Did Ban Ki-moon Just Bitch-Slap the Ukraine?

Dear Readers:

Just a short and very odd piece for you today, and it’s not even in Russian.  So, technically, you don’t even really need me to help you read it, except just to ask the question, if this is for real?

I srap you good one, you Interroper!

I happened to see this link in a comment on somebody else’s blog, I forget where.  The link goes back to a portal called DNINEWS, which is obviously a pro-Donbass outfit.  That’s okay, but I am finding it difficult to believe that Ban ki-Moon, always known as a faithful puppet to U.S. geo-strategical interests, would have made such a radical comment about an American ally!  I quote the piece in full:

The UN Secretary-General called Ukraine the interloper on the European arena.

The Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon called Ukraine an absolutely unwanted element on the general European arena. He has declared it at a meeting with the speaker of parliament of Lebanon Nabih Berri, discussing migratory crisis in Europe.

The UN Secretary General emphasized that the difficulties of the EU had been caused by the actual extinction of such countries as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Ukraine. Ban Ki-moon noted these four countries of the former Soviet Union have the same problems: these countries weren’t able to create normal conditions for life of their citizens, the crime increases, the economic crisis extends.

According to Ban Ki-moon, the road of hatred towards Russia which was chosen by the authorities of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine that is actually wrong, this will lead these states to the self-destruction.

DONi News Agency.

The piece reads like it was translated from another language into English by someone who knows English pretty well but is not completely a native speaker.  It does not contain any links or footnotes as the source of these quotes.

I find it doubly hard to believe, that Ban would also criticize the Baltic states in such fashion.  And point out (quite truthfully) that these nations are rapidly becoming extinct.  Because they are also American allies, as well as important pawns in The Great Game For World Hegemony.

I was not able to find any other links or sources to corroborate these quotes, beyond just a basic fact-checking that, yes, Ban did fly to Beirut, that was a couple of weeks ago, back in March, and yes he did meet with Nabih Berri, Speaker of the beleaguered Lebanese Parliament.

Here is another link to the visit, it says that Moon was very praisatory towards Lebanon’s acceptance of Syrian refugees.

Ban and Berri shoot the breeze in Beirut

So, Ban is apparently bopping around the Middle East, helping Syrian refugees.  Of whom, many are obviously quite legitimate refugees.  And others clearly just ISIS cells, being planted all over the Middle East and Europe.  With the assistance of Ban ki-Moon, no doubt.

Which is why I find it triply dubious that he would emit the utterances attributed to him in the DNINEWS piece, above.

But if anybody out there has some additional information on this, it would be appreciated.  Otherwise, I call this DNINEWS piece “busted”, and a fake.   In which case, shame on them!

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3 Responses to Did Ban Ki-moon Just Bitch-Slap the Ukraine?

  1. Mao Cheng Ji says:

    “Ban ki-Moon, always known as a faithful puppet to U.S. geo-strategical interests”

    Well yeah, but he’s also on his way out. Maybe his final payoff turned out smaller than he expected, and he’s pissed off?


  2. et Al says:

    Further to Mao’s comment, there are other examples. Kofi Annan, (who got the job earlier in part because he served Western interests in the Balkans by turning the second key at the UN to allow air strikes against the Bosnian Serbs – whilst Boutros-Broutros Ghali was on holiday) also went off-script in his farewell speech at the end of his second tenure in 2006 too.


    We have also apparently seen it more recently with O-bomber’s recent ‘attack’ on parts of his own government in his interview with the New York’s Crimes newspaper.

    It’s quite the indictment of democracy when those in power will only speak out against vested interests when they themselves no longer seek to stay in power. Or, cowardice in short…


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