General Winter – there when you need him for the Syrian Army

The tide has turned, the Syrian army has finally started to win on the battlefield, slowly but surely mopping up ISIS/Daesh units.  Hence, when General Winter showed up to help the Syrian army, he was just icing on the cake, but still doing his bit for victory.

I saw this piece in LifeNews, called:

Syrian Rebels:  Surrender Or Die of Cold

Here is a walk-through of the 2-minute video and attached written commentary:

LifeNews correspondent:  Evgeniya Zmanovskaya

A LifeNews television crew follows the tough and challenging lives of regular Syrian army soldiers, whose job is to patrol and keep the peace on a snowy mountain range separating Syria from Lebanon.  The LifeNews crew in their van ascend the mountain slopes, where snow and hail fall into deep mounds, and the temperature is below zero.  The higher they drive up the mountain, the colder and snowier it gets.

On the Lebanese side of the border, on the crests of the mountain range, snow has been falling for several days now.  The harsh conditions have forced many rebels to abandon their positions.  In danger of actually freezing to death, some rebels have tossed away their weapons and surrendered to the Syrian army.  Others are heading for the Lebanese town of Arsal, into the refugee camps.  Where the rebels hope to mingle with the legitimate Syrian refugees and hitch a ride into Europe.

Syrian soldiers are constantly on the watch, on this snowy, mountainous border area.  It is their job to try to prevent the terrorists from merging into civilian areas and refugee camps.

Currently, in the towns of Al-Zabadani, Sergai [spelling?], Madaya, and Bukein [spelling?], a truce is in effect between the Syrian units and the rebels, the latter having been forced into a cauldron.  A stalemate is the result, although the rebels are constantly trying to sneak in reinforcements and/or break out of their blockade.

Some Rebel bands operating in this area are breaking formation and giving themselves up to Syrian regular army.  Because they are freezing to death.

General Winter is there when you need him.

Other rebels are trying to worm their way into local refugee camps, so that they can suddenly become “refugees” into Europe.

0:26 seconds in:  Shows images of Syrian soldiers patrolling this snow-clogged border area.  One of the tasks of the Syrian soldiers is to prevent rebels from sneaking into populated areas and bothering the local people.

0:47 seconds in:  Soundbite from Syrian Army Sergeant Firas:  “We have intercepted many attempts by the terrorists flowing in from Lebanon, they are trying to get to Zabadani, generally they spend the winter in the refugee camps in Lebanon, in the province of Arsal.  They are trying to escape the harsh weather conditions up here, in the mountains.  Our job is to keep an eye on the gorge which leads from Arsal (Lebanon) here, to us, in Syria.  This here is our observation point.  Currently there is a lot of movement out there, because of the sub-zero temperatures.”

1:25 minutes in:  Soundbite from Syrian Army Sergeant Adil:  “Our military actions are proceedings in conditions similar to those in Russia!   We are on the top of the Lebanese mountain range.  Our job is to maintain the truce which has been established here.  The Red Crescent had brought some humanitarian supplies here, but the terrorists took it for themselves, robbing the peaceful civilians of these supplies.  We have seen terrorist acts committed in France, Belgium, Europe – committed by some of the very guys who have fled from this area.”

1:52 minutes in:  Soundbite from a civilian couple who happen to be travelling past this checkpoint in their SUV.  The man says they don’t see too many terrorists around these parts any more; and for that, they are grateful to the Syrian army.  He believes that a truce is the correct way to solve this conflict, and would like to see the foreign mercenaries get out of the country.

2:05 minutes in:  The image now shifts to a little cozy bunker where the Syrian soldiers warm themselves and drink tea.

The piece concludes with:

“While the mercenaries are fleeing the cold, Syrian forces use the curtain of snow to fortify their positions on this mountain crest.  The sub-zero conditions are actually a plus for the soldiers.  When warm weather returns, and the terrorists head back to this area, the Syrian soldiers will be waiting for them.”


Some American soldiers understand what is really going on.

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