Eurovision 2016: Let Sweden be Lazarev’s Waterloo!

From the world of Popular Culture:
And when I say “Popular Culture”, I mean SUPER-DUPER GLITZY CULTURE!  The glitz of all glitz.  The Alpha and Omega.

Eurovision 2016 is just around the corner:  May 2016.  Stockholm, Sweden.  Be there or be square!

So, the big news from Russia, which was announced yesterday on live TV at the “National Music Prize” at Crocus City Hall, is that Sergei Lazarev will represent Russia at the really big show!

While receiving the prize as “Singer of the Year”, Lazarev thanked the organizers and confirmed that, yes, he WILL be representing Russia at Eurovision.  Lazarev plans to perform a song composed by Russian mega-star Filipp Kirkorov.  Gossips in the know, who spilled the beans to SUPER magazine, say that Lazarev resisted doing Eurovision for a long time, but was then convinced by his friend, Kirkorov.  The Kirkorov-Lazarev collaboration was midwifed by impresario Gennady Gochstein, the main producer of the entertainment portion of the TV channel “Rossiya”.

Kirkorov Assembles Dream Team

Gossips also reveal that Kirkorov has taken on the “Lazarev Project” with a vengeance, assembling a “dream team” consisting of the following individuals, whose mission is to put their man on that Stockholm stage and WIN WIN WIN!

Kirkorov: It takes a village.

  1. Greek composer and producer Dimitris Kontopoulos.
  2. Greek choreographer Fokas Evangelinos, who is an old pro at choreographing dance numbers for Eurovision.
  3. Lazarev himself, plus lots and lots of other people!  It takes a village to produce a Eurovision winner!

Sergei shows off his gymnast bod.

Lazarev is, of course, a highly-talented Wunderkind.  Maybe not a Kind any more – he’s 33 years old – but he started off as a child gymnast, then took up singing and acting in the theater.  He had his own band for a while, and years of experience singing in contests and shows, at the national and international level.  Exactly the level of experience that makes him a real contender to win Eurovision.

Alpha and Omega

Russia, while earning respectable placements several times (for example, last year  Polina Gagarina came in second), has actually only won Eurovision once, in 2008 (with singer Dima Bilan).  Here is a list of all the Eurovision winners over time, starting with 1956.  Russians want to see that last entry filled in with Lazarev’s name!  But the contest will be hard-fought, there are a record number of countries competing this time:  46 nations want the prize!  There are a lot of talented singers out there.  And each nation will be fielding its best talent, hungry for the glory of having the best European singer in the world!

In conclusion:  If you are a fan of Sergei Lazarev and want him to win, then you SHOULD wish him the following wish:  “May Sweden turn out to be your Waterloo!”


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9 Responses to Eurovision 2016: Let Sweden be Lazarev’s Waterloo!

  1. Lyttenburgh says:

    Lazarev… Kirkorov… EuroVision…



  2. yalensis says:

    Can’t you guys FEEL the magic???


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