Happy New Year – 2016 On the Horizon!

Dear Readers:

Yesterday I wrote about veterans and war heroes who suffered and fought, in incredibly difficult conditions, for their country and their people.

Today I write about the fruits of what they fought for, and what their sacrifices made possible for future generations.  For generations who would not even physically exist today, if it were not for those sacrifices.  Let alone be able to laugh and enjoy life.

There are very few heroes in the world, most people do not live extraordinary lives, and it may not seem like much at times, but just the opportunity to live and experience an ordinary life, to enjoy ordinary pleasures, is an incredible and almost miraculous blessing.

New Year is one of those times for many Russians, as well as everybody else around the world, when it is possible to experience the sheer joy of being alive!

Morozko, Snegurochka, and the rest of the gang can’t wait till New Year!

Are We There Yet?

Just checking the World Clock, it looks like 2016 has already struck in a few inhabited islands in the Pacific Ocean.  Happy New Year, Pacific Ocean!

Where I live, it’s still early morning on New Year Eve.

In Moscow it’s after 3:00 PM, as I type this.  And check out this cool video, as a drone flies over the largest man-made skating rink in Moscow, photographing people as they goof off on the ice.  Drones are scary, but also can be cool, and let’s face it, they are here to stay:

Meanwhile, all the way on the other side of Russia, Primorye, it’s after 10:00 PM, approaching midnight.  The two animal celebrities Amur the Tiger, and his friend Timur the Goat, are preparing for the New Year festivities.  Safari Park personnel already gave Timur his New Year gift:  a bucket of tasty carrots.

On the morning of New Year’s Day, the four-footed friends will be presented with a decorated New Year tree, and will be allowed their morning conjugal stroll together an hour earlier than their usual routine.  Amur can hardly wait to visit his friend!

Russian TV Plans Big Gala Specials

Meanwhile, many Russians become couch potatoes on New Year’s Eve.  It is traditional to park one’s heiny in front of the TV set, become “totally tubular”, and let oneself be entertained by a crew of bedazzling stars.  Here are the options this year:

Kirkorov will appear as a samurai.

On Channel 1, it looks like a really big show is lined up, involving the very elite of Russian Glitz.  The show will begin at 22:30.  Singers from “The Voice” (“Golos”) and other shows have a big number lined up.  Talk show host Andrei Malakhov will host the show, dressed as Grandfather Frost.  Headline singer is the veteran Alla Pugachova.

Channel Rossiya-1.  This one looks even better.  The shows starts at 21:45 with a “parade of stars” competition, hosted by Filipp Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov.

TNT.  “Comedy Club” show will start at 23:00 and focus on musical numbers.  Famous actors from many soap operas and reality shows which I have never heard of, will appear in the show.

Disco Never Dies

Meanwhile, over at NTV, they are starting their show at 23:00 with a “Disco” theme and an all-star international cast of singers who were famous in the 1980’s, including English singing star Samantha Fox.  Irish singer Chris de Burgh, will sing his hit, “Lady in Red”.

Last but not least, Channel STS has a show starting at 23:00 starring the popular comedy sketch group “Uralskie Pelmeni” (“Ural Mountain Dumplings”), who will perform several skits, including one involving a team of Santa Clauses (Ded Moroz).  The “Pelmeni” gang traditionally perform on the New Year show, just to get the flavor, here they are from 3 years ago, offering New Year greetings:


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2 Responses to Happy New Year – 2016 On the Horizon!

  1. davidt says:

    Hi Yalensis: have a great New Year and a special 2016. It’s hard to be optimistic but let’s hope that 2016 is an improvement on 2015 for so many unfortunates who suffer by no fault of their own.


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