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True Colors: America Shields Nazi Perps of Odessa Massacre

“Our American friends revealed themselves in all their true colors.”  That was the statement of a disgusted Vitaly Churkin, as he left the UN Security Council meeting.  Churkin, who represents the Russian Federation in the UN, was commenting on the … Continue reading

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Polish Reporter Tomasz Maciejczuk Banned From The Ukraine

I saw this piece in PolitNavigator this morning. Polish reporter Tomasz Maciejczuk was not allowed to enter the Ukraine.  He was stopped by border guards and told he was persona non grata.  Maciejczuk had ticked off the Ukrainian government with his inconvenient … Continue reading

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Panicky Saakashvili Calls For State Of Emergency In Odessa

Dear Readers: Today I have a juicy cat-fight for you.  In its most simplistic form I pose it as Gennady Trukhanov on one side of the cat-ring; versus Mikheil Saakashvili on the other.  And I will go on to explain who … Continue reading

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Latvia: Russia Owes Us 300 Billion Euros

This morning the Russian newspaper VZGLIAD published this interview with a Latvian official named Ruta Pazdere.  Ruta heads a commission (called the “Commission to Study the Occupation”) whose job is to calculate how much money Russia owes Latvia; and to … Continue reading

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Documentary Film About Russian Revolution

Dear Readers: And continuing once again with the theme of the Russian Revolution.  (I seem to be on a roll, but hey hey, we are only one year short of the Centennial Anniversary!) Well, one of the commenters on the Kremlin … Continue reading

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And Speaking of Lenin….

Dear Readers: For those who claim that “Lenin is just ancient history” and “Nobody cares about that stuff any more…” I am forced to remind them: That the anti-Maidan rebellion (2014) in the East of Ukraine began when the Maidanites sent … Continue reading

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Shock Therapy For Ukrainians?

Dear Readers: Just a small story for today, but possibly an important one. In the Ukraine, President Poroshenko has appointed a man to the position of Presidential Representative in the government’s Cabinet of Ministers. The man is named Leszek Balcerowicz, … Continue reading

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