Grabovsky “Pre-Murder” Tape Released

Previously I had posted this piece about the murder of Ukrainian citizen Yury Grabovsky, the lawyer of a Russian soldier named Alexander Alexandrov.  Alexandrov had been captured and detained in the Ukraine, on charges of being a Russian “GRU” spy sent in to destabilize the country.  Alexandrov acquired the legal representation of a man named Yury Grabovsky.  Grabovsky disappeared around 9 March, and his murdered, tortured body was discovered a couple of weeks later, on 25 March.  Since then Ukrainian police/prosecutors have been half-heartedly seeking “the usual suspects”, i.e., Ukrainian neo-Nazi militias and political bandits.  Who are rarely held accountable and almost always get away with their crimes.

Ukrainian attorney Yury Grabovsky

A couple of days ago there was a new development.  The Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office released a video which was taken probably just before Grabovsky’s death.  The video was posted by Russian outlet LifeNews and can be seen here as well.  The video was presented at a news briefing by Ukrainian Prosecutor Anatoly Matios.

In the video Grabovsky can be seen (just his head and shoulders) through a doorway into the room (where most likely he has been imprisoned).  He is asked questions by his unseen captors (who are most likely holding a gun to his head).

Here is a quick breakdown of this short but chilling video:

Grabovsky’s initial statement:  “I, Attorney Yury Leonidovich Grabovsky, promise, and compel myself to cease providing legal assistance to the defendant, Alexander Anatolievich Alexandrov, within the framework of the criminal process which is taking place in the Goloseevsky Regional Courthouse in Kiev.”

Offscreen voice of kidnapper:  “Why?”

Grabovsky (thinking about it for a second):  “Because…  I consider it impossible to continue to defend him in this trial.”

Offscreen voice of kidnapper:  “Why is it impossible?”

Grabovsky:  “Uh…”

Offscreen voice of kidnapper:  “Do you understand the mistake which you made?”

Grabovsky (slight smirk):  “Yes, I understand my mistake.”

Offscreen voice of kidnapper:  “Thank you.”

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4 Responses to Grabovsky “Pre-Murder” Tape Released

  1. marknesop says:

    Is it verifiably Grabovsky? If so, it’s difficult to imagine circumstances under which it could be a joke with his participation, considering how it played out for him. It’s also difficult to imagine that Ukrainian investigators have absolutely no clue who might be behind it.


    • yalensis says:

      Mark: I am pretty sure it is Grabovsky. I am pretty sure the kidnappers forced him to make the tape, and then killed him and dumped his body.
      The reason they would do this is to derail Alexandrov’s trial.


      • anonym2008 says:

        “derail Alexandrov’s trial”

        Why are they doing this?


        • yalensis says:

          Dear anonym2008:
          Why are they derailing Alexandrov’s trial?
          I’m not sure. I would guess their goal is to return a guilty verdict (?)
          Maybe what they are really doing is just trying to intimidate any other attorneys who might think of defending Alexandrov. I think this is what a certain type of people do.
          The intimidators could be working for the prosecution, or the government.
          Again, I don’t really know what their motives are.
          All we know about these people is that they kidnapped Grabovsky, forced him to state that he would no longer defend Alexandrov, and then brutally murdered him.
          Oh, and then lied about it afterwards, tried to spread rumors about his disappearance, to throw the police off the trail.
          Until his body was found.


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