Ilyumzhimov to Americans: “shāh māt, Suckers!”

Kirsan plans his next move.

Here is a chess story, from a couple of days ago.

People who know me, know that I don’t like chess very much.  Probably because I am not good at it, therefore I envy those who are.  And my envy makes me bitter and mean-spirited.  Apart from that, I don’t regard chess as a “sport”.  A board game however complex, is not a sport, in my humble opinion.  But tell that to the American government, who fight their Cold War relentlessly against Russia, day in day out, on the battlefield of sports:  football, the Olympics, and now Chess.

Russian citizen Kirsan Ilyumzhimov (Кирсан Николаевич Илюмжинов) is VERY good at chess.  He is a Grand Master, in fact.  And he is also the Head of the World Chess Federation (Fédération Internationale des Échecs, or FIDE), which has its headquarters in Athens, Greece).

FIDE’s motto is “Gens una sumus” – “We are one people”.

Or at least Ilyumzhimov was the head until last Sunday, when he was forced to resign.

Well, maybe he wasn’t forced to resign.  And maybe it’s just a temporary resignation.  VZGLIAD compares Kirsan’s unusual gambit to that of Ivan IV (aka “the Terrible”), who pretended to resign his Tsarhood and retire to the Alexandrovskaya sloboda.  But only as a cunning way of smoking out his true enemies.

Ivan the Awesome was a great chess player too.

Not to be outdone by the former Tsar, Ilyumzhimov is planning to tender a lawsuit against the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, this would be Jack Lew, I am guessing. Not that it matters – Lew is just an empty suit.

While Ilyumzhimov is temporarily out of action and fussing with his lawsuit, FIDE will be headed by Greek Grand Master Georgios Makropoulos.


Ilyumzhimov on Sanctions List

Here is what Ilyumzhimov himself says about his lawsuit:

“I feel that by placing ME, the President of an international organization, on his sanctions list, they [the Americans] have limited my official actions and delivered a blow to my professional reputation.  However, in order to pursue my lawsuit officially, I need to receive documentation from the [American] Minister of Finances.  As of yet, all I have gotten from them is empty words about oil, banks, stocks and bonds.”

What is America’s beef against Ilyumzhimov ?  A well-respected Grand Master who for 20 years has worked tirelessly to raise the status of international chess, and managed to rebuild FIDE from scratch after it was destroyed by Garry Kasparov’s corruption and incompetence?

Well, everybody knows that there is skullduggery going on behind the scenes.  Americans tried to slip their man Kasparov back in, but failed in their sneaky attempts to overthrow Ilyumzhimov .

When stealth failed, Americans resorted to blustery bullying frontal attack:  They placed Ilyumzhimov on their sanctions list, based on his trip to Syria.  Where he met with members of the legitimate Syrian government.  Ilyumzhimov again:

“I connect the sanctions with the fact that I engage very actively in international politics.  For example, I visited North Korea, Syria, where I met several times with Bashar Al-Assad.  Yes, I even helped him.  We sent him thousands of chess sets, 3000  textbooks on chess, translated into Arabic, we sponsored a chess tournament [in Syria].  And we plan to do even more along these lines.”

Although Assad is the elected, legitimate President of Syria, Americans don’t like him; therefore they regard him (=Assad) as illegitimate.  It’s as simple as that.  And by meeting with an illegitimate ruler, Ilyumzhimov made himself illegitimate as well.  Completely logical, if you buy “America logic”.  Which is not necessarily the same as Aristotle logic.

Ilyumzhimov Fights Back

Americans have a saying:  “Never kid a kidder.”  (is the nice version of the saying)

And maybe there should be another one:  “Never play chess against a Grand Master”.

So, what is Ilyumzhimov’s gambit?  How does he plan to defend himself against “American logic”?  VZGLIAD concludes by postulating, that Ilyumzhimov has gone for the big move.  By suing the Secretary of the Treasury for 50 billion dollars, he has gone right for the top and declared “Check”.   Like the ancient Persians used to say:  “Your King is helpless, and now all your bases are belong to me.”

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