“Our Man Yats” – Down and Out

Everybody knows that the best time to kick a politician directly in the nuts, is when he is already lying prostrate on the ground!

Case in point:  Within just three days of the resignation of Arseniy Yatsenyuk  from the government, we learn that the Ukrainian General Prosecutor is investigating le miserable for criminal activities.

How the mighty have fallen!  Was it not just two years ago that American State Department official Victoria Nuland, always a class act, christened her man about town with the piquant phrase:  “I think Yats is the guy….”

And now, Yats is accused of taking a $3 million dollar bribe  from a man named Vladimir Ishchuk.  Here is an English-language version of the story from TASS.  The purpose of the alleged bribe was to obtain for Ishchuk the job of Head of Ukrainian State Radio and Television company.

Yes, but what does this guy Ishchuk look like?

Funny you should ask.  A big part of my “process” on this blog is to to find publicly available photos and images on the internet and paste them into the blogpost, along with sometimes humorous captions.  It’s not rocket science, but I like to give a visual on what a person looks like, where a place is on the map, etc.  I don’t do any photoshopping, and I try to avoid the most obvious images.  I attempt to pick photos which preserve the person’s basic dignity, even a person I don’t like.  Might even try to pick a flattering angle, although with people like Yats that can be difficult, since he doesn’t really have a good side.

When Yats left his job, they gave him flowers and threw a party for him.

So, what does this guy Vladimir Ishchuk look like, you might ask?  I’m not sure, actually.  I googled him under both variants of his name:  Vladimir Ishchuk, and the Ukrainian spelling Volodymyr Ishchuk.  I found several variants of this story, about the alleged bribe, including this one  and this one, but I couldn’t find a photo of this guy Ishchuk.  Unless this is him, but I kind of doubt it.  That looks more like the blog of a Maidan fanatic to me, not a crooked businessman.  (According to the VZGLIAD piece, Ishchuk was fired twice from the media company, both times for “financial irregularities”, but both times he got his job back.)

Ending this piece with the Nuland tape, just for old time’s sake.  Everybody please doff your hats and say a silent but respectful farewell to “Our Man Yats” while chanting the mantra:  “Fuck the EU!”

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11 Responses to “Our Man Yats” – Down and Out

  1. Lyttenburgh says:

    What?! Senya ‘Kulya v lob’ Yatsneyuk, who earned his first $ billion just recently is crook and thief?! Noooooo!

    Reality has a situation – and people have a song already! Often – from the far-awy past:

    Lyrics: Anatoliy Fleytman “ЦАРЬ НИКОЛАШКА


  2. et Al says:

    Try a different spelling like Іщук Володимир

    There’s one – current general director of Концерна радиовещания, радиосвязи и телевидения (КРРТ)


    And this one Іщук Володимир Адамович – owns and ‘Harvester’ agricultural machinery company:



    There’s also a ‘Михайло Іщук’ who’s been rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty. Brother? Relative?



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