Alparslan Çelik: “I tried to stop them from killing Peshkov…”

Dear Readers:

Please recall our previous story, in which we attempted to decode the adventures of a certain Alparslan Çelik, son of Ramadan Steel, both of them apparently members of a right-wing Turkish nationalist party called “The Grey Wolves”.

The “Wolves” can legitimately be described as a fascist semi-underground political party.  Their members are Muslims, it goes without saying, but they are not Islamists; in other words, they are not “internationalists” and do not seek to create a caliphate.  Rather, they are strictly Turkish ethnic nationalists, who place the ethnos (including Turkic diaspora) and the “nation” above all else.  And the “Wolves” also happen to be one of the “Secret Armies of NATO” which operate around the world.  In other words, shadowy terrorist organizations — their ideology doesn’t matter — jihadist, Catholic, nationalist, internationalist — it doesn’t matter, so long as they are useful to the United States of America and its geo-political goals.

Back in the day, the “Wolves” were engaged in “Operation Gladio” – still another NATO-front terrorist project, whose main goal was to oppose Soviet influence and the concept of “Detente” in Western Europe.  This was during the reign of Reagan and Thatcher, when the Americans wanted to position nukes in Europe, and the Soviets were trying to use “soft power” to seduce Old Europe into the ways of peace.  Gladio opposed not just Soviet influence on Europe, but really anything that smacked of socialism or Social-Democracy in the domestic contexts.

In 1981 the Gladio folks went so far as to stage an assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II – himself a Polish and therefore staunchly anti-Communist pontiff.  Why would the Gladio folks do such a thing to somebody on their own side?  Why, in order to “frame and blame” – of course.  The assassination was to be blamed on Bulgaria, at that time (hysterically funny to remember that now) a staunchy Communist nation allied with the Soviet Union.

Bulgarian assassins prefer this stylish poison umbrella.

The actual assassination attempt was carried out by a man named Mehmet Ali Ağca, a member of the Grey Wolves.  He could have been just a patsy, but more than likely, his assignment, if captured, was to deflect blame onto the Bulgarians.  NATO propagandists at the time had a field day describing Bulgarians as poison-tipped umbrella types with all the latest KGB gadgets and murderous impulses.  However, once John Paul discovered who the real assassin was, and that he was a Turkish nationalist, not a Bulgarian, the Pontiff quickly forgave him, in the compassionate spirit of Jesus Christ.  Christians will be Christians; and boys will be boys.

Moving Right Along….

With the end of the Cold War, the packs of Grey Wolves continued their services to NATO, continuing to serve the geopolitical goals of the U.S., and in general anything they can do to stick it to Russia.  The Wolves have been fighting in Iraq and Syria, helping ISIS even though they themselves, as I noted, are not Islamists.  Reminding readers that Alparslan, when stationed with a guerrilla band in Syria, was involved in the shooting down of a Russian pilot.  And then — miracles happen — was actually arrested by his own, the Turkish government, and accused of murdering that Russian pilot.  Probably under Russian pressure.

So, the latest twist in this saga is that Alparslan is to be tried, and is putting on a legal defense.  So, here is my summary of this piece in VZGLIAD, in which Alparslan and his attorneys begin to lay out his defense strategy.

“I tried to stop them….”

Russian pilot Oleg Anatolievich Peshkov

At the time of the incident, Alparslan bragged on-camera about shooting down and killing the Russian pilot, Oleg Peshkov.  But now, in detention,  Alparslan  is changing his story.  Not only did he not NOT kill Peshkov, he even tried to save the guy’s life. This is what his defense claims in a letter addressed to the General Prosecutor of the Turkish city of İzmir:

“In that very first video, which was disseminated across social media, at the very moment where the parachute appears, you can hear me giving the order not to shoot.  And when the shots rang out, I started to scream, I shouted dozens of times (not to shoot) and to take him prisoner.  And those men who were with me at that time, were also shouting this same thing.  My order was to not shoot him, and to take him prisoner.”

Alparslan goes on to admit his overall responsibility:

“The plane, having unloaded all its bombs, started to turn around, and was over Turkish (airspace) at the moment it was shot down.  At that moment, when the plane was shot down and we saw the parachute, we were engaged in the process of dragging dead and wounded bodies out from under the ruins.  But of course, the entire responsibility for the pilot, who was killed by men under my command, lies upon me.  And I must answer for everything which took place in the Turkoman mountains.”

Alparslan goes on to say, making Freudian slip by calling Russia the USSR:

“Let them take me to the USSR, let them take me into the Embassy.  I will happily go there and tell them everything.  I will take responsibility for everything.  We believe, that every bad thing that happens, can result in something good happening.  In the video, which everyone watched in the social media, it is visible how the two pilots, both defenseless, come down in their parachutes, it would have been easy to take them captive.  And yet from every mountaintop, people open fire on them.  Who is shooting at them?  Monsters with automatic rifles in their hands, evil men, murdering defenseless pilots, who have wives, children, fathers and mothers.  But one must also look (at this story) from the other side.  Each one of these monsters lost relatives in the war, and there are those who became complete orphans.”

Alparslan is being defended by a team of attorneys, one of whom is named Murat Ustundag.  In an interview Ustundag indicated that part of his defense strategy will be to question the authority of the Turkish government to detain the defendant since he was on the soil of a foreign country — Syria.

In summary, the outline of of Alparslan’s defense strategy appears to be:

  • Admission of some guilt:  As military commander taking responsibility for the actions of his men.
  • Physical evidence:  the video shows that he called out to NOT shoot the pilot.
  • Question the legality of his detention on foreign soil.
  • Mitigating factors:  Russians were bombing Turkic women and children, Alparslan’s men were righteously enraged, and did not react rationally.
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4 Responses to Alparslan Çelik: “I tried to stop them from killing Peshkov…”

  1. Cortes says:

    Thanks for this.

    Getting old, so it was most useful to have reminder about the Grey Wolves involvement in the “attentat ” vs Woytla. Gladio X 3 (or cubed, even) in my humble opinion.

    The demise of JPI would be an interesting if dangerous topic to examine.

    The novels of Michael Dibdin(Inspector Zen) are quite hmmm suggestive on existential subjects dans l’Italie.


    • yalensis says:

      From the (admittedly very little) that I have read about the assassination attempt against Pope Woytyla…
      Didn’t Western media at the time try to make some hay out of the fact that Mehmet Ali Ağca passed through Bulgaria on his way to Italy?
      Therefore, the logic goes, the Bulgarian government must have hired this assassin to whack the pope.

      Fact is, Bulgaria, even in those days, was very far from a totalitarian country. Bulgaria is and always has been, a Balkan country. Greeks, Turks, gypsies, all kinds of people just come and go as they please.
      Ağca, as a Turkish citizen, probably just obtained a tourist or transit visa, and why would anybody question it? It wasn’t like they had big computerized criminal databases back in those days.


  2. et Al says:

    I think his defense is even simpler than that as how can it be proven that he fired the fatal shots and not others in the group?

    The other question is about what he doesn’t say (or is reported), i.e. naming those under his command who may have done the killing. He should have no problem naming names unless he is ‘afraid for his life’ which then makes you wonder what kind of mighty Grey Wolf is he running to the protection of a phalanx of lawyers (and who is paying for it all)?


    • yalensis says:

      I’m not sure I believe Alparslan, but I think a good defense lawyer can get him acquitted, or least mitigated, he has a good case.
      The only thing that will nail him is the “overall responsibility” thing, because he was in command there, therefore bears responsibility for what his guys did.


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