3-D Printing: Solution to the Housing Problem?

My post today has a technology theme again, it is based on this story, from back in June, written by Anton Pogorelsky, for RBC News.

The title of the story is “Russian Engineer Invents a 3-D Printer For Home Construction”.  It states that this device, which is only 2.5 meters long, will allow engineers to extrude up to 100 square meters of construction material in a single day.

Next assignment: Build me a Castrovalva House!

And it includes a link to this other cool story about Dutch engineers, who INTEND TO use a 3-D printer to build a house that looks like a Möbius strip!

Check out the link.

The Möbius House will be on two levels, with a panomaric view.  They don’t say who plans to live there.  Maybe M.C. Escher?



Apis Cor 3-D Printer

The Russian engineer in the RBC story is Nikita Chen-yun-tai.  As a matter of fact, while googling his name, I found this English-language version of the same story, written by Bridget Butler Millsaps, so you can read it in English.

Chen-yun-tai has created a small compact 3-D printer called the Apis Cor.  Like the caption says, the Apis uses a commercial extruder and rotates in two planes, to construct houses layer by layer in a 24-hour period.  It can operate on nearly any surface and be transported easily in a truck.  In a world where so many people need a house to live in, this comes as welcome news!

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