people who get in their way.

Klimkin: You vill NOT ask questions about ze Nazis.

Maciejczuk’s question was regarding these Nazis and their actions in the “Anti-Terrorist” operation conducted by the Ukrainian army against the inhabitants of the Donbass region.

Continuing to quote from Maciejczuk’s story:  “I have only one weapon:  My camera.  With this camera I show the truth.  The truth is apparently displeasing to the Ukrainian government.  Last February in Amsterdam I asked Klimkin what he intends to do with the Misanthropic Division.  Immediately I was accused of promoting Russian propaganda.  And one of the members of the Ukrainian delegation told me right then, that I would be banned from entering the Ukraine.  So, this is what it’s like now, the modern, European Ukraine.  Free speech, free media, a free society.  This, my dear Mr. Poroshenko, you do not have and will never have.  You do not possess the souls of a free people.”

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2 Responses to Polish Reporter Tomasz Maciejczuk Banned From The Ukraine

  1. Lyttenburgh says:

    A develpment (well, clarification) on the Maciejczuk’s story. As would any native Crimean (daughter of the officer) said to you – не всё так однозначно

    1) Maciejczuk works for Anatoly Shariy. It was he, who effectively trolled the Ukrainian delegation in the Euro Parliament, and asking such “unbecoming” for a democratic journalist questions like – what are swastikas doing on the body of the guy, whom you, Ukies, try to pass as the “hero” of your country?

    2) Maciejczuk is not a knight in shining armour either. This is his twitt in a discussion with svidomites, who were celebrating his “exile” from the Ukraine

    Turns out he spent 5 months helping NatzBats in ATO. I wonder – did swastikas of those “heroes” made him even pause and think?


    • yalensis says:

      Wow! Thanks for this supplementary info, Lyt.
      I had gotten some intuitions beforehand, that Maciejczuk started out as an ATO guy, but then something turned him against them and drove him to the other side.
      Or partly the other side.

      The thing I didn’t know, is that he works for Sharij.
      But that sort of makes sense now.


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