Breaking News: Grabovsky Dead, Probable Murder

Today there is breaking news of a probable murder in Ukraine:

Attorney Yuriy Grabovsky

The attorney Yuriy Grabovsky, who went missing 9 March, was found dead last night.  His body was found off the highway in the Kiev area, buried in a shallow grave.  The news was reported to the press by Lidiya Izovitova, Head of the National Association of Lawyers in Ukraine.  According to Izovitova, some suspects have already been detained.

Grabovsky was last seen alive on 9 March at a hotel located on the way somewhere between Kiev and Odessa.  Then he vanished.

The attorney had defended a POW named Alexander Alexandrov, a citizen of the Russian Federation.  Alexandrov had been captured in the Donbass, fighting on the side of Separatists.  Ukrainian propaganda organs claimed that he was a GRU officer.

There had been some talk of Poroshenko exchanging captured Russian POWs for Nadia Savchenko, with the implication that the Savchenko case possibly has some bearing on Grabovsky’s murder.

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2 Responses to Breaking News: Grabovsky Dead, Probable Murder

  1. Cortes says:

    Shocking news.

    The following article hints at a possible future strategy of blaming “a secret service “


  2. marknesop says:

    A murder? In Ukraine?? Shocking!

    Really, it is shocking, and it remains to be seen how much coverage it will get on western news sites. I am guessing, not much. Murdering attorneys for defending unpopular clients is one of those things that happens in third-world, un-free countries, after all.


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