Pamela Anderson Talks Tigers With Sergei Ivanov

Another animal story today, this one about Animal Rights activist (and American TV star) Pamela Anderson.

Unlike some ex-celebrities, who don’t give a rat’s patootie about anything except themselves, Pamela is actually trying to do something good for the world, namely save the animals of the Earth.

Pamela shown on earlier trip to Russia.

And one of her projects is Russian tigers.

(Which would actually be a good cross-reference to my previous piece on Amur the Tiger, but I don’t know if Pamela got a chance to meet Amur and his pal Timur.)

Anyhow, Pamela, who has visited Russia’s Wild Primorye region in the past and met with previous tigers, was able, through lobbying, to obtain a meeting with one of the top Russian political figures:  Sergei Ivanov, who heads Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Administration.

9 out of 10 tigers think Pamela is GREAT!

[Just for the record:  the previous tigers were delighted to meet with Ms. Anderson as well, and truly appreciate her efforts to save their endangered heinies.  After being petted by her, one of them was quoted as saying:  “She’s G-R-R-R-E-E-E-A-A-A-A-T!”]

Meetings With Ivanov and Donskoi

The photo in the linked piece from VZGLIAD shows a strangely smiling Mr. Ivanov (looking like a … er… cat who swallowed a canary) greeting Pamela in the Kremlin.  Mr. Ivanov assumed Pamela that Russia will send a representative, of a very high level to the international forum (to be held in India) concerned with saving tigers.  The forum will take place in March, 2016.

Ivanov laid out to Ms. Anderson the following statistics:

  • Around 520-540 Amur Tigers live in Russia.  The tigers are being trained to reintegrate back into their native habitat.
  • Ivanov also talked about leopards and whales.

In turn, Ms. Anderson said some nice words about Russia and its attempts to preserve nature.  Said Russia has done good things in preserving Amur tigers and leopards.  Has also helped out Tanzanian elephants, via program hosted by the company RosAtom.

Helpless baby seal is murdered by cruel bipedal ape-like creature…

But Russia can do more, according to Pamela.  For starters, they can help to forbid international trade in baby seal fur.  These baby seals – known as бельки in Russian, have beautiful soft white fur, which gets them clubbed to death by hunters and fur traders.

Pamela also did not mince words about captive delphins and whales, whom she called upon Russian aquariums to liberate from captivity.  “I am calling upon Russia, which carries a lot of weight in the world, to forbid this cruel practice,” Ms. Anderson declared.

Pamela finished her trip to Russia with a visit to the Presidential Library in the Kremlin.  Where she also met with Sergei Donskoi, Russian Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology, also the man who invited her and hosted her visit.


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  1. Lyttenburgh says:

    The only image of seal’s clubbing that I can bring myself to post:


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