Syrian People Express Opinions on Ceasefire

I saw this piece on LifeNews.  Correspondent Artur Kebekov reports via phone line from Daraa, Syria, with accompanying video, where he is interviewing local residents about their attitude towards the ceasefire.


Recall that the ceasefire agreement was signed on 22 February by Russian and American Presidents Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama.  The ceasefire agreement (between Syrian army and various opposing militias) comes into effect at midnight 27 February.

Video Report

1:45 minutes in – The man being interviewed, who is a resident of Daraa, says that any armed groupings who are not official government forces – are terrorists.  For this reason, he is personally opposed to the ceasefire.  He holds no confidence that the terrorists will hold up their end of the deal.  Therefore, he cannot see how the ceasefire will be successful.

2:00 minutes in – Another man expresses his confidence that the Syrian army will observe the ceasefire.  He expresses his hope that the other armed parties to the conflict will also observe the ceasefire.

2:14 minutes in – This man says: “Tomorrow the ceasefire will come into effect.  The Syrian army and government have been, for quite a long time, the only parties who are making any effort to defend the people and preserve the unity of the nation.  We hope that the other side [of the conflict] will take the same action.”

2:30 minutes in – This man says: “The ceasefire agreement is a good initiative.  We very much hope that soon security and stability will return to our lives.  And all of this is thanks to the Syrian army.”

Will the ceasefire hold?

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3 Responses to Syrian People Express Opinions on Ceasefire

  1. Jen says:

    Daraa is the place where the initial riots took place back in early 2011 that set off the current war. The manner in which the riots began originally, were taken over by armed gangs who fought the police and shot several of them, and burnt down local Ba’ath Party headquarters and another building to boot, is eerily reminiscent of the events on Kiev Maidan that led to the coup against President Yanukovych.


    • yalensis says:

      Very interesting. Yes, this was the place where the U.S.-backed Salafist rebellion began.
      The Syrian version of the “Muslim Brotherhood” was supposed to win and throw out “Assad and the Alawites”. (I still think that sounds like the name to give a great garage band!)

      Anyhow, these American assets were supposed to turn Syria into another Libya. That was the intent of the U.S. and its allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey. (And, might I add in light of recent statements, Israel!)

      The Coalition of the Killing – another garage-band name!


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