Timur the “Rain Man” and “Radio Freedom” Follow Ukraine Party Line

Dear Readers:

Despite popular clamor for me to do another story on Timur the Goat, I have staunchly resisted.  On that fateful day when Amur the Tiger lifted up Timur the Goat by the scruff of his neck and tossed him, like a leaf, off the feline prima donna’s favorite rock, that story died for me.  I like stories about cute animals, not mean animals.  And no, I refuse to do a story about Timur’s “Bachelor” reality show, and his search for a bride.  And all the scandal surrounding his “fiancee’s” former pregnancy, etc etc.  It’s just too tawdry for my delicate sensibilities.

Timur the Goat

However!  As consolation prize, I have a story about another Timur.  This one was NOT tossed off a rock by a fanged carnivore, but he probably should be.  Here is my source for this story:

Yes, we are talking about Timur “The Rain Man” Olevsky.  Here is what “International Journalism Festival” has to say about this Timur:

Timur Olevsky is a Russian journalist covering the events in Ukraine for the independent TV RAIN [yalensis:  Russian word is “Dozhd” – “rain”]  channel and popular Moscow radio channel Ekho. He is chief reporter and one of the best known journalists of TV RAIN, which he joined in 2012.

Timur the Rain Man reporting from Debaltsevo Cauldron

For the last year TV RAIN, attacked by the authorities for its independent reporting, has had to struggle for survival. This situation, however, did not affect Olevsky’s reporting. He has witnessed all the crucial events of the Ukrainian crisis. In August 2014 he was arrested for a short period of time by Azov, the Ukrainian volunteer regiment. In October he took part in the widely discussed radio Ekho of Moscow broadcast on the Ukrainian defence of the Donetsk airport. This broadcast angered the Russian authorities and the Russian media watchdog sent the radio an official warning.

Okay, here’s the thing:

Timur Olevsky is a member of Russia’s non-systemic Opposition to the Putin government.  That’s okay, I don’t have a problem with that.  And Timur is an engaged reporter who has covered Ukraine from a strongly pro-Maidan point of view.  I sort of have a problem with that, but only because I disagree with Timur’s political opinions.  But, let’s face it, there are “engaged” reporters on both sides of this conflict.  One need only mention Graham Phillips, an English reporter who has covered the same conflict, but from a pro-Russian point of view.  So, I guess one should not quibble, if a reporter is engaged or has strong opinions one way or the other about the story they are covering.

But what one can quibble about is this:  If that reporter is taking his marching orders from the government which forms one side of that conflict.  At that point, we no longer are talking about journalism.  We are talking about Goebbels-type propaganda.

And the fact is, in the source which I linked above, Timur Olevsky has been busted as a mouthpiece who coordinates his stories, not with a legitimate editor, but with representatives of the Ukrainian government.

Radio Svoboda logo

Timur was exposed about one week ago,  30 March during an on-air episode of the program “Special Correspondent” on the TV channel “Rossiya”.  Timur used to work for Opps media outlets “Ekho Moskvy” and “Rain”, then upgraded himself to “Radio Svoboda”, the flagship radio station of the American CIA, founded by none other than Allen Dulles himself.  Svoboda, whose goal is to spread pro-NATO propaganda in Eastern Europe and Russia, has pimped heavily for Maidan and the Ukrainian neo-Nazis.  With Timur Olevsky always enthusiastically marching along for The Cause.  Olevsky covered every major battle for the Ukrainian side of the conflict:  Maidan, Donetsk Airport, the Debaltsevo Cauldron.

CyberBerkut tapped Herashchenko’s phone.

Alas, unbeknownst to Timur, some of his telephone conversations were tapped.  (Gasp!)  This happened during 2015, the year of Kiev’s “Anti-Terrorist Operation” in the Donbass.  The taps were recently published by “CyberBerkut”, a pro-Russian outfit which opposes Maidan and which most likely has connections in the Russian FSB.  Connections good enough to get them tapped into the private phone of Anton Herashchenko.  Herashchenko, aka “Fat Bastard”, perhaps best known for calling upon ISIS terrorists to kill Russian soldiers in Syria, is the plump, yet shadowy, advisor to Ukraine’s odious Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, aka “The Dark Lord”.

