How’m I Doin’, Hey, Hey – January Edition

Dear Readers:

Well it’s a new month, so time to close out the old one.  So, here are my stats for the month of January, 2016.  And what a month it was!

In a word, I struck GOLD with one particular piece, which raised my stats up beyond their normal.  More about that later.  But first the ledger sheet, and here is my usual ditty:

Expenses – WordPress blogs are free – so NONE!

I don’t get paid to do this, I do it just for FUN!

And now [drumroll] for the metrics, so here are the numbers for the month of January, according to my trusty WordPress stats:

Alberich the Dwarf: All your Gold are belong to me!

  • AwfulAvalanche had 4,902 page views, up from 3,317 page views in December.
  • The number of distinct people who visited my blog: 1,967. Up from the previous month’s 817 people.
  • These high numbers are a bit of an artifact, so please don’t expect me to keep up that same result in ensuing months!  I will try, as best I can, to write stories that are well crafted and appealing to readers.  But bottom line, I only write about things that interest me, and most of the time I have no idea what other people like!  Not to mention, that I am writing for just a niche market anyhow.

  • In a word, in the month of January 2016, I had one unusually popular post, entitled Who Stole 143 Tons of Gold From the Libyan People?  This particular story, which I posted on January 10, just by itself garnered 1,346 page views. I noticed when I checked my blog later that day that my stats had spiked significantly.  On a normal day, if I got, say, 150 views and 50 visitors, then, like Solzhenitsyn’s Ivan Denisovich, I would consider that “I had a good day”.  So, when I saw these bigger numbers I scratched my head and went “wow!”.  Hey, I knew that particular piece was good, and I was fairly proud of it, I just didn’t know it was THAT good.  Turns out that unbeknownst to me (not that I mind, god knows) a portal called Information Clearing House  had picked up and redistributed this particular post.  So this is why I got more than twice as many readers as my average.  And by the way, the Information Clearing House website is very good and features many excellent bloggers and well respected political brainiacs, the likes of Pepe Escobar, Patrick Coburn and Paul Craig Roberts — these guys are the heavyweights among Western anti-imperialist dissidents, and I am very proud that they considered my piece worthy to reprint.
  • Once again, the yalensis disclaimer:  Your Privacy is Important to Me: WordPress calculates who is a distinct person by their I.P. address. It also uses the I.P. address to deduce which country you live in. I myself can’t see I.P. addresses unless you leave a comment. In which case I can see your email address; and from that I COULD look up your I.P. if I were curious, which I am not.
    • Speaking of countries, my 1,967 January visitors fired up their modems and dialed in from the following countries, in order of most to least page views. WordPress allows me to save these stats as a CSV file, from which I copy-pasted onto here:
United States 1103
Australia 523
Canada 499
New Zealand 497
United Kingdom 419
Russia 322
Spain 181
Italy 166
Germany 132
France 96
Vietnam 80
Mexico 77
India 60
Romania 50
Netherlands 50
Czech Republic 42
Sweden 35
Brazil 35
Japan 26
Greece 21
Malaysia 20
South Africa 20
Hungary 20
Azerbaijan 20
Denmark 19
Turkey 18
Slovakia 18
Austria 17
Belgium 16
Norway 16
Philippines 14
Switzerland 13
Ireland 13
Finland 12
Pakistan 12
Thailand 12
United Arab Emirates 11
European Union 10
Nigeria 10
Saudi Arabia 10
Indonesia 10
Poland 9
Côte d’Ivoire 8
Ukraine 8
Serbia 8
Singapore 8
Israel 8
Egypt 6
Lebanon 6
Bulgaria 6
Slovenia 5
Hong Kong SAR China 5
Lithuania 4
Portugal 4
Qatar 4
Jordan 4
Colombia 4
Malta 4
Venezuela 3
Cyprus 3
Libya 3
Bosnia & Herzegovina 3
Trinidad & Tobago 3
Georgia 3
Argentina 3
Chile 3
Ghana 3
South Korea 3
Uganda 3
Estonia 3
Kenya 2
Monaco 2
Senegal 2
Oman 2
Mauritius 2
Croatia 2
Ecuador 2
Luxembourg 1
Kazakhstan 1
Algeria 1
Uzbekistan 1
Albania 1
Sri Lanka 1
Isle of Man 1
Jersey 1
Iceland 1
Taiwan 1
Palestinian Territories 1
Cameroon 1
Seychelles 1
Costa Rica 1
Guadeloupe 1
Burkina Faso 1
China 1
Latvia 1
Grenada 1
Fiji 1
Jamaica 1
Cayman Islands 1

I hope everybody found something interesting to read, please post comments, thanks again, everybody!

