Crimeans Worried About Islamo-Fascist Terror Attacks

Zaur Smirnov warns about the dangers of terrorism.

The government of Crimea includes a Committee for Inter-Ethnic Relations and the Affairs of Deported Citizens.  Speaking in non-bureaucrat-ese this committee deals with Crimean Tatars, helps to repatriate/integrate Tatars, and also sees to it that the relations between Tatars and non-Tatar ethnic groups run smoothly.

This committee is headed by a man named Zaur Smirnov.

Crimea blockade “activist” Lenur Islyamov

Yesterday, in an interview with VZGLIAD, Smirnov commented on terrorist threats made by another Tatar named Lenur Islyamov.  Readers will recall that Islyamov is a Ukrainian-Crimean businessman who organized, and is partially bankrolling, the “Crimea Blockade” movement.  This movement, which patrols the entire length of the Ukraine-Crimea border, is responsible for violent acts against truckers and also for destroying electricity pylons.  The Blockade paramilitary movement, especially in Kherson Oblast, is rapidly evolving into its own fiefdom, controlled by warlords and not under the authority of the Ukrainian Federal government.  Here is what Smirnov had to say about that:  “[Whatever Islyamov’s threats against the Russian government], we are much more worried about the absence of a strong central government in the Ukraine itself; of which Islyamov might take advantage.”

 A Threat to the Whole Region

Zaporozhie nuclear power plant

Smirnov goes on to warn that Islyamov’s group of bandits present a threat to all of Eastern Europe.  This is not too far-blown rhetoric, when one recalls that the actions of this band came close to causing a meltdown at the Zaporozhie Nuclear Plant, near Kherson.  Recall that when Islyamov’s men cut down the pylons, causing electrical blackouts in Kherson, this affected backup systems at the nuclear plant as well.  Smirnov takes it further, by warning that the power plant itself could appear as an attractive target to these extremists, given that the Ukrainian central government is so weak, and cannot control them.

Islamo-Fascist Coalition

According to Smirnov, the motley crews of warlords and paramilitaries which currently control Kherson Oblast, consist of a true Islamo-Fascist coalition.  Consisting of Islyamov’s people (right-wing Tatars with a jihadi bent who thirst to kill Russians); Ukrainian neo-Nazis such as Right Sektor; and also members of the ultra-nationalist Grey Wolves from Turkey.  In other words, all the scrapings from the bottom of the international terrorism barrel.  The Grey Wolves, in particular, are dangerous.  They are actual soldiers with fighting experience, having just undergone baptism by fire fighting on behalf of ISIS in Syria.

Smirnov points out that the ordinary people of Kherson are already taking steps to self-defend themselves against these militias.  Perhaps not even out of geo-political concerns, but simply because the militias are marauding, looting, and destroying local property, wherever they go.  The current state in Kherson reminds Smirnov of what Crimeans had to endure, back in March of 2014, when they were invaded by marauding bands of Right Sektor and other extremists.

Threats Against Russia

Yesterday, Lenur Islyamov upped his rhetoric against Russia by announcing the following strategic plans:

  1. Form a battalion to penetrate “occupied Crimea”
  2. After re-conquering Crimea, the peninsula will become a Tatar Republic, not Russian or Ukrainian
  3. Next they will destroy Russia herself, from their base in Crimea:  “Just like in The Matrix, we will worm our way into Russia, we will destroy it, via Crimea will come the liberation of all of Russia; first Ukraine and then Russia; the disintegration of Russia will happen because of Crimea.”
  4. Until that glorious day, Islyamov will content himself by organizing a Crimean-Tatar battalion within the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Last month, on 26 December, Islyamov announced that the Defense Ministry of Turkey is helping to create a volunteer battalion on Ukrainian soil, named after a man named Noman Çelebicihan.  I had to google this guy.  “Noman” – really?  Given Islyamov’s “Matrix” reference, I thought “No-man” would turn out to be something like “Neo” aka “The One.”  But no, man, turns out “Noman” actually exists, he was a Crimean Tatar who fought FOR the Ottoman Empire and AGAINST the bloody Bolsheviks during Russian Civil War.  And he was a Mufti too, not only of Crimea, but also of Lithuania and Poland!  Well, these geo-political feuds go deep, and it proves that nothing ever changes, even after a hundred years!  We still see Turkey-Lithuania-Poland allying against Russia, and this time also with Ukrainian neo-Nazis.  Superb!

According to wiki, this was Noman’s ultimate fate:

“In January 1918, barely two months after he [Noman] was elected to lead his nation at the Qurultay of the Crimean Tatar people, the Bolshevik forces invaded Crimea. He was arrested and imprisoned in Sevastopol. On February 23, a firing squad of the Black Sea Fleet executed him and threw his body into the sea.”

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13 Responses to Crimeans Worried About Islamo-Fascist Terror Attacks

  1. Cortes says:

    Very interesting, Yalensis; thank you. Minor quibble/request for clarification: did the Grey Wolves really christen themselves in Syria?


    • yalensis says:

      Ooops, that’s a figure of speech which I translated from Russian. The Russian is:
      «Серые волки», люди, которые прошли боевое крещение в боях в Сирии на стороне ИГИЛ.
      Literal translation: “The Grey Wolves, who underwent a baptism by fire in Syria, (fighting on side of) ISIS.”
      I think I should have translated the phrase as “baptism by fire” instead of “christening”.
      I hope nobody got confused and thought I was talking about an actual christening, or change of religion.
      The Grey Wolves are still Muslims, although my research indicates that they place Turkish nationalist ideology ahead of pan-Islamic goals.
      These Wolves are definitely active in Syria. In fact, they are all over the place: both in Syria and Ukraine, and who knows where else?


      • yalensis says:

        Actually, I think I will make a correction to my blogpost and change the phrase “christening” to “baptism by fire”. Thanks for seeing that anomaly.


  2. marknesop says:

    The United States reserves the right to whack people anywhere in the world for threatening to carry out acts of terror in the United States. Since that appears to be accepted, at least to the degree nobody has provided a legal challenge to it, that sounds like precedent to me. Acting on that precedent, Russia should drone this guy’s ass. Kherson is not very far away, and he has made public threats against all the Russian people, has shown himself to be of a violent bent and to possess the money and access to weapons to do real damage. Bump him off like a mad dog, and the first person who opens his big fat fascist mouth to say “you can’t do that!”, bump him off too.


    • yalensis says:

      Hey, when you call yourself an “Exceptional Nation”, that means you are allowed to do exceptional things.
      Remember: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

      Joking aside, the Russians may not HAVE to drone Mr. Islyamov. There is a follow-up, which I think I might post either today or tomorrow. In other words, signs and portents that the “Islamo-Fascist” alliance is splitting down the seams.
      Along the usual ethnic lines: Ukrainians vs. Tatars.


  3. Fern says:

    IIRC, the weekend when Russian forces already stationed in Crimea took action to secure the peninsula, two Turkish planes which were airborne heading for Crimea, turned back. My money is on this being an early charter flight of Jihadi Air bringing in foot soldiers, probably Turkmen, weapons and money, co-ordinated with those behind the Kiev coup to do their own ‘securing’ of Crimea. Supporting and feeding a Tatar insurgency in Crimea now must be a key goal of the US/EU/NATO. I would’t go as far as Mark but it needs slapping down hard.


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