Iranian Tourists Head For Crimea

Dear Readers:

Today I added a new “Category” called “Friendship of Peoples”.  This will be used for pieces like this, which I saw in PolitNavigator yesterday.  This is a short piece, and I will just quickly translate the whole thing:


Tourist Trips to Crimea Are on Sale in Iran.

Sergei Strelbitsky has a sweet, sweet job.

An Iranian travel agency has opened an office in Crimea.  This company plans to attract to the peninsula up to 2 million vacationers per year.  This was announced on TV, on the talk show “That’s How It is” («Все как есть») by Crimea’s Minister of Resorts and Tourism, Sergei Strelbitsky.  According to Strelbitsky, the first Iranian tourists may start arriving in Crimea as early as this year!

“Three weeks ago, we had an Iranian delegation in the Council of Ministers.  Later we met them in the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism.  They had already organized and registered their (travel agency) in Crimea.  They named a figure of 2 million (potential tourists).  This company intends to bring to Crimea specifically Iranian tourists.  At this time we are working out all the technical details.  We are involving the (Russian) Federal government as well, because we can’t take such radical steps without (the Feds).  I am hoping that this is another type of tourist that will appear on our shores already this year!”


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One Response to Iranian Tourists Head For Crimea

  1. yalensis says:

    Sort of presumptuous to comment to my own piece but…

    It just occurred to me that, for this tourist project to be successful, the Crimean government will need to hire a bunch of Persian-speaking guides and other assisting staff.

    Maybe some job opportunities for people out there who know both Russian and Persian!


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