And Speaking of Lenin….

Dear Readers:

For those who claim that “Lenin is just ancient history” and “Nobody cares about that stuff any more…” I am forced to remind them:

That the anti-Maidan rebellion (2014) in the East of Ukraine began when the Maidanites sent their people out into the various towns to tear down Lenin statues.  Donbass residents spontaneously gathered around the statues, attempting to save them from the vandals.

The “Battle of the Statues” then became a larger rebellion, which swept through the Donbass and also ancillary regions such as Odessa and Kharkov.  In both Odessa and Kharkov, the rebellion was brutally crushed by the Maidanite junta while Western media cheered and gloated about the “toppling of dictators”. However, resentment continues to simmer under the surface. Especially in places such as Odessa, where the pro-Russian elements in the population clearly outnumber the pro-Maidan minority.

And obviously, the Separatist rebellion was not about the statues.  The statues are inanimate objects, they cannot bleed or be hurt, they are just the symbols of profound cultural differences between West and East of Ukraine.

So anyhow, this just happened yesterday, in Odessa.

Into the town of Limanskoe  (Ukrainian spelling Lymansk’e), arrived one bus and one SUV filled with Azov Battalion neo-Nazis.  Their intention was to demolish the local Lenin statue.

Lymans’ke is in Western part of Odessa, right on the border with Transnistria.

The Azovites succeeded in lopping off Lenin’s head (apparently using a rope loop) before local residents got wind of what was going on.  At that point local residents began spontaneously to pour into the area, attempting to defend the statue.  You can see from the video that these genuinely are ordinary people:  women, housewives, pension-aged men, etc.  The sort of people who might be out during the middle of the day.  People carrying their shopping bags and holding up their smartphones to record what they see.

You can distinguish the Azovites:  They are the ones wearing the camo; some of them in ski masks as well.  Healthy young bucks who could be spending their afternoon working in a factory or farm, creating wealth for their country; instead they be gadding about in a filthy bus, tearing down things which other people created.

A fight ensued, and there were some bloody noses.  But in the end, the local residents succeeded in driving away the Azovites.  As the bus drove away, people shouted after them:  “Fascists!  Scum!”  With the excitement over, the people on the town square continued to express their rage at the intruders, and at the damage they had caused.

Here is the youtube video of the incident:

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8 Responses to And Speaking of Lenin….

  1. Lyttenburgh says:

    “arrived one bus and one SUV filled with Azov Battalion neo-Nazis”

    Why are these херои not on the frontlines, exterminating Armatas full of Pskovovo-Buryatian diving-cavalry?


    • anonym2008 says:

      They have already won there (Shirokino).


      • Lyttenburgh says:

        Oh, yeah, I always forget. Ukrainian Army (best European Army) won the war against Russia, annihilating +100500 of Buryats, Colorads, Chechens, Cossaks, Motorols and Givis. Nevertheless, Russian aggression still continues against the peaceful Ukrainian-stadt, eating avay 146% of the Ukrainian budget due to which no reforms are possible and civil servants have to steal even more money than under the tyrant Yanukovitch.

        P.S. Downfall of the regime is imminent. There are no losses. Cyborgs are still holding Donetsk Airport. Peremoga is as close as ever. America – gib “Javelines”, plox.


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