Sincerely yours,


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11 Responses to How’m I Doin’, Hey, Hey – January Edition

  1. Cortes. says:

    I’ve visited AA often since arriving in Spain on 6/1/2016. Do regulars on tour skew the country stats?

    Anyway, highly entertaining and the Timur/Amur story has been fascinating. Thanks again!

    The Libyan gold spike prompts the thought ( Dr Evil like pinky hooked into the corner of the mouth):
    Locate an obscure tale linking the demon de nos jours, VVP, and stocks of platinum and gold . The goldbugs and neocons would crash in. (Presell advertising- kerching!!! 15% netto as the multimillionaire Italian calciatori say) to your old buddy Cortes?)


    • yalensis says:

      Hi, Cortes,

      I’m not sure exactly how it works, from a scientific point of view, but I think, yes, one person can possibly skew the stats. So, you are most likely my only reader in Spain!
      Hell, I can skew my own stats, because every time I link my own blog on a comment, say, at Mark’s blog, then I am adding another page view to my own stats!

      Anyhow, it doesn’t really matter, nobody is making any money from this, it’s just about people enjoying themselves and having interesting conversations. I love to write, I find it soothing, and if I can write something that other people find interesting, then that’s perfect! And I love the stimulation of intellectual “conversations”. Sorely lacking in my daily life – recall that I live in the U.S.!

      I’m glad you liked the Amur/Timur story. It was a popular phenomenon in Russia and deserved to be covered.

      As for Libyan gold – ha ha! Evil idea. If were scam artists, we could make a fortune!

      Anyhow, thanks for reading and being a great commenter! It’s just too bad that there is that other, evil twin Cortes, over on Professor Robinson’s site. I wish he would go away.


    • yalensis says:

      Stravinsky ballet “The Firebird”:

      “The ballet centers on the journey of its hero, Prince Ivan. While hunting in the forest, he strays into the magical realm of Koschei the Immortal, whose immortality is preserved by keeping his soul in a magic egg hidden in a casket. Ivan chases and captures the Firebird and is about to kill her; she begs for her life and he spares her. As a token of thanks she offers him an enchanted feather which he can use to summon her should he be in dire need.

      Prince Ivan then meets thirteen princesses who are under the spell of Koschei and falls in love with one of them. The next day, Ivan confronts the magician and eventually they begin quarrelling. When Koschei sends his minions after Ivan, he summons the Firebird. She intervenes, bewitching the monsters and making them dance an elaborate, energetic dance (the “Infernal Dance”). The creatures and Koschei then fall into a deep sleep. While they sleep, the Firebird directs Ivan to a tree stump where the casket with the egg containing Koschei’s soul is hidden. Ivan destroys the egg and with the spell broken, the magical creatures that Koschei held captive are freed and the palace disappears. All of the “real” beings, including the princesses, awaken and with one final hint of the Firebird’s music (though in Fokine’s choreography she makes no appearance in that final scene on-stage), celebrate their victory.”


  2. Fern says:

    You’re a real renaissance man, yalensis. Dropping in here is a real serendipity – you never know what you’ll find but you’re safe in assuming it will always be interesting. Russian translations, political analysis, opera updates, tigers and their companions AND a description of one of my favourite ballets – congratulations on running what must be one of the most unusual sites on the web.


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks, Fern! I didn’t know you were a ballet fan. I love ballet myself, and I should write more about it, but I rarely get a chance to see one nowadays.
      Like everything, I am more into the classical (Swan Lake, Giselle, that sort of thing). I even considered Stravinsky to be “too modern” until one day I happened to see a performance of “Petrushka”, and then I was hooked on his works.

      But my favorite ballet continues to be “Sleeping Beauty”. Although I always felt that Prince Désiré is a bit of a slacker. Sort of like a Generation Y type prince. Usually, in order to get the girl, the prince has to go on a quest and perform some feats of courage. Like slaying a dragon, breaking through a wall of fire, that sort of thing. But this guy, basically all he has to do, is chop his way through some pesky vines! (Well, and also look good in tights!)


  3. Cortes says:

    Now sure how to retrieve the discussion we had about the Nemtsov murder and Navalny getting jailed for safety, so hope that this message can be read and redirected if need be:
    In Andrea Camilleri’s “The Terracotta Dog” mafioso Tano the Greek gets himself locked up to try to escape the attention of the ravenously ambitious rising generation of guys who want everything yesterday. Second in the Inspector Montalbano series of novels which is probably available in TV format.


    • yalensis says:

      Aha! That was the story you had on the tip of your tongue! At the time you thought this plot-point was maybe in some Hollywood film-noir movie.

      I am glad you remembered the reference, it sounds great, but unfortunately I never heard of this story!


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