Without Further Ado….

Here are the transcripts of the CyberBerkut tapped conversations, which I have translated from Russian to English.  Some translation ambiguities are caused by the fact that Olevsky often refers to himself in the royal “we”.

Fragment #1:   Herashchenko and Olevsky.

In the Herashchenko clip, Olevsky is invited to participate in further interrogations of two captured Russian soldiers (Alexandrov and Erofeev), accused of being “GRU” special forces.  Olevsky’s main goal in this story is to interview parents and other relatives of the captured men.

H:  Allo!  Greetings, Timur.
O:  Hi, greetings!
H:  You can come and question them.  Yes, I think we’ll organize this for you.  Secondly, you can show the already existing video of their interrogation.  We’re flooding the Russian social media with it already.  And we could use your help in this.
O:  We shall do this.  This is my most important priority.  Let me interview the relatives as soon as possible.


Fragment #2:   Olevsky and Zhigulin.  Andrei Zhigulin is head of the “Department of Information” attached to the President of the Ukraine.

In the Zhigulin clip, Olevsky is trying to convince Ukrainian government official Zhigulin to help him “flush out” the parents of the two captured Russian soldiers.  If they could convince the parents to travel to Kiev to see their sons, this would be a propaganda coup for the Ukrainian side.

Zh:  I would like to plug you into the situation of these “comrades” whom we have detained.
O:  I need to have access to them.
Zh:  I have a request to your channel, that you cover this story from the other side.
O:  We have a phone call in to the Russian Minister of Defense, because we’re, like, we’re trying to get them to admit that, fuck yeah, these are our guys, and yet they keep mum.  We’re expecting them to say that, no, they’re not our guys.  And therefore I need the coordinates of the parents.  So, for example, if an official representative, say, of the Administration of the President were to say, that we have had no contact with the parents of these stormtroopers, and we invite them [the parents] to Kiev to identify their sons.  Then we would publish this news.  It would be an act of good will, and then we legalize the parents.  After which we can phone them [the parents].  That would be a fucking bombshell!
Zh:  Right.  I get it.

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6 Responses to Timur the “Rain Man” and “Radio Freedom” Follow Ukraine Party Line

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    Collaborating with declared IS sympathisers and affiliates of proscribed organisations.

    A less wantonly liberal country would have long ago branded Dozhd a terrorist sponsor.


    • yalensis says:

      Probably yeah, for the analogous in the U.S. he would end up in one of those “special” prisons, where you basically disappear and your corpus ain’t got no habeas.

      Playing devil’s advocate:
      I read a lot of novels about lawyers and trials, and I like to look at these things while pretending I am a prosecutor or defense attorney.
      Olevsky could argue, in his defense, that he was just “playing” the Ukrainian side, in order to get a scoop. Journalists do this a lot, they insinuate themselves into the good will of powerful people, in order to get a scoop. So, that’s what he could say in court, if he were charged with treason or terrorism.

      It’s only because we know Timur’s backstory, his context, and his full oeuvre that we know his heart is all on the side of the Maidan Nazis.
      The fact that he called Russian soldiers “stormtroopers” (штурмовиков) really says it all.
      And yeah, once again I have to point out the absurdity of nazi-symps calling other people fascists, nazis, or stormtroopers. Do they not even have any sense of political logic?


      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        I think that the deeds and rhetoric of the Ukrainian nationalists and the Russian liberals can be reconciled if you assume that they employ no higher cranial functions at all. All of their actions are derived from their crudest impulses and sensations – greed, rage, lust, constipation, that sort of thing. Ideology is a cargo cult affectation – the Nazis were strong, so if we dress and talk like Nazis, we too shall be strong. The Europeans are rich, so if we talk about European values, we too shall be rich. As for the insults they use… well, the Americans say that Nazis are bad, so if we call the Russians Nazis that means they are bad, and we will win the war!

        The effect would be much the same if you took a parrot and taught it to repeat ‘Heil Hitler!’ and ‘Putler kaputt!’ – the parrot wouldn’t see any contradiction, just as the Ukrainian (and the Russian liberal) doesn’t see anything incongruous about denouncing Putin as the second Hitler while taking Nazi collaborators for heroes.


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