Savchenko Posts Bail For Korban

Why, thank you, Ma’am!

I could have subtitled this piece “The Odd Couple”.

I post bail for you!

In the cage on the left, we have Nadezhda Savchenko, Ukrainian POW on trial in Russia for war crimes.  And speaking of Savchenko, I was asked by a commenter on another forum, why I stopped “covering” her trial.

For which I had to apologize to anyone out there who was counting on me to provide some kind of coherent English-language version of the legal proceedings.  It’s just that the Russian Opposition press itself stopped covering her trial in any depth.   Bottom line:  When they lost interest, I lost interest.

I mean, for the first couple of days GAZETA.RU provided those lovely blow-by-blows which I love to read; and to translate too, because I want everyone to share in my joy.  For example, Defense submits a motion, Prosecutor objects, Judge overrules objection, etc.  I truly love reading that stuff, the same way I like to read novels and watch movies about criminal trials.

Missing White Woman Syndrome:  The Corollary

Unfortunately, with Nadya, like I said, the Opp press lost interest after just a couple of days, and the blow-by-blows stopped.  When asked about this by a commenter on another forum, I offered 3 possible theories:

  1. The editors of GAZETA.RU could not sustain the hotel bills and had to send their correspondents back home to Moscow.  If they are going to cover Nadya’s trial only at a distance, well, then, they can’t expect me to maintain MY level of interest either.
  2. Or, they just decided the case wasn’t interesting after all.  They took a close look and saw that Nadya had some kind of mental illness thing going on.  Nadya was not going to be the Joan of Arc who was destined to bring down the despotic Putin government; that will have to wait for a more worthy martyr.
  3. Nadya simply isn’t pretty or cute enough to be interesting to the public.  This is similar to what Americans call the “Missing White Woman Syndrome”.  American media is known to pause all other work, for days on end, and just focus on the one story of a “missing white woman” provided she is (a) pretty, (b) slim, and (c) young.  Or at least two out of three.

She Made Him An Offer He Couldn’t Peruse

Moving along:

Korban and Kolomoisky: “Just when I thought I was out, they PULL me back in!”

In the other cage we have Gennady (or Hennadiy, if you wish) Korban.  This Ukrainian-Jewish “enterpreneur” was arrested on 31 October and accused of being the godfather of an organized crime family.  More importantly, he is Consigliere to Igor Kolomoisky, and Korban’s career took a nosedive around the same time as Kolomoisky’s.  Their Jewish-Mafia-type empire is centered in Dnipropetrovsk.

Moving along to the “lede” of today’s story:  Korban posted on his Facebook page  a handwritten letter he received from Savchenko, in which she offers to vouch for him, should he be released on bail.

This isn’t quite as absurd as it sounds, since Savchenko is technically a Parliamentary Deputy in the Ukraine.  The folks running the country made sure that she was elected to the Rada, in the hopes that her “parliamentary immunity” would spring her from her Russian “torture chamber”.  But no such luck.

And Now the Real Version of the Story

I end this piece by showing to readers what happens when you don’t have a real human being translating stuff from one language to another.  It’s not that my translations are perfect – I sometimes make mistakes.  But I am still WAY better than the Google computer, and if you don’t believe me, take a look at this same story, as it came out of the meatgrinder of automated translation.  Here is my summary of what this computer thinks happened:

In the Ukraine, there is a political party called “DILL”, which worships the spice of the same name.  This party is led by a spicy man named Gennady Korban.

Meanwhile, Aviatrix Hope Savchenko, who is being held in Russian torture chambers, handed him the petition for orders.  She wants to take Korban on bail.  Hope’s sister, Faith Savchenko, will appear tomorrow at session of Pechersky Court.

But there is more intrigue going on:  Head for the Exchange of Prisoners Vladimir Rubenom agreed with the Butler about how to exchange Savchenko.  This butler is very meticulous about his diversants.

The butler did it!

But unfortunately for Korban, the Prosecutor General accuses him of fake printing, accumulation in funds of funds, kidnapping, having a private car to listen to, weapons.

In the Ukraine, listening to your private car is very serious crime!  As is accumulating funds of funds – because that can get very recursive very quickly.  It’s like compound interest!

On the other hand, Igor Kolomoisky denies criminal offenses for the leader of Dill.  Therefore, our dinner is safe.

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6 Responses to Savchenko Posts Bail For Korban

  1. Lyttenburgh says:

    Lubyanka’s torture chambers and psychotronic gulags are well know for their brutality against poor innocent political prisioners (whome there are Over 9000 in the North Mordor). I mean – look at brave Savchenko before her hunger strike (left) and after (right):

    Horror, horror…


    • yalensis says:

      Which is why a starvation diet is not good for you. A person might get skinny for a while, but as soon as they start eating again, all the weight comes back, plus more.
      Instead, people need to follow a sensible plan of good nutrition and healthy exericise.


  2. Pavlo Svolochenko says:




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