Mrs. World Pageant De-Facto Recognizes Lugansk

The 2016 Mrs. World Pageant, which just completed in Dongguan, China, ended with the crowning of the lovely representative from South Africa, Candice Abrahams.

Mrs. World, 2016

For those not in the know, “Mrs. World” (and its national affiliates, like “Mrs. America”) celebrates the beauty and talent of married women who have families.

As can be seen in her photos, Candice is a beautiful woman and  indeed has a lovely family.  As the 27th Mrs. World, she is a credit to her beautiful and multi-ethnic nation.  In her statement to the press, Candice remarked:  “What an honour to be able to bring the Mrs World crown home to South Africa. It has always been a dream of mine to win Mrs South Africa and to represent my country on the international stage; to be bringing home the title is just the cherry on top of my achievements over the last year.”  Candice, who excelled in the “National Costume” category and beat out 45 other women to win the crown, is married to a radio announcer named Ismail Abrahams.  Sending a congratulatory Instagram to his wife, Ismail joked:  “Just don’t call me Mr. World.”

The Russian Angle

Although Slavs had something to be proud of, with Mrs. Poland taking second place in the Pageant, the big news for Russians here, is that the Pageant de-facto recognized the independence of the Lugansk Peoples’s Republic (LPR) in the Donbass.  As indicated by the following story which is, in fact, my lede:

A woman named Valeriya Bylinina flew to China to represent the LPR, a delegation that was completely separate from the Ukrainian one.

I found this list of the pageant contestants.  Notice Mrs. Ukraine on the bottom row, the stunningly gorgeous Marianna Nyzhnia.  Now scroll up 4 rows, and you will see the doll-like face of Valeriya Bylinina from Lugansk!  This is actually quite astounding





So, did this pageant turn into a big catfight?  No, not at all.  These ladies are way too classy for that political B.S.

Quoting Valeriya from the VZGLIAD piece:  “I am very happy that I was able to represent my Republic and come out under my own flag.  I am very pleased that I was able to take part in this international contest, which proved once again that the LPR exists!”

Asked if there was any conflict between herself and Mrs. Ukraine, Valeriya stated:

“Not at all.  Everything was in order.  We spoke to one another like normal people, there was no coldness.  We decided that the issues of the day should be decided by politicians, whereas ordinary people need to communicate with one another.”

Eppur si muove

So how did this unusual result occur?  The destinies of Marianna and Valeriya were decided by two important men:  Alexei Romanov and David Marmel.

Romanov is the Executive Director of “Mrs. World Russia”, as well as the General Director of a group of companies called “Golden Collection”, which owns a share in the Pageant.  Romanov lobbied successfully to have the 2015 Mrs. World Pageant held in Sebastopol, Crimea.

David Marmel, the President of the the flagship “Mrs. America” pageant, as well as the overall “Mrs. World” pageant, is said to be a big admirer of Russia, according to Alexei Romanov.

Mr. and Mrs. David Marmel

Hence, it is no doubt thanks to Romanov’s lobbying and Marmel’s influence that last year’s pageant was held in Sebastopol; and no doubt also due to Romanov/Marmel that this year’s pageant included a contestant from the LPR!  Again, translating from the VZGLIAD piece:

According to Romanov, the decision to include Valeriya Bylinina was taken by organizers from the U.S.  He clarified that, according to the rules of the pageant, only one contestant is allowed per country.  “There was already a representative from the Ukraine.  Hence, once the American pageant owners took the decision to invite a representative from Lugansk, they were no doubt influenced by a certain concept.”

The concept being, as Bylina expressed it so well, that the Lugansk People’s Republic EXISTS!

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5 Responses to Mrs. World Pageant De-Facto Recognizes Lugansk

  1. marknesop says:

    That’s nice to see, and your tag “Friendship of Peoples” is entirely appropriate. The entire crop of western global leadership is a disgrace, with its biased and avaricious agenda, and we would be just as well off to take our example from beauty-pageant organizers and contestants.

    Indeed, there is a dazzling variety of beautiful ladies, and across a fairly broad age spread as well, I would say. Mrs. Ukraine is indeed stunning, and Mrs. Russia, India, Poland, Lugansk and Great Britain were all standouts, as is the winner. But my personal favourite is Mrs. Armenia, Karina Ghazaryan. Her eyes are stunning, the heavy brows seem to enhance her look rather than detract from it, and her complexion is marvelous; truly a great beauty.

    It would be nice to imagine such inclusiveness as that displayed in this event might prevail, but unfortunately the world seems never to have been caught up in such an orgy of rage and hate in peacetime as it is now, and I fear the worst. This, then, is a little oasis of peace and beauty within it. Thanks for a really good and heartwarming post!


    • Cortes says:

      Well said.
      The owner of a Leonid Brezhnev eyebrow set appreciates your Armenian choice.


      • Cortes says:

        Manners lapse. Thanks again Yalensis for an unusual but copacetic approach to the world.


        • yalensis says:

          Thanks, Cortes, but I am not seeing the “heavy eyebrows” on this girl.
          I mean, we should just stipulate that all these ladies have their brows “done” professionally.
          You want to see wild eyebrows?
          Look no further than my favorite Mexican opera tenor, Rolando Villazon:

          Now, THERE’S a dude who needs some serious manscaping.
          Unless the secret of his powerful voice (sort of like Samson?) is in his brows?


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks, Mark!
      Wow, you’re right, Mrs. Armenia is stunning! But also kind of weird and exotic looking, like some Hollywood cyborg,or something.

      If I HAD to pick a personal favorite, just from the photos, and it’s tough because they are all so great looking, but I think it would be Mrs. Australia – she just looks like someone who is bouncy and would be fun to talk to.

      Mrs. Sri Lanka also looks like a pretty cool person, with that impish half-smile.


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