Merry Xmas From Morozko!

Dear Readers:

I wish a Happy Christmas for everyone in Western culture who celebrates Christmas on this day.  And I have a present for you:

This is a Russian film which I found on youtube, it is the full film, in Russian, with English subtitles, and there do not appear to be any copyright issues, since it is allowing me to view and embed.

The film is a Soviet-made classic from 1964 called “Morozko“, which is the Russian version of “Grandfather Frost” aka pretty much the same guy as Santa Claus.  The film is a brilliant and humorous telling of this fairy tale like story.

  • The main character is the Cinderella-like waif named Nastenka.  Now my only criticism of this film is that the producers could have picked someone more winsome than the hideously ugly Natalia Sedykh.
  • In fact, my true love in this piece is the ugly step-sister Marfushka.  Watch for the scene where she eats sunflower seeds – this girl can spit out the shells and eats the seeds in a single motion – like a machine!
  • Also watch for the evil witch Baba Yaga.  If you look closely, you can see that this old lady is played by a dude!  No kidding!
  • And last but not least, the hero, the young fool Ivan, who courts Nastya.  Well, he may not be a Prince Charming, he doesn’t have a palace, and he has to borrow a troika from Morozko, in place of a carriage with horses.  But still, this young strongman gains in wisdom in the course of this movie and becomes worthy of Nastenka’s hand.  With a little help from a talking mushroom, he learns the following moral of the story:
  • “That redemption is achieved not by DOING good deeds, but by THINKING ABOUT doing good deeds!”




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